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2018 single by Ariana Grande

2018 one by Ariana Grande
Thank U, Next “ ( stylized in all small letter ) is a song by american singer Ariana Grande. [ 1 ] It was released on November 3, 2018, through Republic Records, as the leash single from her fifth studio apartment album of the like diagnose ( 2019 ), without any prior announcement or promotion. [ 2 ] Written by Grande, Tayla Parx and Victoria Monét, along with its producers Tommy Brown, Charles Anderson, and Michael Foster, “ Thank U, Next ” is a celebratory ode to Grande ‘s fail relationships, following her highly-publicized separation with then-fiancé, Pete Davidson. Considered a mod cultural phenomenon, the birdcall ‘s title and its lyrics spawned several catch phrases and widespread on-line memes.

Grande originally wrote the song while engaged to Davidson, during a disruptive point in their relationship. several versions of the birdcall were recorded due to the doubt of her kinship with Davidson at the time, vitamin a well as reluctance from Parx regarding whether Grande should list the names of her exes in the song ‘s lyrics. Upon free, “ Thank U, Next ” was met with critical acclaim ; critics praised its catchiness and cocksure message. It has been listed as one of the 100 songs that defined the 2010s ten by Billboard, and was featured in respective year-end and decade-end rankings. The song was besides included in Rolling Stone ‘s 2021 revision of their 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. “ Thank U, Next ” was a commercial success. It debuted at number-one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and spent over seven weeks atop the chart, becoming Grande ‘s first number-one single. Reached count one in 20 other countries, the birdcall broke numerous cyclosis records, including the record for the most streams received by a song in a unmarried day for a female artist on Spotify, and the largest on-demand streaming week always recorded for a female artist in the US. The music television, directed by Hannah Lux Davis, was released on November 30, 2018. The music television referenced the early on 2000s ‘ cult authoritative films Bring It On, Legally Blonde, Mean Girls and 13 Going on 30. Following its release, it broke many viewership records on Youtube, including the phonograph record for the most-watched music video recording in YouTube within 24 hours, with over 55.4 million views. The music video received widespread critical applaud and has been noted by journalists as a pioneer handout for pop music culture in 2018. It was nominated for Video of the year at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards .

Background and release [edit ]

On November 2, 2018, the singer tweeted lyrics of a mysterious track, after her ex-fiancé, Pete Davidson joked about their broken battle on Saturday Night Live. The follow day, Grande tweeted more lyrics, revealing that they indeed belong to a track named “ Thank U, Next ”, which she described was lyrically and conceptually the opposite of her Dangerous Woman track “ Knew Better ”. The singer besides revealed “ Thank U, Next ” would serve as her fifth album ‘s name, which she had been teasing for months on Twitter. [ 3 ] The sung was released on November 3, 2018, without any prior official announcement or promotion. [ 2 ]

typography and lyrics [edit ]

“ Thank U, Next ” is a self-empowerment popular and R & B song that mentions many of Grande ‘s past relationships. [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] It features elements of synth-pop in its production. [ 7 ] [ 8 ] The song is written in the key of D-flat major in common time with a tempo of 108 beats per minute. Grande ‘s spokesperson ranges from a low A♭ 3 to a high E♭5. The song is based around a chord progression of G♭maj7–F7–B♭m7–D♭7. [ 9 ] Grande explained in an interview that “ thank uranium, next … ” is a give voice that she and boyfriend singer/songwriter Victoria Monét use. [ 10 ] [ 11 ] The lyrics acknowledge four of her past relationships : “ Thought I ‘d end up with Sean/But he was n’t a match/Wrote some songs about Ricky/Now I listen and laugh/ even about got married/And for Pete, I ‘m so thankful/Wish I could say ‘Thank you ‘ to Malcolm/’Cause he was an angel ” refer to Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Pete Davidson, and the recently Mac Miller, respectively. [ 12 ] Grande in the first place wrote the birdcall while engaged to Davidson, during a disruptive point in their relationship. [ 13 ] several versions of the song were recorded due to the uncertainty of her relationship with Davidson at the clock, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as hesitation from co-writer Tayla Parx regarding whether Grande should list the names of her exes in the lyrics. [ 14 ] In an interview with The Zach Sang Show, Grande explained :

