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2009 single by Britney Spears
not to be confused with If You See Kay
2009 unmarried by Britney Spears

If U Seek Amy “ ( radio-edited as “ If U See Amy “ ) is a song by american singer Britney Spears from her sixth studio album, Circus ( 2008 ). It was released on March 10, 2009, by jive Records as the one-third single of the album, chosen by a poll on Spears ‘s official web site. “ If U Seek Amy ” was written and produced by swedish producer Max Martin, who besides wrote previous hits for her first three albums, and was marked as Spears ‘s rejoinder song to Martin since 2001. In the song, Spears is looking for a charwoman named Amy in a club, and although it appears to be about sex, it is actually about how society perceives her life. Musically, “ If U Seek Amy ” makes use of instruments such as keyboards and kettle. “ If U Seek Amy ” was by and large well-received by contemporary critics, who praised Spears ‘s convinced vocals and frequently cited it as the highlight of the album. After its exhaust, the song caused controversy in Anglophone nations because “ If U Seek Amy ” sounds like “ F-U-C-K Me “. This led to the Parents Television Council ( PTC ) threatening to file indecency complaints against any radio post that played the birdcall during day. An edit adaptation of the song titled “ If U See Amy ” was released in some regions, including in stations owned by clear Channel Radio and Austereo. “ If U Seek Amy ” was a mince achiever, reaching the top twenty in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and many early countries worldwide. It was besides her third one from Circus to reach the clear twenty dollar bill in her fatherland. The music television for “ If U Seek Amy ” begins with a parody of an America’s Newsroom report card by Megyn Kelly and portrays Spears at a sex party that takes place at her house. Towards the end, she changes into conservative housewife clothes and opens the battlefront door with her family while paparazzi take pictures of them. It references some of her previous music videos such as “ … Baby One More time “ and “ Piece of Me “. Critics noted the similarities with her past employment and besides compared it to the film Eyes Wide Shut. “ If U Seek Amy ” was performed at The Circus Starring Britney Spears ( 2009 ) and the Femme Fatale Tour ( 2011 ). It was besides performed as part of the vamp setlist of Spears ‘ Las Vegas residency prove, Britney : piece of Me ( 2013–17 ). Most recently, “ If U Seek Amy ” was performed on Spears ‘ Piece of Me Tour in 2018 .

background [edit ]

The song was co-written and produced by Max Martin, who wrote hits for Spears ‘ first albums, including “ … Baby One More time “ ( 1998 ) and “ Oops ! … I Did It Again “ ( 2000 ). This marked the first time they worked together since her third studio album, Britney ( 2001 ). [ 1 ] Recording sessions took place at Conway Recording Studios and Sunset Studios in Hollywood, California. [ 2 ] Background vocals by Kinnda and Martin were recorded at Maratone Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. The recordings were assorted by Serban Ghenea at MixStar Studios in Virginia. [ 2 ] On December 5, 2008, a poll was added to Spears ‘ official web site to choose the third base single, involving ten early songs from Circus. [ 3 ] On January 7, 2009, it was announced that “ If U Seek Amy ” had won, receiving 26 % of the sum votes. [ 4 ]

Music and lyrics [edit ]

“ If U Seek Amy ” runs through a dance-oriented beat and features many instruments, including keyboards, hook, bass drums, electric guitars and kettle. [ 5 ] According to the sail music published at musicnotes.com by Hal Leonard Corporation, the song has a pulsate of 130 beats per minute and is written in the key of A minor. Spears ‘s outspoken image spans from G3-C5. [ 6 ] In the song, Spears seems to be looking for a womanhood named Amy in a club. [ 7 ] It has been suggested that Amy is either Amy Winehouse or an alter self of Spears herself. [ 8 ] The verses end with the hookline “ Hahahehehahaho ”. [ 9 ] The chorus begins with the lines “ Love me, hate me / Say what you want about me ”, a citation to the public ‘s perception and captivation with Spears ‘ life. [ 7 ] This presents Spears both as “ an object of desire and a punch bag ”. [ 5 ] According to Neil McCormick of The Daily Telegraph, this line besides alludes to the populace image of Amy Winehouse. [ 9 ] The title, “ If U Seek Amy ”, is a pun, meaning to sound like “ F-U-C-K me ” when hear in the refrain, “ All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to, if you seek Amy. ” [ 10 ] This pun was compared to passages of William Shakespeare ‘s Twelfth Night and James Joyce ‘s Ulysses where characters covertly spell out profanities, songs by Memphis Slim, R. Stevie Moore, April Wine, Poster Children and The Script entitled “ If You See Kay, ” [ 11 ] and the entitle of Van Halen ‘s 1991 album, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. [ 12 ]

critical reception [edit ]

