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911 “ is a song by american singer Lady Gaga recorded for her sixth studio album, Chromatica ( 2020 ). It appears as the album ‘s eighth track, preceded by a string arrangement titled “ Chromatica II ”. It was written by Gaga along with Justin Tranter, BloodPop, and Madeon, with the latter two besides producing along with Benjamin Rice. It is a Eurodisco, synth-pop, and electropop sung with influences from funk and techno. lyrically, it talks about genial health and the major tranquilizer medicine Gaga takes. “ 911 ” was serviced to french and italian contemporaneous hit radio as the third base single off the album on September 18 and 25, 2020, respectively. numerous music critics called the cut one of the best from the album, praising both its production and songwriting. The “ seamless ” transition between “ Chromatica II ” and “ 911 ” was besides highlighted and was turned into several memes upon the album ‘s release. The accompanying music video recording was directed by Tarsem Singh and features a phantasmagoric dreamscape and a spin ending. It was largely inspired by armenian film film director Sergei Parajanov ‘s 1969 soviet art film The Color of Pomegranates. Gaga performed “ 911 ” at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards as region of a medley. The song received remix versions by Bruno Martini, Sofi Tukker, and WEISS on December 4, 2020, while a new version by Charli XCX and A.G. Cook appeared on Gaga ‘s remix album, Dawn of Chromatica ( 2021 ).

Background and let go of [edit ]

Artpop.Madeon, co-producer of “911”, previously worked with Gaga on her 2013 album “ 911 ” was written by Lady Gaga, Justin Tranter, BloodPop, and Madeon ; production was done by the latter two, along with Benjamin Rice. The birdcall details and describes Gaga ‘s relationship to her major tranquilizer medicine, olanzapine. [ 1 ] Gaga said : “ It ‘s about an major tranquilizer that I take. And it ‘s because I ca n’t always control things that my brain does. I know that. And I have to take medicine to stop the process that occurs. ” [ 1 ] BloodPop far elaborated :

[ Medication ] is not fun to talk about for most people, but it ‘s a very substantial function of modern life sentence for those who need it. This was her truth and she wanted to write about it even though she knew it would be painful to “ go there ”. [ “ 911 ” ] hit me particularly arduous angstrom well because at the time I had to get on medicine for OCD and natural depression for the foremost clock time in my life. [ 2 ]

In an interview with Rolling Stone, BloodPop confirmed that while Gaga was recording the song, she insisted that the studio be near black and that she wear a wig in decree to feel like person else as she wanted to “ relive everything she was talking about in the song with every bring ”. [ 3 ] Co-writer and producer Madeon added that they wanted to keep production quiet because “ there ‘s so much life and impingement in those lyrics that you want to let them breathe. You do n’t need to drown them. ” [ 3 ] On September 17, 2020, Gaga retweeted a post from 2013 that said, “ A POP MUSIC EMERGENCY IS UNDERWAY 911. ” [ 4 ] [ 5 ] A day late, “ 911 ” was announced as the one-third single of Chromatica. [ 6 ] [ 7 ] The sung was released to french and italian pop music radios on September 18 and 25, respectively. [ 8 ] [ 9 ] Earlier, it impacted russian mainstream radios on July 2, 2020. [ 10 ]

composition and lyrics [edit ]

“911” (




) A 25-second sample distribution of “ 911 ”. It portrays the singer ‘s flat, robotic vocal over the techno flinch groove .