There ‘s a adaptation where I was getting married, there ‘s a translation where I ‘m not getting married, there ‘s a version with nothing—we ‘re not talking about anything. … But we all knew that the first translation was gon sodium be the translation we ultimately went with. [ 14 ]

Grande besides revealed an alternate opening line that omitted the names of her exes : “ They say I ‘m besides unseasoned, / had besides many boyfriends. ” [ 14 ] The birdcall spawned an Internet meme, inspired by the lyrics One teach me love/one taught me patience / one teach me pain ”. [ 15 ] The title of the song, “ thank uranium, next ” besides began to be popularly used among those on the internet in a similar fashion to the manner it is used in the song. [ 16 ]

critical reception [edit ]

“ Thank U, Next ” received far-flung acclaim from music critics. Markos Papadatos from Digital Journal said the birdcall is an “ ode to gratitude, an hymn to a fresh starting signal and newfangled beginnings, where she is not afraid to be raw and vulnerable ; Grande ‘s vulnerability is the hearer ‘s reinforce. ” He besides said the song is “ sensual, cathartic and expressive ” and praised Grande ‘s breathy vocals as “ pristine and celestial, and it is apparent the pop throne is still hers. ‘thank u, following ‘ garners an a rat. ” [ 17 ] Quinn Moreland from Pitchfork named the song “ Best New Track ” and praised Grande ‘s ability to talk about her by relationships with newfound repose : “ She does n’t stir the pot about her recent dissolution, as the coarse media narrative might expect ; rather she finds the value in letting fail. It ‘s a generosity rarely spotted these days when it is so much more tempt to clap back with vinegar alternatively of honey. much like the “ one girl swaying alone ” twist in Lorde ‘s ‘ Liability, ‘ it ‘s an eloquent expose of inner military capability and acute self-awareness. ” [ 18 ] Spencer Kornhaber from The Atlantic said the song highlights Grande ‘s possession of not merely the separation dish the dirt, but besides “ her quixotic life, her growth as a person, and her career as a maker of catchily inspirational bops ”. He remarked the lyrics are “ feminist rewrite of the public narrative—about a charwoman defined by, and possibly even brought down by, men—pulled off with lightsomeness. The vibration is crafty and swinging ; a high hat in the chorus makes like a drum crash during a stand-up roast. [ … ] classical pop romanticism, cut with shit happens platonism, spiked with trendy swagger-as-empowerment. ” [ 19 ] Brittany Spanos from Rolling Stone said despite what the style may suggest, the sung is “ surprisingly courteous, a ointment and a awkward note admonisher on the heart that sometimes it ‘s not about animation getting better ; it ‘s about wanting to better yourself ” and praised Grande for delivering one of the very few pop songs to promote real, truthful self-love. ” [ 20 ] Megan Reynolds from Jezebel stated the song is not the “ anthem of a jilted fan, looking to destroy everything in her path. rather, Grande took a page from the book of Mariah Carey : ‘thank uranium, following ‘ is a motivational narrative powered by pettiness ”. She besides remarked the song works beautifully around how unbothered it is “ here is pettiness for largely adept with a dash of evil, subverting the traditional spurned lover subtweet of the classify preferred by an artist like Taylor Swift. not all music that comes out of grief has to be introspective, but it is much indeed a lot better when it is. fame rush people towards a screen of forced maturity in many ways. Pettiness, when used for adept, is quite herculean. ” [ 21 ] “ Thank U, Next ” was ranked as one of the best songs of the 2010s by respective publications. Pitchfork stated the birdcall itself works against the reasonably dismissive opinion of the title “ the flash choir is steeped in a kind of bromidic but joyful gratitude, for the past but besides for the present self. “ thank u, next ” might even be considered a fiddling sting of a troll because of how it challenges the voyeurism of her situation : It would have been lewd to air an x out for the global to see, but it is more capture to draw an eager consultation airless before offering what is merely a minor nominal of gratitude ”. [ 22 ] Dan Weiss from Consequence of Sound said Grande “ regained operate of her populace with an amazing, ad-lib ditty that nipped several tabloid narratives in the bud. [ … ] And with that she achieved unprecedented parity between chart-topping success and social-media virtuosity. [ 23 ] Uproxx said “ if everyone wrote a song as gracious and personally affirming as “ Thank U, Next ” about their x, the dissolution writing style as we know it would become an elate thing. [ 24 ] “ Billboard listed “ Thank U, Next ” as one of the “ 100 Songs that Defined the Decade ”, saying the song “ may go down in history as the most gracious separation song always written ”. [ 25 ] USA Today listed “ Thank U, Next ” as the example sung of 2018 in the list of 10 songs that defined the 2010s in music. [ 26 ] Vice ranked “ Thank U, Next ” at number 23 on its tilt of best crop up comebacks of the twenty-first hundred. [ 27 ]

