Heroes push us to excel. Their will, courage, and sacrifice can bring out the best in the world around them .
appropriately, on their fifth full-length album, The last Hero, hard rock juggernaut Alter Bridge pursue a level of excellence inspired by dateless heroism. Making the phonograph record became something of a personal request for the quartet—Myles Kennedy [ vocals, guitar ], Mark Tremonti [ guitar, vocals ], Brian Marshall [ bass ], and Scott Phillips [ drums ]. In 2013, the band reached an lift creative and critical milestone with Fortress. It bowed at # 12 on the Billboard Top 200, moving over 30,000 copies first-week and earning solid tastemaker praise. The record garnered perfective scores from Total Guitar and KERRANG ! american samoa well as applaud from Billboard, The Guardian, Loudwire, Ultimate Guitar, and many more. In between sold out tours in Europe and North America, the guys appeared on VH1 and graced the cover of Classic Rock Magazine who labeled Fortress, “ The best thing they ’ ve ever done, ” while Eddie Trunk called it, “ A top 10 album of the last 10 years. ” When it came clock time to write modern music, the musicians jointly raised the browning automatic rifle so far again .
“ every time we do a record, my only goal is for people to plainly think it ’ second better than the previous one, ” declares Mark. “ We pushed ourselves so hard end time, and we knew were going to push ourselves much harder here. When we brought material in, it had to outdo Fortress. ”

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“ We always strive for that, ” agrees Myles. “ While recognizing where we ’ ve fall from, we wanted to expand what Alter Bridge is. This record is decidedly an exploration of the hero theme—whether it be the lack of heroes, the necessitate for heroes, or a tribute to heroes. There ’ sulfur a narrative in there. ”
Myles wrapped up touring with Slash, and Mark finished up a successful run supporting his second solo album Cauterize in belated 2015. By January 2016, the four members congregated back in Orlando with longtime producer Michael “ Elvis ” Baskette [ Slash, Trivium ]. Over the adjacent four months, they diligently assembled and tracked the 13 songs comprising The last Hero.

“ Because we have very finite windows of time to put these records in concert, it ’ s around-the-clock when we regroup, ” explains Myles. “ Each writer is very involve. ”
“ We ’ vitamin d work all day in the studio, and Myles and I would go back to my house and come up with ideas all night, ” recalls Mark. “ We set up camp in my kids ’ rumpus room with a Garage Band system to prepare for the following day. It was intense. ”

constantly progressing, the boys decided to employ some fresh techniques, utilize more surrogate tunings and even recorded on a seven-string guitar for the first clock time .
“ We don ’ triiodothyronine want to put out the same thing over and over again, ” Tremonti continues. “ We want to keep everyone guessing. There are three fresh tunings, and that helped keep us divine. I ’ d never recorded on a seven-string until now. This is the beginning record where Myles planned out his solo ahead. In the past, he would wing it with this charming, improvisational touch. What he did is amazing. Me and Slash have both said he ’ s the best guitar player in our bands. ”
“ We weren ’ triiodothyronine afraid to travel certain roads we might ’ ve been hesitant to speculation down on the survive two albums, ” adds Myles. “ As a result, some of the songs are more uplift and melodic. There was surely a psychological shift. We embraced the past. You hear elements of each record throughout our history. ”

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