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“ 911 ” is largely a Euro disco, [ 11 ] synth-pop [ 12 ] [ 13 ] and electropop [ 12 ] song, which sees Gaga using humdrum, [ 14 ] automatic vocal music effects on clear of industrial synthesizers, a techno – funk groove, [ 15 ] and a “ trippy ” chorus. [ 16 ] Leah Greenblatt from Entertainment Weekly compared the birdcall to the work of french electronic music couple Daft Punk, [ 17 ] while Nick Smith of musicOMH noted similarities to Kylie Minogue ‘s “ Speakerphone “. [ 18 ] Jem Aswad from Variety found a “ song nod to Lipps Inc. ‘s 1980 smash ‘ Funky Town ‘ in Gaga ‘s trademark robo-dominatrix voice. ” [ 19 ] Adam Antar of Medium pointed out the “ robotic Eurythmics -sounding beat that mirrors [ the singer ‘s ] inflection ”. [ 20 ] Billboard ‘s Nolan Feeney described “ 911 ” as “ a song about when your genius and your body feel at war with each other. ” [ 21 ] Throughout both verses, the singer describes her battle with mental health and the self-loathing she feels for not being able to deal with the world around her. Gaga besides lists the ways her genial illnesses are clouding the way she sees the besiege earth. [ 20 ] The lines “ I ca n’t see me cry/Ca n’t see me cry always again/I ca n’t see me cry/Ca n’t see me cry/This is the end ” are referencing the decrease aroused responses which are side-effect of her medication. [ 22 ] In the chorus, the singer in full accepts and realizes her genial illness and admits her dependence on an major tranquilizer to help her survive, with the line : “ My biggest enemy is me / pop a 911 ”. [ 20 ] [ 23 ]

“Chromatica II”
Composition by Lady Gaga
from the album Chromatica
Released May 29, 2020 ( )




  • Lady Gaga
  • BloodPop
  • Morgan Kibby
  • Gaga
  • Kibby
Audio video
on YouTube

“ 911 ” is one of the three songs on the Chromatica album which are preceded by an orchestral interlude. Gaga wanted to emphasize the “ cinematic ” feeling of the record and felt that it had discrete acts, “ such as the sharp correctly turn it takes when ‘911 ‘ kicks in. ” [ 2 ] The interludes were composed by musician Morgan Kibby, who assembled a 26-person orchestra to record the string arrangements. [ 2 ] Talking about the creative process of “ Chromatica II ”, the interlude preceding “ 911 ”, she explained :

“ Chromatica II ” was the final piece we composed, and at that point it was clear to Gaga that it should fall right before “ 911 ”, which was already complete. I remember this moment in the studio apartment so intelligibly, because she lit up, and without any words I flipped the keyboard around, pulled up the string sound she was envisioning, and she started to play this amaze marcato idea. From there, we massaged it, and I focused on the harmonies and dynamics to make surely it amped the department of energy up. [ 2 ]

Upon the album ‘s passing, the seamless transition between “ Chromatica II ” and “ 911 ” became a fan-favorite and was discussed as an album highlight. [ 2 ] It generated several memes, with people editing the transition into classic scenes from movies and television receiver, [ 24 ] [ 25 ] other internet memes, phrases, and videos, [ 26 ] and recreating the passage with similar sounding songs, most notably with Kylie Minogue ‘s “ Ca n’t Get You Out of My Head “. [ 27 ] Annie Zaleski of Time magazine found the strings of “ Chromatica II ” a “ please ”, as they “ crescendo and yaw ” into “ 911 ”. [ 28 ] canadian singer and producer Grimes was set to remix the interlude for Gaga ‘s one-third remix album Dawn of Chromatica, adenine well as “ Chromatica I “ and “ Chromatica III “ ; [ 29 ] however, her contributions did not make the final hack. [ 30 ]

critical reception [edit ]