The birdcall received by and large favorable reviews. Chris Williams of Billboard said the song is “ Max Martin and Spears at their best : a stomping dance floor beat with build synths prodding the song along and the singer sounding like she ‘s having a good time being the bad girlfriend ”. [ 13 ] Rolling Stone writer Caryn Ganz called the song one of the standout tracks of the album. [ 14 ] Alexis Petridis of The Guardian commented that her stronger and confident rescue in the refrain was perceptibly lacking in the rest of the album. [ 15 ] Joey Guerra of the Houston Chronicle besides said that the “ more aggressive, pointed character ” Spears adopts in the song is one of the high points of the album. [ 16 ] The Emory Wheel’ s writer Julia Cox called it “ the album ‘s strongest and most irregular song ”. [ 8 ] Ricardo Baca of The Denver Post named the song the most intrigue traverse of the album and commented on the euphemism, saying “ It ‘s rubbishy and apt, and it ‘s besides quite fun. And fun is precisely what Spears should be aiming for ”. [ 17 ] however, there were besides some minus reviews. Stephen Thomas Erlewine of AllMusic said the song is “ a Katy Perry -styled exercise in crass commercial prurience that is at once the best and worst song here ”. [ 18 ] Chris Willman of Entertainment Weekly called it “ adolescent “ and added that “ it ‘ll be a middle-school sense ”. [ 19 ] NME named it one of the filthiest songs of all clock. [ 20 ]

controversy [edit ]

controversy was first reported by australian music site Undercover.com.au on December 5, 2008, after the passing of the album. Leonie Barsenbach, a housewife from Sydney, said, “ I was astonished and wholly taken aback when I heard my 5 and 7-year-old kids walking around the house singing ‘F-U-C-K’ … When I asked them what it was, they told me it was Britney Spears. I was horrified. I got them the Circus album but there was no admonition on it … It is extremely unsavory. I feel deceived. ” [ 21 ] [ 22 ] Rolling Stone writer Daniel Kreps defended Spears, arguing that parents should have been mindful of the singer ‘s musical themes. [ 23 ] After the sung was announced as the one-third single from the album, American radio stations were uncertain about playing the track due to its double entendre in the chorus. [ 12 ] Program directors of Z100 and KIIS-FM compared the issues to be faced by their radio stations to the acquittance of the 2005 The Black Eyed Peas individual, “ Do n’t Phunk with My Heart “, saying that “ listeners thought it was the other news, and therefore we had to change it to ‘mess ‘ ”. [ 12 ] Program director Patti Marshall of Q102 said “ It ‘s all right to put in on an album, have fun with it, but we ‘re publicly owned, you know ? [ … ] It ‘s not about us. It ‘s about the ma in the minivan with her 8-year-old. ” [ 12 ] WFLZ ‘s Tommy Chuck said his station produced their own edit of the song that replaced “ search ” with “ see ”, with the station ‘s disk jockeys referring to it as “ If U See Amy ”. [ 24 ] soon after, the Parents Television Council ( PTC ) threatened to file indecency complaints with the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) against any station that played the song between 6 ante meridiem and 10 p.m. [ 25 ] PTC President Tim Winter said “ there is no misinterpreting the lyrics to this song, and it ‘s surely not about a female child named Amy. It ‘s one thing for a song with these lyrics to be included on a candle so that fans who wish to hear it can do therefore, but it ‘s an wholly different topic when this song is played over the publicly-owned airwaves, particularly at a time when children are probable to be in the heed audience. ” [ 26 ] RBR.com reported that “ interestingly, Circus was reviewed by Common Sense Media, another organization whose mission is to help parents manage their children ‘s media consumption. It rated it appropriate for historic period 13 and up, but made no particular mention of ‘If U Seek Amy ‘. even more interestingly, reputed incoming FCC Chair Julius Genachowski is a establish board member of Common Sense. ” [ 27 ] The threats of the PTC were former extended to cable music channels that played the music video recording ; however, the FCC does not have command over cable. [ 28 ] On January 23, 2009, Tom Poleman, elder frailty president of programming for absolved Channel Radio, announced they planned to play an edit adaptation. [ 25 ] Sharon Dastur of Z100 added that Spears had recorded a raw translation of the sung and the new edit would be provided by jive Records. [ 25 ] David Hinckley of the Daily News commented that “ clearly Channel, which laid off 9 % of its work force this week, is barely in the climate to finance an FCC fight right field now ”. [ 25 ] Finally, a radio edit titled “ If U See Amy ” was released to american radio stations ( after some stations briefly eliminated those lyrics of the sung wholly ), which changes the “ seek ” to “ see ”, [ 22 ] which rather spells “ F-U-C-A me ”. [ 29 ] The amended version was released in the UK in May. [ 22 ] While the song has not officially been renamed or released in Australia, some radio stations, such as those belonging to Austereo, play the ban version, while others continue to play it uncensored. [ 30 ] Both the music video recording and the external radio receiver individual remain “ If U Seek Amy ”. [ 31 ]

commercial performance [edit ]

