Ariana Grande May Have Just Shaded Pete Davidson With Her New Song

After Taylor Swift sonically saved 2020 back on July 24 with the exhaust of Folklore, pop fans have been waiting for another artist to put out the new music they ‘ve been working on in lockdown. last, on Oct. 14, Ariana Grande announced she would be releasing a fresh album within the calendar month, giving the people more music to drown out all their problems with. The first single, “ Positions, ” dropped on Oct. 23, accompanied by a music video in which Grande is the president of the united states. however, Grande as America ‘s commander-in-chief is not the most gossip-worthy separate of this publish. Fans have pointed out that within the first few lines, Grande throws shade at her ex-husband Pete Davidson. Keep reading to find out why Arianators are certain the pop picture is targeting her early flame, and for stars who stayed amicable after their split, check out these 17 celebrity Exes Who Are Best Friends now. precisely 17 seconds into the song, Grande seems to make a subtle, stylized dig at her ex-fiancé. In the voice of an angel, Grande sings the first line, “ Heaven sent you to me, ” apparently referring to her current boyfriend, luxury real estate agent Dalton Gomez. however, the future telephone line shifts toward focusing on her past : “ I ‘m fair hoping I do n’t repeat history, ” she sings.

While that may seem like an innocuous adequate line, it packs more entail than it suggests on the page. It ‘s not so much about what she says, but preferably how she says it. Grande leaves a labor pause between the syllables “ re ” and “ peat. ” Fans immediately connected the latter half of the give voice to Davidson, assuming that Grande adding the pause, and emphasizing the “ peat, ” was a elusive but intentional means to reference her x. Time will tell what other slick, evil genius-level lines Grande will deliver on the rest of her new album, which is anticipated to be released next week .
Of course, fans know this is n’t the first time Grande has referenced an ex-husband in her song. Read on for four more not-so-subtle references, and to see which stars have had partners in common, here are 60 Celebrities Who Share an Ex .


“ Thank U Next ”

thank u next ariana grande music video still, best breakup songs The most celebrated model of Grande referencing an antique in a sung is “ Thank U Next. ” The traverse is all about being grateful for her past, which brought her to her future, and Grande manages to hit four exes in the same hint .
The line, “ Thought I ‘d end up with Sean, but he was n’t a match, ” refers to Big Sean. “ Wrote some songs about Ricky, immediately I listen and joke, ” Grande sings next about Ricky Alvarez. Grande admitted via Instagram that Alvarez got the worst lineage, but “ it was meant fondly, ” she says.

“ even about got marry, and for Pete, I ‘m so grateful, ” Grande sings in reference to her abbreviated engagement to Davidson. “ wish I could say, ‘Thank you ‘ to Malcolm ’cause he was an angel, ” is of course for the late Mac Miller .
Grande says Alvarez and Sean had the benefit of hearing the song before it was released. And for more fun content delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter .


“ Pete Davidson ”

Ariana Grande at the Met Gala The pop star was n’t trying for subtlety here. The song is short and sweet—1 minute and 15 seconds of Grande gushing over how happy Davidson made her at the time. “ universe must have my back / Fell from the sky into my lap / And I know you know that you ‘re my soulmate and all that, ” she sings. And if you ‘re looking for a little melodious comfort post-breakup, try The Best Breakup Songs of All Time .


“ In My Head ”

Ariana Grande "In My Head" music video The song opens with a record of a voice mail from Grande ‘s supporter Doug Middlebrook  saying, “ hera ‘s the thing : you ‘re in love with a interpretation of a person that you ‘ve created in your head, that you are trying to but can not fix. ” Middlebrook is apparently coach Grande through her relationship at the time with Davidson.

“ In My Head ” features very point lines, including, “ Look at you, boy, I invented you / Your Gucci tennis shoes running from your issues. ” These lyrics apparently refer to Davidson ‘s struggle with his genial health and his resurrect in fame as he dated Grande. And for a atavist to more celebrated duet, revisit these Celebrity Couples When They First Got together .


“ moonlight ”

Ariana Grande Grande ‘s longtime friend and co-writer Victoria Monet  confirmed that this birdcall was about Alvarez. “ I think it was after their first kiss. He waited to kiss her for a long time, and she was very impress, ” Monet told Billboard. “ He ‘s such a gentleman, and the sung is a great small bookmark of the get down of their relationship. ” Grande sings, “ Every look, every touch makes me wan sodium give you my center / I be crushin ‘ on you, baby / Stay the way you are. ” Ah, sounds like youthful love to us. And to find out which couples are still thriving, check out these long-run fame Couples You Totally Forgot Are still together.

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