Spencer Kornhaber from The Atlantic found “ 911 ” a standout moment of the Chromatica album and described it as a “ playfully robotic ” song which “ reveals newly intricacies with each heed. ” [ 31 ] Stephen Daw of Billboard ranked the track as the third base best from the album, with “ profoundly meet production ” and “ some laughably apt songwriting ”, while saying that Gaga “ is in her chemical element when she is delivering camp. ” [ 32 ] Kory Grow from Rolling Stone thought the song “ splits the difference between the Buggles and Kraftwerk, filtered through Gaga ‘s kaleidoscope “ and noted that “ she ‘s at her best … when taking melodious risks ”, like with “ 911 ”. [ 33 ] Jeremy J. Fisette from Beats Per Minute named it the “ strongest song on the record ”. [ 34 ] Tom Johnson from The Line of Best Fit besides found it an album foreground, saying that along with another cut, “ play back ”, they are both “ good and thoughtful, brilliant dance music. ” [ 35 ] Writing for PopMatters, Evan Sawdey thought that even though “ Gaga is still hiding behind vocoders and numerous percolate vocal music effects ”, the sung is one of the best moments of the album as her “ real life and experiences are seeping through the gaps in the 4/4 rhythm chains ”. [ 11 ] Caryn Ganz of The New York Times listed the “ wink monotony ” of “ 911 ” as one of the moments she enjoyed from the album. [ 36 ] Los Angeles Times ‘s Mikael Wood called it a “ catchy, fist-pumping song ”. [ 37 ] Sal Cinquemani of Slant Magazine thought that Gaga ‘s “ distorted vocals ” and the “ euphoric faint of the racetrack ‘s pre-chorus ” create an “ effective line ”. [ 38 ] Alexa Camp from the like publication found “ 911 ” evocative of the singer ‘s by singles, “ LoveGame “ and “ G.U.Y. “. [ 39 ] Dan Weiss from Spin criticized the song for being “ so breathlessly wordy you ca n’t remember ( or evening find ) the hook ”. [ 40 ] Mark Richardson from The Wall Street Journal thought that “ 911 ” along with another song, “ riddle ”, “ find dame Gaga deploying the more bombastic style of her earlier hits to lesser impression. ” [ 41 ]

music video recording [edit ]

backdrop and production [edit ]

pictured in 2011). The song ‘s music video was directed by Tarsem Singh in 2011 ). The music video was directed by film maker Tarsem Singh and was shot in August 2020 [ 21 ] [ 42 ] in Valencia, a region in Santa Clarita, California. [ 43 ] The sand dunes for the open scene were photographed at San Luis Obispo by Tarsem, who removed the sea and changed the tinge of the backbone to white in post-production. [ 43 ] He primitively wanted to shoot the abandon scenes in New Mexico, and use a real city placement alternatively of a backlot for the final examination scene, but they did n’t get the necessary permissions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. [ 43 ] Because of the pandemic, everybody on the film localization in Valencia were required to have firm tests and stand completely away from each other. The fritter was besides made unmanageable by wearing tight clothes in the desert, with 118 °F ( 47 °C ) heat, which caused some of the people to pass out. [ 43 ] Nicola Formichetti outfitted the television, with many pieces designed by Russian-Armenian artist Karina Akopyan. [ 44 ] The concept for the history of the video came from Tarsem, who shared the more than 25-year-old idea with Gaga as her “ life fib spoke therefore much to him. ” [ 45 ] He once considered using the idea for a video to Massive Attack, but that did not work out due to scheduling conflicts. [ 43 ] Talking about the video, Gaga said she “ felt then alive making it, possibly more than at any early compass point during the make of Chromatica. ” [ 21 ] She besides added that film required her to “ revisit the kind of darkness hole she was in when she wrote it ”, though “ she did n’t slip back down ; she shook it off and went back to work ”. [ 21 ] Gaga late posted the following on her Instagram :

This short film is very personal to me, my experience with genial health and the way reality and dreams can interconnect to form heroes within us and all around us. [ … ] Something that was once my real life sentence casual [ sic ] is now a film, a dependable report that is now the past and not the confront. It ‘s the poetry of trouble. [ 42 ]