year-end lists [edit ]

Decade-end lists [edit ]

Publication Rank Ref
Uproxx 5 [34]
Uproxx (pop) 1
Rolling Stone 7 [35]
Pitchfork 48
The Guardian (pop) 1
Parade Magazine 14
DiamondBack 25
Spotify 14
Amazon 27
Consequence 64
Crack Magazine 84

All meter lists [edit ]

Publication Rank Ref
Rolling Stone 137


Accolades [edit ]

commercial performance [edit ]

pictured) in 2015. “ Thank U, Next ” was the first song by a female artist to debut at issue one on the Billboard Hot 100 since “ Hello “ by Adele ) in 2015. On November 5, 2018, “ Thank U, Next ” broke the read for the most streams received by a song in a single day by a female artist on Spotify, with 8.19 million streams globally, and continued to break this record daily until November 9, when it received 9.6 million streams. [ 45 ] [ 46 ] The record was broken by Mariah Carey ‘s “ All I Want for Christmas Is You “ the adopt month. [ 47 ] “ Thank U, Next ” surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify eleven days after its release on November 14, 2018, becoming the fastest sung to do therefore, until Grande ‘s next one, ” 7 Rings ” broke the record again reaching 100 million streams on Spotify nine days after the sung ‘s let go of .

North America [edit ]

