Ariana Grande’s Songs About Ex-Lover Pete Davidson That Will Leave You Emotional

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Ariana Grande ’ s love history with Pete Davidson was not merely iconic, it was about heaven-authored. The duet were one of the sweetest couples in the music industry and it was very disheartening when they decided to call it quits .
sometimes, when lovers stop being together, they result to hostility around or to each other. however, when it comes to Grande and Davidson, they are calm sugared to each other outside their relationship. Davidson once said that he supported Grande when they were together and there is no reason not to when they ’ re not.

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Since their about biennial kinship ended, Davidson has dated quite a few women, ranging from models to actresses. however, not of them have reportedly written songs about him except Grande. According to reports, some of her best songs, were dedicated in part for Davidson and fans deduced this from the lyrics. People always say that when person writes songs about a past fan, it is to express how they felt during the kinship. sometimes, these songs have a taste of sweet-sad feelings, while others are wholly sad .
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Davidson and Grande first gear met each other in early 2018. It did not take long for them to decide to take things badly and a step further by getting engaged. unfortunately for the couple, Grande ’ s ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller passed aside and this put the singer in a very difficult home .
During an consultation, Davidson said he knew how a lot she cared about Miller, so he decided to give her time to heal .
Read below to find out what songs Grande reportedly wrote for Davidson .

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“ Pete Davidson ”
This was a single in Grande ’ s “ Sweetner ” album and from the title, it is obvious who she wrote it for. When it was released, it debuted at No. 43 on the Billboard Hot 100 for a week .
“ Thank U Next ”
This song was a tribute to every ex-boyfriend Grande ever had and how they affected her biography in different ways. Davidson was on the list of the ex-boyfriends at the time this song was released and it was besides inspired by their separation. “ NASA ”
In this song, Grande talked about how she needed a night away from her fan and gave reasons why it was healthy for their relationship. Since it was not a individual, it did not get thus much care, however, it debuted at No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 21 days .

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“ Needy ”

again, this sung was inspired by Davidson in many ways. One is, it was a single in the “ Thank U, Next ” album that Grande started writing when she was inactive in a kinship with him. After it ’ mho release, “ Needy ” spend 28 days on the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 14 .
“ Ghostin ”
This track on the “ Thank U, Next ” album talks about two of Grande ’ randomness exes ; Davidson and Miller. In the song, Grande tried to comfort her present lover about the fact that she is still in love with her previous one. Speaking about this song in an interview, Grande said it was the hardest sung to write in her album .

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