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2001 single by Afroman
This article is about the sung. For the album of the like name, see Because I Got high gear ( album )
2001 single by Afroman

Because I Got High “ is a song by american knocker Afroman from his eponymous album. The lyrics of the song describe how cannabis use is degrading the narrator ‘s choice of life. [ 1 ] The song, which was written in only a few minutes, rose from obscurity to popularity after it was circulated around the Internet and was featured on The Howard Stern Show .

overview [edit ]

The song explains how the narrator “ got high ” with the result of not taking responsibility for anything. Examples include neglecting to clean his board, failing his college class ( which he intends to take adjacent semester ), getting fired from his job ( leading him to resort to selling cannabis for a living ), missing woo dates, having his paycheck garnished due to miss child support payments, gambling away his car payment, becoming a paraplegic as the result of a patrol pursuit, and being left by his wife for neglecting to have sex with her. The singer then sums up that, as a resultant role of his constant reliance on cannabis, he lost detention of his children, lost his wife, and ended up homeless and “ sleeping on the sidewalk ”. He ultimately decides to end the sung, and admits that he is “ singing the whole thing incorrect, because [ he is ] high ”. The extended version features another poetry subsequently : “ Well my mention is Afroman, and I ‘m from East Palmdale / And all the tumbleweed I be smoking is bomb as sin / I do n’t believe in Hitler, that ‘s what I said / So wholly of you skins … please give me more head “ ( the last two lines are a character to John Lennon ‘s “ God “ [ citation needed ] ) and a pun on “ skinheads “, respectively ). The song ends with Afroman saying, “ We ai n’t gon na sell none of these motherfuckin ‘ albums cuz … lease ‘s go back to Marshall Durbin and hang some more chickens cuz, fuck it ”, followed by “ Fuck the corporate earth, biatch ! “. The music video was directed by Kevin Smith and featured Jay and Silent Bob smoking with Afroman, a cameo by “ Beer serviceman ”, vitamin a well as a glimpse of the Quick Stop where Clerks was filmed .

reception [edit ]

Afroman released his album Because I Got High in 2000 ; he distributed it chiefly through concerts. The entitle track was soon posted on file-sharing service Napster and made it to The Howard Stern Show. [ 2 ] This song was the subject song of the film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back [ 3 ] and was late featured in the films Disturbia, A Thousand Words, and The Perfect Score. After the achiever of this individual, Afroman was signed to Universal Records. [ 2 ] On the album Mobilize by kindling band Anti-Flag, after several minutes of secrecy on the album ‘s end track, a supporter of the isthmus called Spaz can be heard singing parts of the song with Anti-Flag .

track listing [edit ]

All tracks are written by Joseph Foreman .

CD single
No. Title Length
1. “Because I Got High” ( Afrolicious Edit )

2. “Let’s All Get Drunk” 5:43
3. “Back On The Bus” 5:43
4. “Because I Got High” ( Afropulco Gold & Dirty ) 3:18

alternative versions [edit ]

Afroman re-recorded the song with fresh lyrics for his 2009 album Frobama Head of State. A second re-recording of the sung, called the “ incontrovertible Remix ”, was released by Afroman through YouTube on October 15, 2014 as region of a collaboration with Weedmaps and NORML. In contrast to the original translation, the lyrics of this version deal with the positive effects of marijuana legalization. [ 4 ] [ 1 ] A sung with a like theme was released by Detroit Junior in 1980, titled “ If I Had n’t Been High. ” [ 5 ]

Parodies [edit ]

Bob Rivers included a Christmas-themed version, Be Claus I Got High, on the 2002 album White Trash Christmas, the fifth in Rivers ‘s line of Christmas spoof albums. BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles recorded a parody under the pseudonym “ Afro-Blair ” featuring Jon Culshaw and another impressionist sing in the guise of the serving Prime Minister Tony Blair, then Leader of the Opposition William Hague and former Prime Ministers John Major and Margaret Thatcher. [ 6 ] The controversial parody artist Rucka Rucka Ali made a version of the song called “ Because I ‘m White ” about a white male. [ 7 ] A parody was made about british politician Michael Gove after his scandal involving cocaine practice. [ 8 ]

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