Tekashi 6ix9ine Released From Prison Over Coronavirus Fears

UPDATE:  Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine will be released from prison after the preside Judge Paul Engelmayer ruled that “ in idle of the heightened checkup risk presented to Mr. Hernandez by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are extraordinary and compelling reasons to reduce Mr. Hernandez ’ s conviction in the manner requested, ” according to a regnant obtained by Rolling Stone. “ The COVID-19 pandemic is extraordinary and unprecedented in mod times in this nation. It presents a clear and introduce danger to free company for reasons that need no expansion, ” the rule continued. The knocker must “ serve the first four months of monitor turn on home captivity, to be enforced by GPS monitor, at an address approved by the defendant ’ s probation officer. ” Hernandez ’ s lawyer, Dawn Florio, confirmed his release to Rolling Stone .

U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman wrote to Judge Engelmayer requesting that the opinion not be released until 4pm EST, “ to ensure that Mr. Hernandez is transported safely and securely from the facility where he is presently housed to a residential address previously approved by the Probation Department ( the ‘ Residence ’ ). ”

After 17 months in federal hands, Daniel “ Tekashi 6ix9ine ” Hernandez could be released from prison angstrom early as Wednesday afternoon. His lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, filed a motion to release him immediately due to the spread of COVID-19 through the prison organization. After a series of appeals to both the estimate in the case and the Bureau of Prisons, 6ix9ine could be released a soon as this good afternoon, Lazzaro confirmed to Rolling Stone .
The summons began stopping point workweek, when Lazzaro first submitted a gesture to release Hernandez, pointing out that Hernandez ’ asthma put him at hazard from the virus. Judge Paul Engelmayer, who ’ s presided over the case and gave Hernandez his biennial sentence ( including the 13 months he ’ five hundred already served ) following the knocker ’ second cooperation in his racketeering appoint, asserted that he did not have jurisdiction over the matter, and suggested Lazzaro file a motion with the Bureau of Prisons. According to Lazzaro, Engelmayer requested that the Bureau accord the request .
That request was initially denied. According to an electronic mail from a Bureau of Prisons representative obtained by Inner City Press, the agency does “ not have any authority or oversight of his case as he is not in a BOP facility. If the Court orders a compassionate release for him, that information will be provided to the US Marshals Service and the GEO facility for processing. ”

Lazzaro then appealed the decisiveness to Engelmayer. According to Lazzaro, the decisiveness will be made Wednesday or Thursday, and if Hernandez is granted the request, he will likely be released immediately. “ Based on what [ Engelmayer ] wrote this morning, it seems probable he ’ second going to grant it, ” Lazzaro said. Engelmayer, in act, gave the prosecutors until 5pm eastern time on Wednesday to make the case for Hernandez to stay in detention .
In a letter to Judge Engelmayer obtained by Rolling Stone, United States Attorney Geoffrey Berman wrote that “ the Government does not oppose the defendant ’ s motion for compassionate passing, ” paving the way for Engelmayer to order Hernandez ’ mho turn. “ I believe the estimate will, at some point, approve my motion for compassionate release, ” said Lazzaro. “ I don ’ metric ton want to put words into the evaluator ’ randomness mouth. ”
“ It ’ s a bygone conclusion, he ’ second getting released ” said Dawn Florio, another lawyer for Hernandez. “ He could do it today, or belated, we ’ rhenium fair waiting on the judge ’ second decision. ”

If Hernandez is released, he will serve the remaining four months of his sentence in family confinement. It ’ mho indecipherable where that would take home .

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