Posh hotel accidentally leaks Arctic Monkeys album news

The band ’ s accommodation has spilled the beans on the follow-up to 2018 ‘s Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. Arctic Monkeys have reportedly been recording their seventh studio apartment album at Butley Priory – a swank venue located on the Suffolk seashore of England. The band stayed in June and July, according to a since-edited blog post on the venue ’ s web site. “ We ’ ve had a set staying for the last calendar month record, ” the mail read. “ Musicians love the acoustics in the Great Hall and Drawing room, with their huge vaulted ceilings. ” “ Being serenaded while watering and weeding the garden, listening to the double sea bass, drums and piano wafting out of the open double doors, was reasonably dainty. Thank you, Arctic Monkeys. ”

Any mention of Arctic Monkeys has since been scrubbed from the Butley Priory site, but fan sites like The Information Action Rati oxygen ( nice treat ! ) had already captured the citation and spread the son .Skip Instagram Post
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even a photograph of the ring – Alex Turner, Matt Helders, Jamie Cook, and Nick O’Malley – present with the venue ’ sulfur chef was screencapped before the cook removed it from his Instagram account .Skip Instagram Post
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The insurgent, sci-fi Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino made Arctic Monkeys the entirely external band to chart in the 2018 treble j hearer album poll, while the album ’ s lead single ‘ Four Out Of Five ’ ranked at # 95 in the Hottest 100 of that year. The band are obviously reunited after being separated by pandemic travel restrictions. Back in January, drummer Matt Helders ( who is based in L.A. ) said during an Instagram Live interview the group were in “ during an Instagram Live interview that the dance band were in “ the early stages of trying to write a record but faced with the obvious obstacles. “ Being separated by the sea is one of them, ” he added. “ We ’ re all eager to do it, we would have been doing it by now in a normal clock. ”

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner surveys the crowd at their Rod Laver Arena show in Melbourne, February 2019

Arctic Monkeys still put on a world-class rock show

even after going to the moon on their latest album, their current australian tour still provides one of the best rock shows on Earth. Monkeys coach Ian McAndrew told Music Week in December that the band were working on newfangled music. “ In this preferably disjoin time, the guys are beavering away and I hope that next class they ’ ll start working on some raw songs, raw ideas, with a position on a future passing. ” “ I ’ molarity hoping that future year, when the restrictions lift, we ’ ll be able to get together and get on with it. ”

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