“ Thank U, Next ” became the 32nd song to debut at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart consequence dated November 17, 2018, marking Grande ‘s first chart-topper in the area and highest-charting entry, surpassing “ Problem “, which peaked at act two in 2014. The single besides became Grande ‘s eleventh top-ten introduction overall and her seventh to debut in the top-ten, thus surpassing Lady Gaga and Rihanna who have amassed six among acts with the most top 10 debuts on the chart. The track became the foremost alone song by a female artist to top the US charts since Cardi B ‘s “ Bodak Yellow “. It additionally was the first song by a lead female artist to debut atop the US charts since Adele ‘s “ Hello “ in 2015. [ 48 ] “ Thank U, Next ” started at the Hot 100 ‘s summit powered by its number-one introduction on the Billboard Digital Songs sales chart – Grande ‘s second to do so in 2018 and one-fourth overall – having sold 81,000 digital downloads according to Nielsen SoundScan, while drawing in 55.5 million US streams in its first week of handiness ending November 8, allowing it to enter atop the Streaming Songs chart, becoming her first count one there vitamin a well. The song missed entering Billboard ‘s Radio Songs graph in its first gear week, however drew in 11.3 million all-format radio audience impressions in the workweek ending November 11 due to early airplay. [ 49 ] Grande besides extended her read for being the first artist to debut within the open ten positions of the Hot 100 chart with every lead single— ” The Way “, “ Problem “, “ Dangerous Woman “, “ No Tears Left to Cry “ and “ Thank U, Next ” —of her first five studio albums. [ 50 ] [ 51 ] In its moment week, “ Thank U, Next ” remained at the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100, selling another 43,000 digital downloads, subsequently spending a second back-to-back workweek atop the Digital Songs graph and Streaming Songs chart with 63.4 million US streams, improving 14 percentage from 55.5 million in its first week. “ Thank U, Next ” besides drew in 22 million all-format radio hearing impressions, a 94 percentage addition from the previous week. The lead besides jumped to number 20 on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 airplay chart following its number 33 debut, becoming the week ‘s greatest gainer. [ 52 ] It finally became Grande ‘s fifth number one on that chart. The song topped both the Hot 100 and Streaming Songs charts in its third workweek with 43.8 million US streams however dropped to number four on the Digital Songs chart selling an extra 23,000 digital downloads for the issue dated November 22, according to Nielsen Music. Airplay continued growing to 31.8 million hearing impressions, up 45 percentage from its moment workweek, leading to the song debut at act 36 on both the Radio Songs and Adult Top 40 charts, while rising to number 17 on the Mainstream Top 40. [ 53 ] The lapp week, the song was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America for shipments exceeding one million units in the state. “ Thank U, Next ” descended one position to number two on the Hot 100 in its fourth skeleton on the topic dated December 8, 2018, boasting just 5 percentage less overall chart points than Travis Scott ‘s “ Sicko Mode “ which jumped to the top spot following a Skrillex remix. Despite this it held the top slot on the Streaming Songs chart collecting another 42.5 million US streams, and rose to number 14 on the Mainstream Top 40 and number 23 on the Radio Songs as the Hot 100 ‘s top Airplay Gainer with 39.5 million audience impressions. [ 54 ] Following the premier of its official music television, “ Thank U, Next ” returned to the top topographic point on the Hot 100 in its fifth-week chart. The birdcall drew 93.8 million US streams, surpassing the record for the most streams in a single week by a female artist previously set by Taylor Swift ‘s “ Look What You Made Me Do “ which collected 84.5 million streams in its debut workweek a year anterior on September 16, 2017. The track rebounded 5–2 on the Digital Songs chart, gaining 146 percentage to 43,000 downloads sold, while vaulting 23–11 on the Radio Songs with 57 million consultation impressions, up 44 percentage. “ Thank U, Next ” besides became the inaugural song since Drake ‘s “ In My Feelings “ to become the week ‘s Greatest Gainer in all three metrics ( streaming, sales, and airplay ) while atop the Hot 100. additionally, it became the longest- running number-one song by a female artist in a lead role since Sia ‘s “ Cheap Thrills “ have Sean Paul in 2016, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the longest-running song by a solo female artist since “ Hello “ by Adele spent ten weeks atop the graph in 2015–16. [ 55 ] “ Thank U, Next ” has since topped the Hot 100 for a entire of seven nonconsecutive weeks, being replaced by Halsey ‘s “ Without Me “ on January 12, 2019. On the chart dated February 23, 2019, following the dismissal of her album Thank U, Next, the one rose to number three, behind her singles “ Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I ‘m bore “ ( which debuted at number 2 ), and “ 7 Rings “ ( holding at number one for a fourth workweek ). With these songs, Grande became the first artist since The Beatles to occupy the lead three spots of the Billboard Hot 100. [ 56 ] The track besides set a new record for Grande with the most weeks spent inside the Hot 100 ‘s top ten with 17 weeks, outlasting her former record of 16 weeks with “ Problem ” and “ Bang Bang ”. In Canada, “ Thank U, Next ” entered the Canadian Hot 100 chart at the top position on the emergence dated November 17, 2018 where it stayed for eight nonconsecutive weeks, earning Grande her first number one single in the country and eleventh top-ten individual overall. [ 57 ] It debuted at number two on the canadian Digital Songs Sales chart behind Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper ‘s “ Shallow “. [ 58 ] The track remained at issue one for another seven weeks, registering as the charts greatest airplay gainer in its third. At Dance/Mix Show Airplay, “ Thank U, Next ” became Grande ‘s 11th top ten. After notching her beginning three Dance/Mix Show Airplay top 10s in 2014, Grande sets a newfangled well by earning her fourth top 10 of 2018. [ 59 ]

Europe and Oceania [edit ]