According to Nielsen SoundScan, “ If U Seek Amy ” sold over 107,000 digital copies in the United States within two weeks of the album ‘s publish. [ 26 ] On April 11, 2009, the song peaked at numeral seventeen on the Billboard Hot Digital Songs. [ 32 ] On May 9, 2009, the song peaked at numeral nineteen on the Billboard Hot 100, making Circus the inaugural Spears album to have three clear twenty hits since her 1999 introduction, …Baby One More Time. [ 32 ] As of March 2015, “ If U Seek Amy ” has sold 1.3 million digital downloads in the United States according to Nielsen SoundScan. [ 33 ] It is her one-tenth best-selling digital individual in the country. [ 33 ] In Canada, the birdcall debuted at eighty-eight on December 20, 2008. [ 34 ] It returned on February 14, 2009, at eighty-six before reaching the thirteenth status, where it last peaked on April 4, 2009. [ 35 ] [ 36 ] “ If U Seek Amy ” debuted at numeral forty-nine on the ARIA Singles Chart on February 16, 2009, [ 37 ] and moved to a vertex position of eleven on March 30, 2009, besides becoming the chart ‘s “ greatest gainer ”. [ 38 ] It has since been certified gold by the australian Recording Industry Association ( ARIA ) with sales of over 35,000 copies. [ 39 ] “ If U Seek Amy ” entered the UK Singles Chart at number forty-five on April 6, 2009, due to its rising digital sales. [ 40 ] After its physical release, it peaked at count twenty on May 10, 2009. [ 41 ] According to the Official Charts Company, the song has sold 105,000 copies there. [ 42 ] “ If U Seek Amy ” besides achieved achiever worldwide, reaching the exceed ten in Belgium ( Wallonia ), France and Turkey, and the top twenty in Belgium ( Flanders ), Ireland, New Zealand and Sweden. [ 43 ]

Music video [edit ]

Development [edit ]

The music television for “ If U Seek Amy ” was filmed on February 7, 2009, at Pacific Palisades, California and was directed by Jake Nava, who previously worked with Spears for her “ My prerogative “ music video. [ 44 ] [ 45 ] Spears was styled by David Thomas for the video. [ 46 ] During the scenes at the party, she wears american english Apparel wet-looking leggings and a black corset from London lingerie interior designer Bordelle with diamond-shaped holes. [ 46 ] She besides wears a pair of crimson high-heeled Louboutins with rouced petals, that were not available for sale until a calendar month after the video was released. [ 46 ] [ 47 ] When she is dressed as a housewife, Spears has a blond wig, wears a pale pink sweater, a white annulus from Derek Lam and a Lacoste polo shirt. [ 44 ] [ 46 ] The music video premiered on March 12, 2009, on both Virgin Mobile ‘s official web site and Spears ‘s official websites. [ 48 ]

outline [edit ]

Image of a blond woman. She is a housewife and carries a pie in her left hand. Her hair is styled in 1950s fashion. She is wearing a pink polo shirt. Surrounding her are her husband and children. Spears dressed as a housewife, during the final scenes of the music video. The video recording starts with a news anchor ( played by Kristina Mitchell ) saying the entitle of the song above a news program standard that reads “ Britney Spears song lyrics spell out obscenity in disguise ”. This is a parody of an America’s Newsroom report by Megyn Kelly. [ 49 ] It then skips to a firm, in which a arouse party is coming to an end. Spears starts singing while sitting on the border of a bed while the people that surround her are getting dressed. [ 50 ] She gets up and looks out the window. As the foremost verse ends, she picks up a match of panties from the floor, recalling her personal struggles and the “ Piece of Me “ television. [ 48 ] She dances with four male dancers in the first chorus. During the moment chorus, she dances with four other female dancers dressed in cheerleading outfits, while many men are watching them dance. The riddle fades to white and Spears begins to change into a cautious ’50s-inspired housewife outfit. [ 50 ] As the chorus begins again, she comes out of her bedroom. She walks down the stairs, with dancers surrounding her and a womanhood gives her a potholder, which she uses to pick up a pie. [ 48 ] After this, she walks out the front door of the house and is joined by her apparently conservative-looking husband and children, one of them dressed with the schoolgirl outfit Spears wear in the “ … Baby One More time ” video. [ 48 ] As they go down the walk, they are surrounded by paparazzo, who have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. [ 50 ] While the kids and husband beckon, Spears smiles for the camera and blows a kiss. The television then ends with the news anchor saying, “ Does n’t make any sense, does it ? “. [ 48 ]

reception [edit ]

