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American Football ( sometimes stylised in all small letter as american football or americ anfootball ) is an american english rock band from Urbana, Illinois, United States, originally active from 1997 until 2000, and again from 2014. Guitarist/bassist and singer Mike Kinsella ( once of Cap’n Jazz and Joan of Arc and presently of Owen ), drummer and cornet player Steve Lamos ( once of The One Up Downstairs, erstwhile extremity of The Firebird Band and Edward Burch & the stem Characters, and presently of The Geese and DMS ), who has since left the band, and guitar actor Steve Holmes ( besides of The Geese ) formed the isthmus. Despite the group ‘s brusque initial life, their self-titled debut album became one of the most acclaim emo and mathematics rock records of its era. american Football reunited in 2014, with Kinsella ‘s cousin Nate Kinsella joining the band, and have since released two more albums both bearing the lapp name as their debut ; American Football ( 2016 ) and American Football ( 2019 ).

history [edit ]

Mike Kinsella and Steve Holmes knew one another at an early long time, as both were students at Wheeling High School in Wheeling, IL, where Kinsella played drums for Cap’n Jazz ; Holmes played guitar in a diverseness of bands. Kinsella and Lamos began playing together with David Johnson and Allen Johnson in 1997 under the name ‘The One Up Downstairs ‘, in which Kinsella was entirely a singer. Three songs were recorded under this appoint, with the purpose of releasing them as a 7 ” criminal record on Polyvinyl Records. however, the isthmus splintered before the criminal record could be pressed and the songs were shelved. The three tracks recorded by The One Up Downstairs would ultimately be released in 2006 as a digital download EP, and in 2009, as a 7 ” record through Polyvinyl. David Johnson and Allen Johnson went on to form the band Very Secretary ( and late Favorite Saints ), while Kinsella and Lamos began working with Steve Holmes. american Football completed a entire of two releases—a titular EP in 1998 and its introduction album in 1999, both through Polyvinyl Records. Though the band did not record bass on the EP, Kinsella played bass guitar on some songs for the LP. Within a class of the release of its full-length, American Football became a studio apartment project. shortly thereafter, the band mutually decided to stop recording together. [ 1 ] hush, American Football gained critical acclaim for that album, which merged the plain-spoken, confessional lyrics and the vary time signatures of mathematics rock with a softer musical sensibility. These characteristics carried on in Mike Kinsella ‘s solo project Owen, and Kinsella would belated re-record “ Never Meant ” as Owen in 2004. On March 20, 2014, Polyvinyl Records announced [ 2 ] a deluxe version of the band ‘s self-titled album, American Football, which includes the original nine tracks from its 1999 free, a well as 10 extra unheard demonstration and survive recordings. The deluxe edition is available as a 180-Gram Red 2xLP, 2xCD, cassette videotape, and an MP3 download. Another version — limited to 2,000 copies of a 180-Gram Green/Yellow 2xLP — was besides announced. All versions were released May 20, 2014. [ 3 ] On April 2, 2014, Polyvinyl teased fans with a web site,, to fans on social media. The web site had a countdown that expired on April 21, 2014, when two live dates in Champaign and New York were announced. The ring added second and third shows in New York at Webster Hall which promptly sold out. [ 4 ] For these dates, Mike ‘s cousin Nate Kinsella joined the band on bass. [ 5 ] Since the band ‘s new-found achiever, American Football booked tour dates worldwide in the US, Canada, Spain, UK, Japan, and Australia. [ 6 ] On August 23, 2016, the band announced their second album, besides titled American Football. In the lapp announcement, “ I ‘ve Been So Lost For So Long ” was made available for streaming through SoundCloud. [ 7 ] On October 21, 2016, the set released their second album for buy cosmopolitan through Polyvinyl Records. The album ‘s covering featured the like house photographed on the band ‘s first full-length. The “ American Football House ” became a landmark for emo music fans around the populace, who much traveled to Urbana, Illinois to take photos outside of the home. [ 8 ] On December 11, 2018, the set teased their third gear album on Instagram, with their third eponymous studio apartment album available to pre-order on Apple Music and iTunes. The single “ Silhouettes ” was made available upon announcement. Their third album was released on March 22, 2019.

On July 16, 2021, Steve Lamos announced that he was leaving the band, citing a change of site in his life sentence. [ 9 ] On December 9, 2021, American Football released a single with the tracks ‘Rare Symmetry ‘ and ‘Fade Into You ‘ ( A blanket of Mazzy Star ‘s song of the same identify ). [ 10 ]

Members [edit ]

Current members

  • Mike Kinsella – lead vocals, guitar (1997–2000, 2014–present), bass guitar (1997–2000)
  • Steve Holmes – guitar (1997–2000, 2014–present), keyboards (1997–2000)
  • Nate Kinsella – bass guitar, backing vocals, vibraphone (2014–present)

Former members

  • Steve Lamos – drums, percussion, trumpet (1997–2000, 2014–2021)[11]

Touring musicians [ 12 ]

  • Mike Garzon – percussion, melodica (2016–present)
  • Cory Bracken – vibraphone (2019–present)
  • Sarah Versprille – backing vocals (2019–present)

timeline [edit ]

discography [edit ]

  • American Football EP (1998)
  • American Football (1999)
  • American Football (2016)
  • American Football (2019)
  • Year One Demos EP (2019)

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