The video recording premiered on September 18, 2020, on YouTube at 9AM PT. [ 46 ] Tarsem revealed that it was supposed to be released earlier but was pushed bet on because it was “ besides close to 9/11, and that wasn ’ thyroxine being sensitive adequate. ” [ 43 ] In addition to “ 911 ”, the video includes the orchestral interludes “ Chromatica II ” and “ Chromatica III ”, the preludes to “ 911 ” and “ Sine from Above “, respectively. [ 42 ] LG Electronics late included an exclusive edit of the music video recording, along with comment by Tarsem Singh, on its FOMO distribution channel which is available on the company ‘s smart TVs. [ 47 ] On December 12, 2020, Gaga released the forty-ninth episode of her web series Gagavision, showing the behind the scenes of the music video. [ 48 ] On August 14, 2021, a new 360-degree behind the scenes video was released entirely on the CEEK VR app. [ 49 ]

outline [edit ]

[42] Gaga, in a yellow dress, with two characters who are guiding her through the video recording. The paint in the background foreshadows the kink ending of the time, and is evocative of some of Frida Kahlo ‘s workplace. The television begins with Gaga in a abandon sprawled out future to a break bicycle and pomegranates spilled on the grind. Gaga ‘s eyes are concealed in a bolshevik fabric blindfold. A figure dressed in black riding a dark knight lures her come out of the closet of the dunes and into a mission. As the song starts, she enters the mission filled with queerly dress people, including a man banging his head onto a pillow and a woman resembling Santa Muerte cradling a mummy. [ 4 ] Additional characters call a man dressed in black and a womanhood dressed in white, who float down from the flip using an umbrella, as they watch Gaga move throughout the mission ‘s court. The two characters try to engage with Gaga, but she continues to drift away from them. When Gaga is trying to fly aside, with a glory around her drumhead, the man pulls her back gloomy to the ground with a rope. Later in the television, Gaga wears a full-body floral befit, and an item resembling an ambulance spinal anesthesia board is brought in behind her. Everyone gathers inside the mission to watch Gaga, as the charwoman in white opens a wooden box akin to a defibrillator. Gaga begins to cry and scream, waking up in the real populace, where she is seen lying outside of a movie field. The pavilion reads, “ armenian Film Festival ”. Paramedics shock her back to life after being hurt in a car-bicycle accident. After she is revived, the doctor of the church asks if she ‘s on any medicine, for which she replies, “ I did n’t have pain pills. ” All the imagination from the fantasy world appear as billboards on the street where the accident occurred, along with the people surrounding her .

Inspirations and analysis [edit ]

Throughout the video, Singh visually references The Color of Pomegranates ( 1969 ), an armenian soviet art film by armenian film maker Sergei Parajanov. [ 51 ] The more obvious nods to the film include pomegranates scattered around Gaga ‘s bust up bicycle, and the film ‘s poster appearing on the street fit at the end of the video. [ 42 ] [ 50 ] Gaga ‘s video recording presents the film ‘s symbols in her own emblem of pain. [ 42 ] Some of the outfits are inspired by cougar Frida Kahlo ‘s expressive style, and the accident scene is evocative of the traumatic bus collision that inspired some of Kahlo ‘s most celebrated ferment. [ 42 ] Its evocative visuals were besides inspired by Singh ‘s 2000 film The Cell. [ 4 ] other references include Federico Fellini ‘s ( 1963 ) and Alejandro Jodorowsky ‘s The Holy Mountain ( 1973 ). [ 44 ] like to The Wizard of Oz ( 1939 ), the characters appearing in Gaga ‘s imagination are portrayed by the like people who she saw in world, the victims and first responders who are at the locate of the accident. [ 39 ] For model, the world seen earlier banging his lead into a pillow, is a driver with a head injury who lays his head on a deflate airbag, while the man and woman chasing Gaga throughout the hallucination represent the EMS personnel who are attempting to revive her. [ 50 ] The television utilizes a wide array of symbolism used to indicate very earth objects, such as Gaga ‘s watchband representing a compression bandage, and the mirror that flashes a light into Gaga ‘s confront representing the checkup penlight used by the paramedic to check real-life Gaga ‘s responses. [ 6 ] [ 50 ] The blindfold on Gaga ‘s side at the get down of the television symbolizes how her character is unconscious in substantial life. [ 50 ] In the concluding fit of Gaga ‘s delusion, there are respective symbols – the lapp symbol from the cover art of Chromatica – and scars on her frontal bone, representing “ things that she ‘s gotten through in her liveliness ”, the singer ‘s constitution artist Sarah Tanno explains. [ 52 ] It besides makes citation to her song “ Replay ”, which contains the lyrics “ the scars on my take care are on play back ”. [ 53 ]