James Montgomery of MTV stated that the video manages to combine elements from her previous music television, such as the style of “ Everytime “ and the attitude of “ Stronger “. He besides referred to it as “ a pretty amazing amalgamation of all things Brit, and a nice flat coat of her entire career up to this sharpen ”. [ 48 ] Rolling Stone writer Daniel Kreps compared the party in the video to the 1999 film Eyes Wide Shut and added that “ this may be the first Spears video recording ever crafted strictly with the morally-lax Internet in mind, a brazen clip that does n’t have to tone down its explicit nature lyrically and visually in arrange to get airplay ”. [ 50 ] Leah Greenblatt of Entertainment Weekly said, “ it ‘s kind of difficult to believe the sung ‘s actual intend will get past even the thickest hearer, the video recording itself is reasonably domesticate … about disappointingly thus ”. The commentator besides compared the hairdo of Spears during the housewife scenes to Marilyn Monroe. [ 51 ]

live performances [edit ]

Spears performed the sung during 2009 ‘s the Circus Starring Britney Spears. After a operation of “ Boys “ from Britney, Spears performed a military drill with her male dancers, which ended with her putting on a fake fur vest to perform “ If U Seek Amy ”. At the end, Spears pulled a colossus pink hammer and proceeded to knock her dancers off the stage, in a exchangeable way to Whac-A-Mole. Jerry Shriver of USA Today said in the open night of the tour, “ [ the ] individual ‘If U Seek Amy ‘ draws a huge bellow and sing-along from the crowd as Spears shakes her long blond mane ”. [ 10 ] Craig Rosen of The Hollywood Reporter commented, “ The artist that raised the anger of parents from the begin in her disgraceful schoolgirl equip besides continues to use shock-and-awe tactics. Her latest, ‘If U Seek Amy ‘ [ … ] was included in the set, much to the joy of her youthful fans ”. [ 52 ] “ If U Seek Amy ” was besides performed by Spears at 2011 ‘s Femme Fatale Tour. Spears reappeared onstage after “ Lace and Leather ” to perform a jazz-inspired interpretation of the birdcall, wearing a white skirt and stand over a fan, recalling Marilyn Monroe ‘s iconic view in The Seven Year Itch ( 1955 ). The backdrop behind her showed 1940s crime film-inspired black-and-white footage while photographers in colored outfits took pictures of her. Rick Florino of Artistdirect said, “ Marrying old school detective fare and stadium-size anthems is something nobelium other dad star topology has done, and once again Britney ‘s the first. ” [ 53 ] Nicki Escudero of the Phoenix New Times stated that it was “ nice ” to hear remixed versions of older hits, “ such as the jazzy ‘If You Seek Amy, ‘ [ sic ] the sultry and Middle Eastern-inspired ‘Boys ‘ and the sped-up ‘ Toxic ‘. ” [ 54 ] Spears performed the song at her vamp Las Vegas residency show, Britney : musical composition of Me, at The AXIS dramaturgy at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, starting in 2016. [ 55 ] The performance, which pays court to Spears ‘ Circus era, immediately follows the sung “ Circus “ ( 2008 ) on the specify list. In both world tour adaptations of the residency, Britney : Live in Concert and Piece of Me Tour, adenine well in her Apple Music Festival performance in 2016, “ If U Seek Amy ” was besides performed, mirroring the same performance of the residency .

track listings [edit ]

  • CD single
  1. “If U Seek Amy” – 3:37
  2. “Circus” (Joe Bermudez Radio Remix) – 3:41
  • CD maxi single
  1. “If U Seek Amy” – 3:37
  2. “If U Seek Amy” (Bimbo Jones Radio Remix) – 2:57
  3. “If U Seek Amy” (Crookers Remix) – 4:29
  4. “If U Seek Amy” (U-Tern Remix) – 6:10
  5. “If U Seek Amy” (Video Enhancement) – 3:46
  • Digital download – Digital 45
  1. “If U Seek Amy” – 3:35
  2. “If U Seek Amy” (Crookers Remix) – 4:29
  • Digital download – Remix EP
  1. “If U Seek Amy” (Crookers Remix) – 4:29
  2. “If U Seek Amy” (Mike Rizzo – Funk Generation Club Mix) – 7:52
  3. “If U Seek Amy” (Weird Tapes – Club Mix) – 5:14
  4. “If U Seek Amy” (Junior Vasquez Big Room Mix) – 9:43
  5. “If U Seek Amy” (U-Tern Remix) – 6:10
  6. “If U Seek Amy” (Doug Grayson – Club Mix) – 5:18

Credits and personnel [edit ]

Charts [edit ]

Certifications and sales [edit ]

Region Certification Certified units/sales
Australia (ARIA)[93] Gold 35,000^
France (SNEP) 40,700[94]
United Kingdom (BPI)[95] Silver 200,000double-dagger
United States 1,300,000[96]
^ Shipments figures based on certificate alone.
double-dagger Sales+streaming figures based on authentication alone .

Release history [edit ]

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