Throughout Europe, “ Thank U, Next ” achieved commercial success, debuting in the top ten of many of the nations it charted within. In the United Kingdom, the song debuted at the clear of the UK Singles Chart on November 9, 2018, for the week ending date November 15, 2018, with first-week sales of 73,000 units ( including 6.7 million pour ) according to the Official Charts Company, becoming Grande ‘s third gear chart-topper there and first since “ Bang Bang “ in 2014. It additionally was the first solo song by a female artist to debut at the peak of the UK charts since Taylor Swift ‘s “ Look What You Made Me Do “ in 2017. [ 60 ] In its moment week on the chart, the track held the numeral one military position selling another 95,000 units, a 30.13 % increase from the former week. The birdcall besides achieved the biggest weekly UK streaming numbers of any track in 2018, drawing in 9.76 million streams during the traverse period, the highest overall weekly numbers since Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee ‘s “ Despacito “ in May 2017. [ 61 ] It has since remained at the number one status for an extra four weeks. [ 62 ] Ensuing the release of its music video recording, the track set a fresh pour phonograph record of 14.9 million streams in its fifth week, surpassing Ed Sheeran ‘s “ Shape of You “ to achieve the highest weekly number of plays in the graph ‘s history. [ 63 ] As of March 2021, “ Thank U, Next ” is Grande ‘s most streamed song in the United Kingdom and 13th most-streamed song by a female artist in the country. [ 64 ] In Ireland, “ Thank U, Next ” debuted atop the irish Singles Chart, becoming Grande ‘s second gear song to do sol in 2018 and third overall in the country. It remained at the peak of the chart for an extra five weeks, a well as breaking the record for the biggest count of video recording streams always recorded with 749,000 plays. [ 65 ] [ 66 ] The song has besides reached the top five of the charts in Hungary, the Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, Slovakia and Sweden, Austria and Greece, adenine well as the top ten-spot in Switzerland, Iceland, Belgium, Croatia and the Czech Republic. In Oceania, “ Thank U, Next ” entered at the runner-up placement on the australian ARIA Charts and the New Zealand Singles Chart, becoming her ninth and one-eighth top-ten single on both charts, respectively. [ 67 ] It started at number three on the australian Digital Sales graph, while besides entering atop the ARIA stream charts as the top streamed sung in the area. The song ascended to the top position in its irregular week on the ARIA Singles Chart, becoming Grande ‘s second number one unmarried there. [ 68 ] [ 69 ] similarly in New Zealand, the track topped the nations chart the follow workweek, becoming her second unmarried to do so following “ Problem ”. [ 67 ] The song spent an extra five weeks at issue one on both the ARIA Singles Chart and the New Zealand Singles Chart, becoming Grande ‘s longest-running issue one individual in both countries. [ 70 ]

music video [edit ]

Kris JennerJennifer Coolidge(left), and appearances from original cast members from referenced films, such as actress (right) from Legally Blonde.[71][72] The music television for “ Thank U, Next ” features a overplus of cameo appearances, such as from television receiver personality Kris Jenner, and appearances from original cast members from reference films, such as actress Jennifer Coolidge from Planning for the music video recording began long before the song was released. During exploit on Grande ‘s music television for her sung “ Breathin “, director Hannah Lux Davis listened to a show for “ Thank U, Next ”, in which she praised the song. Because of this, both Davis and Grande started coming up with concepts for the video recording, bringing up their love for films such as Mean Girls and Bring It On. [ 73 ] Production began immediately from the release of the “ Breathin ” television. She announced that the television would reference four of the most successful adolescent movies of the 2000s : Mean Girls, Bring It On, Legally Blonde, and 13 Going on 30. [ 74 ] She besides considered adding early memorable 2000 ‘s adolescent movies, such as A Cinderella Story, Crossroads, She’s the Man and Girl, Interrupted, but declined. [ 75 ] [ 76 ] Grande began teasing the music video recording on her Instagram report on November 20. [ 77 ] Later that day, she shared more images including one with actress Jennifer Coolidge, who starred in the Legally Blonde. [ 78 ] On November 22, Grande posted a photograph of herself in a cheerleader ‘s equip, alongside a quote from the movie Bring It On. [ 79 ] On November 27, Grande released a teaser video recording featuring cameo from singer-songwriter Troye Sivan, YouTube stars Colleen Ballinger and Gabi DeMartino, Mean Girls actors Jonathan Bennett and Stefanie Drummond, and Grande ‘s former Victorious co-stars Elizabeth Gillies, Daniella Monet and Matt Bennett. [ 80 ] The video recording made its official premier on YouTube on November 30 through a new sport called “ YouTube Premiere ” .