reception [edit ]

Justin Curto from Vulture wrote that “ Lady Gaga is back to being her in full indecipherable self in her fresh music video [ … ] with an immediately iconic cast of characters and a device that demands hours of rewatching and theorizing. ” [ 54 ] Gil Kaufman of Billboard pointed out the music video recording ‘s court to The Color of Pomegranates, saying that it similarly “ shun traditional narrative in favor of dramatic, colorful scenes packed with attention-getting symbolism. ” [ 51 ] Jon Blistein of Rolling Stone described the clip as an “ dazzling fever dream ”. [ 55 ] Charlotte Krol from NME wrote that the singer “ taps into her brilliant acting once again ” with the music video. [ 7 ] Writing for Variety, Jazz Tangcay stated that “ there ‘s therefore much to unpack ” in the video, saying that “ it ‘s filled with symbolism and that braid will start many discussions. ” [ 4 ] Entertainment Weekly ‘s Joey Nolfi besides noted the “ heavy symbolism ” in the television, saying “ the video recording itself defies classification. ” [ 56 ] Janelle Okwodu of Vogue called the television “ a stunning protection to surreal vogue ”, adding that “ the pop star goes to great lengths to make her music video original, and [ … ] she raised the barricade with the surprise secrete of ‘911 ‘, a [ … ] mini-film chock wax of arresting imagination. ” [ 44 ] Jenna Ryu from USA Today called it “ artistically arresting ” and highlighted that it contains potent colors, with many details and a attention-getting storytelling. [ 57 ] Pitchfork ‘s Eric Torres ranked the video recording as the third base best one of September 2020, claiming “ all the head-scratching symbology slips away, revealing a braid ending that should probably come with a trigger warn. ” [ 58 ] At the end of 2020, Billboard named it the fourthly best music video of the year. [ 59 ] It besides won the award for Best Make-Up in a Commercial/Music video at the 2021 makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards. [ 60 ] At the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, the television was nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction. [ 61 ]

live performance [edit ]

On August 30, 2020, Gaga performed a medley of songs from Chromatica at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, which included “ 911 ”. The performance started with Gaga laying on a sofa, watching a ’90s atavistic VMAs ceremony. She then slid down a pole to a board entire of bare mannequins while “ Chromatica II ” was playing. As the instrumentals segued into “ 911 ”, she joined her backup dancers for the choreograph performance. [ 62 ] [ 63 ] Gaga was wearing a bright greens two-piece bodysuit, along with a sound-reactive LED face mask. [ 62 ] [ 64 ]

Remixes [edit ]

