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1993 single by Michael Jackson

1993 single by Michael Jackson
Will You Be There “ is a birdcall by Michael Jackson which was released as a single on June 28, 1993. The sung is the eighth single from the 1991 album Dangerous. The song gained recognition for its appearance on the soundtrack to the movie Free Willy ( 1993 ), under the claim “ Will You Be There ( theme from Free Willy ) ”, of which it is the chief composition, and was besides included in the album All Time Greatest Movie Songs and television plot Michael Jackson: The Experience. With the album adaptation clocking in at seven minutes and forty-one seconds, it is the longest song in Michael Jackson ‘s alone discography.

“ Will You Be There ” became however another successful single from Dangerous, peaking at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100, selling 1,000,000 copies and earning a platinum certificate. Outside of the United States, “ Will You Be There ” peaked within the top ten of the charts in Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom .

background [edit ]

Jackson revealed in Living with Michael Jackson that “ Will You Be There ” was one of respective songs he wrote in addition to “ Heal the World “ while at the Giving Tree, located on his Neverland Ranch property. [ 1 ] According to Free Willy film director Simon Wincer in his conversation with Slash Film, the theme of affording a Michael Jackson song came when the budget for the music increased following the film ‘s positive reception at an promote cover. [ 2 ] Although Jackson did n’t have the time to write a new song despite seeing a preview, it was Jerry L. Greenberg who made the suggestion of including “ Will You Be There ”, around the lapp fourth dimension he was recruiting endowment for the film ‘s soundtrack which was then released in collaboration with Jackson ‘s label Epic and his imprint MJJ Music. [ 3 ]

writing [edit ]

The song is written in the samara of D Major. [ 4 ] Jackson ‘s outspoken spans from D3 to E♭5. [ 4 ] It has a tempo of 83 beats per moment. Jackson wrote and produced “ Will You Be There ” – with co-producing credits going to Bruce Swedien – and orchestrated the rhythm method of birth control and vocal arrangements. Featured instruments are noted as piano, synthesizer, keyboard, drums, and percussion .

song information [edit ]

The album version of the song includes a prelude featuring the Cleveland Orchestra and the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus performing a part of Beethoven ‘s ninth symphony orchestra. The segment is from the fourth drift and is a lesser known part of the celebrated “ Ode to Joy “. The german lyrics were written by Friedrich Schiller .

German original[5]
English translation
Ihr stürzt nieder, Millionen?
Ahnest du den Schöpfer, Welt?
Such’ ihn über’m Sternenzelt!
Über Sternen muss er wohnen.
Do you bow down, millions?
Do you sense the Creator, world?
Seek Him beyond the starry canopy!
Beyond the stars must He dwell.

This authoritative introduction is then followed by a chorale interlude arranged by Andrae and Sandra Crouch. The Andrae Crouch Singers are heard throughout the rest of the song arsenic well. At the end, Jackson recites a poem. This outro was besides featured in his book Dancing the Dream. Two more edits were created for the Free Willy soundtrack. The first that played in the movie ‘s close credits is exchangeable to the album version but without the prelude and interlude while the single version, besides known as “ Will You Be There ” ( Reprise ), removes the preliminary, interlude and address outro .

Legal issues [edit ]

“ Will You Be There ” was the national of two lawsuits. The first was for copyright violation of the Cleveland Orchestra ‘s commemorate and lack of credit to Beethoven for the habit of his symphonic prelude. The suit was filed by the Cleveland Orchestra [ 6 ] for 7 million dollars and was settled out of court with subsequent pressings of Dangerous including full credits in the album booklet. The second lawsuit was a claim of plagiarism by italian songwriter Albano Carrisi who claimed that “ Will You Be There ” was copied from his song “ I Cigni di Balaka ” ( “ The Swans of Balaka ” ). After seven years, an italian court ruled in favor of Carrisi because Jackson failed to show up to court. In a follow-up encase some months late, the court ruled in favor of Jackson and rejected the claim, stating that while the two songs were identical alike, they both may have been inspired by The Ink Spots ‘ 1939 strike “ Bless You for Being an Angel ”. [ 7 ]

critical reception [edit ]