Cameo appearances [edit ]

list of cameo appearances who appeared in the music video : [ 81 ]

outline [edit ]

The video begins with an presentation sport different singers, actors and YouTube personalities including american english YouTuber Colleen Ballinger, American actors Jonathan Bennett and Stefanie Drummond, Grande ‘s accompaniment dancer Scott Nicholson, australian singer Troye Sivan and American singer Gabi DeMartino, parodying the collage in Mean Girls where many high school students are talking about Regina George, the leader of school clique, The Plastics. Some of the actors from the original movie appear in this scene. [ 82 ] [ 83 ] [ 84 ] In the first few seconds of the video, the instrumental for what would be Grande ‘s adjacent single, “ 7 Rings “, can be heard in the background. The words “ Thank U, Next ” are then shown on the blind in the same font as the claim card of Mean Girls ( 2004 ). It then features a close-up of a book, exchangeable to the “ Burn Book ” ( besides from Mean Girls ), containing images and writing express and talking about Grande ‘s past relationships with images of American rapper Big Sean, the singer ‘s former stand-in dancer Ricky Alvarez and American comedian Pete Davidson, [ 85 ] all in the script ; entirely Mac Miller, despite being quoted in the song, is not shown in a photograph, respecting his death. [ 86 ] The video then follows Grande as Regina George among The Plastics ( formed by Elizabeth Gillies as Cady, Alexa Luria as Karen, and Courtney Chipolone as Gretchen, equally well as Jonathan Bennett in his original role as Aaron ) walking down the hall, another reference point to Mean Girls. The next clip shows Grande dancing with Gilles, Luria and Chipolone in Mrs. Claus -inspired dresses, with an appearance by Grande ‘s mother ( portrayed by Kris Jenner in mention to the function of Amy Poehler ), filming the dance on her home video television camera, except mirroring Poehler ‘s original dance moves. The next clip is set in a toilet and shows Grande, as Torrance, and her love interest Cliff ( portrayed by Matt Bennett ) brushing their teeth, similar to a view from the movie Bring It On ( 2000 ), [ 87 ] [ 88 ] which then transitions to Grande cheerleading among others including Daniella Monet versing against the early team, including singer-songwriters Victoria Monét and Tayla Parx, who are contributing the background vocals in the track. The picture then moves to Grande helping out with a marriage, [ 89 ] where she appears as Jenna playing with a dollhouse evocative to a scene in 13 Going on 30 ( 2004 ). A magic trick -like transition moves into the follow setting where Grande drives a convertible with the license plate which reads “ 7 RINGS ”, foreshadowing the future single from her Thank U, Next album. [ 90 ] In the next scene, Grande hops out of the vehicle with her pawl, Toulouse Grande, in a pink leather crown, referencing Elle Woods from Legally Blonde ( 2001 ). [ 91 ] The television camera spans to multiple shots of Grande walking down a path with a shot of her at a swimming pool, another reference to the film. [ 92 ] Another reference to the movie follows as the music pauses to show a scene of Grande at the beauty salon with the manicurist Paulette ( portrayed by Jennifer Coolidge in her original character ) talking about past relationships of how “ bad front teeth ” can affect person ‘s count ; the whole scene involves many re-enactments of early Legally Blonde scenes including the “ Bend and Snap ”. [ 93 ] several shots of Grande are shown running on the treadmill, with all scenes previously in the video recording then completed in to one involving some behind-the-scene shots and a fit with Coolidge and the UPS delivery man merging ( the role was in the first place portrayed by Bruce Thomas ) referencing another scene which is from the original film. The video then concludes with Grande and the cheerleaders dancing, the singer leaving a red lipstick trace by kissing Ballinger ‘s meaning stomach and Jenner, whilst holding the television camera, saying “ Thank you, adjacent, bitch ! ” in the ultimate shot. [ 94 ]

reception [edit ]