Remixes by Bruno Martini, Sofi Tukker, and WEISS were released on December 4, 2020. [ 65 ] [ 66 ] [ 67 ] One of the song ‘s producers, Madeon, remixed the song for his DJ Mix NYE 2021 that was released three weeks late. [ 68 ]
During a Q & A on Twitter on March 27, 2021, Charli XCX revealed she was contacted by BloodPop to be separate of a remix of the birdcall, but nothing came of it. Later that day, the producer posted a screenshot of a conversation with her confirm he had sent its stems to her back in November 2020. however, due to a communication error, XCX claimed to have never gotten them, but would look to see if her team has them. [ 69 ] Her remix, featuring english producer A. G. Cook, was released on September 3, 2021, as part of Gaga ‘s third gear remix album Dawn of Chromatica. [ 70 ] The birdcall includes a modern verse with Charli ‘s lines : “ I look out to Venus and search for a place / And research for a place / And sometimes I hate myself / If it ‘s all getting way harder / turn it up, party to Gaga. [ 71 ] Neil Z. Yeung of AllMusic called the remix one of the highlights of the Dawn of Chromatica album, saying that “ Charli XCX and A.G. Cook revive ‘911 ‘ as a pulsation digital epic ”. [ 72 ] Pitchfork ‘s Jamieson Cox praised the “ crystalline hyperpop “ remix and its “ stunning ” final verse and outro, dubbing it “ some of Charli ‘s finest workplace since Pop 2. ” [ 73 ] Alexa Camp of Slant Magazine thought that XCX “ injects some much-needed expressiveness ” in the sung, while Cook “ drags [ it ] from the late aughts into something approaching the future. ” [ 74 ] Writing for Clash, Robin Murray praised the remix as “ stellar ”. [ 75 ] Writing for Gigwise, Alex Rigotti called it the third base best track on the record, which “ transforms the fixed, automatic master into something way more chaotic, but tense ”, delivering “ high drama ” while “ sounding absolutely transcendental ”. She appreciated Charli for “ performing more in her vocal vogue rather of conforming to Gaga ’ mho standards ”. [ 76 ] Joey Nolfi of Entertainment Weekly thought that XCX reimagined the song “ into something that suits her own post while bringing out modern layers in Gaga ‘s bare-assed lyrics. ” [ 77 ]

track number [edit ]

Digital download / streaming – Bruno Martini remix [ 65 ]

  • “911” (Bruno Martini remix) – 2:46
  • “911” (Bruno Martini extended remix) – 3:40

Digital download / streaming – Sofi Tukker remix [ 66 ]

  • “911” (Sofi Tukker remix) – 3:46
  • “911” (Sofi Tukker extended remix) – 4:17
Digital download / streaming – WEISS remix [ 67 ]

  • “911” (WEISS remix) – 5:43

Credits and personnel [edit ]

  • Lady Gaga – composition, production
  • Morgan Kibby – composition, production
  • Ian Walker – bass
  • Giovanna M Clayton – cello
  • Timothy E Loo – cello
  • Vanessa Freebairn-Smith – cello
  • Amie Doherty – conductor
  • Allen Fogle – French horn, horn
  • Dylan Hurt – French horn, horn
  • Katelyn Faraudo – French horn, horn
  • Laura K Brenes – French horn, horn
  • Mark Adams – French horn, horn
  • Teag Reaves – French horn, horn
  • Nicholas Daley – trombone
  • Reginald Yound – trombone
  • Steven M. Holtman – trombone
  • Andrew Duckles – viola
  • Erol Rynearson – viola
  • Linnea Powell – viola
  • Meredith Crawford – viola
  • Alyssa Park – violin
  • Chart Bisharat – violin
  • Jessica Guideri – violin
  • Luanne Homzy – violin
  • Lucia Micarelli – violin
  • Marisa Kuney – violin
  • Neel Hammond – violin
  • Shalini Vijayan – violin
  • Songa Lee – violin
  • Mike Schuppan – mixing, studio personnel
  • Randy Merrill – mastering, studio personnel
  • Gina Zimmitti – orchestra contractor
  • Whitney Martin – orchestra contractor

Notes [edit ]

  1. ^[78] Elias Inácio is lone credited in the Bruno Martini remix version .

Charts [edit ]

Certifications [edit ]

Region Certification Certified units/sales
Italy (FIMI)[96] Gold 35,000double-dagger
double-dagger Sales+streaming figures based on certificate alone .

Release history [edit ]

References [edit ]

  1. ^ Release as a promotional individual .

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