Chris Lacy from Albumism noted the “ gospel ardor ” of “ Will You Be There ” and “ Keep the Faith ” in his retrospective on Dangerous’ 25th anniversary. Calling the early song “ a symphonic, heart-wrenching confession in which the shackles of Jackson ’ s deepest insecurities snap and crash to the shock ”. [ 8 ] The sung was picked as critic ‘s choice in a Billboard inspection from Larry Flick who described it as a “ highly inspirational, gospel/pop tune ”, stating that Jackson “ offers one of his purest vocals in a long while, wisely sidestepping busy instrumentality and studio apartment gimmicks. As a result, listeners are reminded how particular and singular he sincerely is. ” [ 9 ] Troy J. Augusto from Cashbox commented, “ not arsenic contiguous as much of Michael ‘s fabric, but dreamy adequate to connect with his hearing. ” He added, “ adult vocal chorus and string arrangement lend to song ‘s attract. ” [ 10 ] Alan Jones from Music Week gave it four out of five, stating that this “ Afrocentric, spiritually uplifting ” chase “ will be a hit. ” [ 11 ] Rolling Stone wrote that “ the grandiose ‘Will You Be There ‘ never catches arouse ” and added that “ the sequence of Dangerous frequently clusters similar songs in bunches ”, and with that “ it ‘s easy to overlook ” the keep up track “ Keep The Faith ” which, like “ Will You Be There ”, besides features the Andrae Crouch Singers. however, according to the article “ is looser and sets off fireworks with a call-and-response religious doctrine finale ”. [ 12 ]

Accolades [edit ]

Award Category Result
1994 MTV Movie Awards Best Song From a Movie Won

music video [edit ]

Two unlike music videos were created by Vince Paterson. The official video recording included Jackson performing the song during versatile stops of the Dangerous World Tour while scenes from Free Willy centering around the friendship of Jesse and Willy are shown. The original VHS copies of Free Willy included the music video recording prior to the film. The second video recording from Dangerous: The Short Films contained the full length of MTV ‘s tenth Anniversary limited performance intercut with the Dangerous World Tour footage and footage of the fans .

live performances [edit ]

Jackson foremost performed “ Will You Be There ” following “ Black or White “ during MTV ‘s tenth Anniversary extra that aired prior to the passing of Dangerous, and would late perform it again throughout the Dangerous World Tour. During the spoken outro, he would sometimes have children in tow while an angel, played by Angela Ice in the tenth Anniversary performance, appears from behind and uses her wings to embrace him at the decision of the song. At the 25th NAACP Image Awards in 1993 where Jackson accepted “ Entertainer of the year ” that night, Daryl Coley, Patti LaBelle and the Voices of Faith Choir performed the sung with Jackson joining in at the end. The birdcall was planned for the HIStory World Tour ( 1996–1997 ), but was not included in final set list. A interpretation was released on the 2004 DVD Live in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour. Jackson would have performed the song for the This Is It concerts which never took place due to his sudden death. The rehearsal for it, which took place on June 23, was not featured in the film This Is It ( although it appears concisely on the DVD/Blu-ray bonus features ), but was confirmed to have been separate of the concert .

other performances [edit ]

Jennifer Hudson performed the song at Michael Jackson ‘s memorial service on July 7, 2009. The song was besides covered by the band Boyce Avenue on their 2010 album Influential Sessions. Sales of this song on iTunes were used to raise money for relief of the 2010 Haiti earthquake through the American Red Cross. Band member Alejandro Manzano said “ … though we knew that any cover of [ Michael Jackson ‘s ] music would pale in comparison to the original, we were inactive compelled to give a cry out to the recently great in this clock time of need, by doing our interpretation of one of our favorite songs of his, ‘Will You Be There. ‘ ” [ 13 ] Michael Lynche performed the song on the ninth season of American Idol on May 11, 2010, prior to being eliminated from the Final 4.

Melanie Amaro performed the sung in the beginning season of The X Factor on 2011. She survived during elimination bouts at judges ‘ houses. Fleur East performed the song on the eleventh season of the original The X Factor in the United Kingdom on November 8, 2014, during Queen vs. Michael Jackson week. “ Will You Be There ” was included in the “ Heal the World – Will You Be There ” number in Michael Jackson : The Immortal World Tour .

track number [edit ]

CD and 12″ single

  1. “Will You Be There” (Radio Edit) – 3:40
  2. “Man in the Mirror” – 5:19
  3. “Girlfriend” – 3:04
  4. “Will You Be There” (Album Version) – 7:40

CD promo

  1. “Will You Be There” (Radio Edit) – 3:40

7″ and cassette single

  1. “Will You Be There” (Radio Edit) – 3:40
  2. “Will You Be There” (Instrumental) – 3:40

3-inch single

  1. “Will You Be There” (Radio Edit) – 3:40
  2. “Girlfriend” – 3:04

Video single

  1. “Will You Be There” (Music Video) – 5:56

Running time : 4 minutes 30 seconds

Personnel [edit ]

Charts and certifications [edit ]

References [edit ]

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