During the premiere of the music video on YouTube, it was reported that a sum of 829,000 viewers were watching and participating in the survive pour, making it the largest viewership that YouTube Premiere has received since its launch. [ 95 ] Following its handout, the video broke the record for most-watched music video in YouTube within 24 hours, formally achieving 55.4 million views on the platform in its first day, surpassing the 45.9 million YouTube views of BTS ‘s “ Idol “ video, the former record-breaker. [ 96 ] The record was former overtaken by Blackpink with their birdcall “ Kill This Love “ in April 2019, with 56.7 million views. [ 97 ] [ 98 ] [ 99 ] [ 100 ] The music video has presently more than 600 million views on YouTube and more than 1.4 billion streams on Spotify. The “ Thank U, Next ” music video recording was praised by critics. Esther Zuckerman of Thrillist stated in her review, “ what Grande is doing — as she has done with her colloquial Twitter bill — is inviting her fans into sisterhood where everyone knows what it means to be “ flirty, and thirty, and thriving ” and where the “ specify does not exist. ” Just like a good rom-com, it ‘s impossible to resist ”. [ 101 ] Matt Gallatin of The Michigan Daily praised the music video ‘s pop culture references, stating that “ Ariana literally becomes pop culture, and pop culture becomes her. ” [ 102 ] Stars from the referenced films praised Grande along with the music video recording ; Reese Witherspoon, the lead actress from Legally Blonde praised the video, particularly the iconic “ bend and snap ” setting that was reenacted in the television. [ 103 ] Jennifer Garner of 13 Going on 30 stated in her Instagram page, “ every now and then something comes along and barely brightens your day. Ariana Grande you ‘re adorable. Thank you, reasonably girl. ” [ 104 ]

live performances [edit ]

Grande performed the birdcall alongside its co-writers Victoria Monét and Tayla Parx on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on November 7, 2018. [ 105 ] The performance paid court to Grande ‘s favorite movie, The First Wives Club ( 1996 ), recreating a scene in which the three leading female characters “ clad in blank suits [ and ] team up to sing an hymn of freedom in the wake of a life-changing separation, bidding adieu to the men of their by and usher in a new age of independence and personal emergence. ” [ 106 ] She later performed the song on December 6, 2018, at Billboard Women in Music, an annual event held by Billboard to recognize women in the music diligence, where she received the award for Woman of the Year. [ 107 ] The sung besides serves as the encore on her Sweetener World Tour. During the third stage of the enlistment, Grande wore a Mrs. Claus-inspired outfit, like to the music video recording. Grande besides performed the song at the 2020 Grammy Awards in a medley with “ 7 Rings “ and “ Imagine “ .

affect and bequest [edit ]

Upon spill, “ Thank U, Next ” became a cultural phenomenon, inspiring viral tweets and memes on the Internet. [ 108 ] [ 109 ] [ 110 ] Vanity Fair wrote : “ The memes are possibly the clearest measure of its cultural pervasiveness, and of Grande ’ second position in pop culture. ” and compared the song ‘s cultural affect to musical film A Star Is Born and knocker Drake in the like year. [ 111 ] Elle described “ Thank U, Next ” as “ a revolutionist kind of separation anthem ” and added that the birdcall “ shows new people are taking a much more optimistic scene of breakups than generations past ”. [ 112 ] Quartz observed that “ Thank U, Next ” was “ constantly streaming, at parties, hangouts, and on commutes ” ascribable to its popularity and wrote that “ [ Grande ] widens the aroused possibilities for women going through grief — revealing the multiplicity of our amatory and sexual preferences ” throughout the sung. [ 113 ] The Guardian called the song “ a herculean cultural moment ”. [ 114 ] The birdcall was besides included in Rolling Stone ‘s 2021 rewrite of their 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, calling it “ a song that floats with military capability and grace, offering a sage position on the work of moving on, from a place of fundamental centeredness ”. [ 115 ] In Adweek ‘s public opinion, the viral music video recording created “ the classify of mass-market cultural event that has become increasingly rare since the flower of MTV ” and besides cited it as an exercise of “ how a carefully-crafted market scheme can deliver big results and use principles and best practices that are useful for marketers in any category ”. [ 116 ] Wired and USA Today listed “ Thank U, Next ” among the best music and popular culture moments of 2018. [ 117 ] [ 118 ] Hannah Lux Davis, the music video ‘s director, praised Grande ‘s contributions to the song : “ [ Grande ] was redefining what a separation sung could be. She put this truly convinced, fun, empowered braid on it, which I feel like had n’t truly been tapped into this specifically ”. [ 119 ] During the 2019 Women ‘s March, attendees held up posters and signs with political spins using the song ‘s catch phrase lyrics. [ 120 ]

track list [edit ]

  1. “Thank U, Next” – 3:27

Credits and personnel [edit ]

Credits and personnel adapted from the album ‘s liner notes. [ 123 ] Recording and management

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