Best Albums of Summer 2018: Who Dropped the Album of the Summer?

nowadays that August is winding down, we have to reckon with the fact that – sigh – summer is formally over. And whether or not you did anything you set out to do, you can ’ metric ton deny that on the musical front, it has been a summer to remember. And even for music ’ randomness blockbuster season, Summer ’ 18 was a nonstop parade of prestige albums. From the 5-point attack of Kanye West ’ s G.O.O.D. Music rollout to Drake ’ s internet-breaking Scorpion to the long, farseeing, long delinquent arrival of Travis Scott ’ mho Astroworld, we were given more audial treats than we could keep up with. With fall fair around the corner ( and year-end lists not long after, send help ), we took a look spinal column at the summer ’ sulfur biggest albums in an undertake to crown one commemorate to rule them all. Using a system of measurement that weighed each full-length ’ mho musical quality, exhaust scheme, and merch, we have thus calculated the authoritative, official champion of the best albums of Summer 2018. Ranked from worst to best, read on to see our top choice .

Nicki Minaj – fagot

Where do I even begin with this catastrophe ? The rollout started off a hot batch once the liberation date kept getting delayed — I truly don ’ metric ton understand how artists in this day don ’ t have control over when their music is coming out, it makes zero smell. There was so much hype built up for this record and it didn ’ t even come near to living up to it. Nicki Minaj should always be respected as a legend in my eyes, but Queen is not a stick out deserving fighting for. There ’ second no need for me to express my disappointment because the off enlistment very sealed the softwood. As for the merch, Associate Fashion Editor extraordinaire Max Grobe was into the “ Chun-Li ” ribbed manacle longsleeves, but felt everything else was lackluster ; the “ FEFE ” offerings, interim, are downright disgusting. – sulfur Overall score: 2.8/5

Drake – scorpion

This rollout was dragged out for so long that by the time the album finally dropped I felt like I ’ d been through the ringer. Of course, the play with Pusha-T didn ’ thymine help his credibility, but I chose to overlook for excessively long. Dividing all of the tracks on Scorpion was the ultimate overkill — let ’ s be substantial, side B or broke ! besides, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tell me that this merch international relations and security network ’ thymine weak. Drake is no style icon, but the man has done so much better than this collection. not only does he have the OVO invest sword, but all of the merch for Views was a must cop item all 2016. I can not say the lapp for Scorpion and that bromidic astrology sweatshirt. Max Grobe added that the Scorpion tour jacket would have been better if it resembled the one Ryan Gosling wear in Drive. Agreed. – south Overall score: 2.8/5

G.O.O.D. Music – Pusha-T – DAYTONA, Kanye West – ye, Teyana Taylor – K.T.S.E., Nas – Illmatic, KIDS SEE GHOSTS – KIDS SEE GHOSTS

few could have anticipated the frenzied fivepoint blow that came out of the G.O.O.D. Music camp this summer. A new Kanye West album on its own is a hype-juggernaut, then when coupled with an unprecedented hebdomadally run of studio LP ’ s from the likes of Pusha-T, Nas, Teyana Taylor, and the jaw-dropping synthesis of Ye and Kid Cudi as Kids See Ghosts, you could say that all eyes ( or, ears ) were fixed on this as the melodious event of the year. But was it the end-all be-all of 2018 ? surely not. Pusha ’ s DAYTONA remains the rollout ’ mho strongest entrance, with Kids See Ghosts besides worthy of praise. The rest is a veridical grab bag ; Teyana ’ s K.T.S.E. holds moments of luminosity that fail to outshine the overall addle consequence, while Kanye ’ s solo outing ye and Nas ’ Nasir function much better as curiosity-inducing time capsules of their creators ’ trouble give circumstances. The merch that resulted from this lineup was invigorating, bolstered by that Kanye-touch, but much like its musical counterpart, it hearkens more to fond memories of Kanye ’ s past glories than instills any new feel of inspiration. We ’ ve besides heard the quality wasn ’ t bang-up either. Taken as a hale, the murder of G.O.O.D. Music releases has lofty peaks and damningly low valleys – an attention-grabber that could use a bit more substance and intend in execution. – j Overall score: 2.8/5

Travis Scott – Astroworld

As we ’ ve all come to learn, Travis Scott is La Flame, and La Flame is Travis Scott. Crazy stage antics aside, the Houston knocker is an fabulously firey guy, even on an astrological grade, as we previously discovered. We got tantalum hand it to Scott, a far as album hype goes, he played the farseeing game with the serve of his ageless, inner flare and it paid off. basically equally soon as Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight was out, La Flame planted the seeds for Astroworld, conceptually inspired by the now defunct subject park that shaped his childhood. Announcing and previewing tracks from the album vitamin a early as January 2017, the madly trippy “ Butterfly Effect ” dropped in May, with a psychedelic ocular emerge in July. He toured alone and with Kendrick Lamar, encouraging his crowd to get so illuminated that one fan jumped from a third floor balcony at a concert in NYC, which only added fuel to the La Flame. He gradually shared details about the album across unlike publications, notably in a GQ breed story with girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

As Thomas Hobbs wrote in our review of the phonograph record, Travis Scott amply lives up to his potential on Astroworld. He expertly deployed guest artists like Stevie Wonder, Kid Cudi, and Drake, while besides paying court to underground Texas OGs like DJ Screw, and enlisting a diverse gamut of producers, from Tame Impala ’ s Kevin Parker to his right hand man Mike Dean. And the merch ? It does not disappoint. With everything from grinders to storage bins, Scott didn ’ metric ton flush need the bolster of an whitish collab shirt, the collection towers over the competition on its own, like a gigantic sword roller coaster amongst merry-go-rounds. I mean, the merch was so fire that Nicki Minaj had some words about just how much Travis Scott sold, and how it surely helped him sell digital copies of Astroworld ( which were bundled with the merch, a common sales-boosting rehearse in 2018 ). overall, La Flame delivered, and the fire is calm going firm. – bel Overall score: 3.5/5

A $ AP Rocky – test

The anticipation surrounding Rocky ’ s latest may have only served to undercut its invoke, as TESTING stands as one of the most dissentious releases of the year. We heralded it as an immediate prevail, even just as many critics found the project to be lackluster, admonishing it for the identical same qualities that others were heaping praise upon it for. Time has done little to dull the gleam for us ; we hush stan for this album, an immersive text file that finds rocky working with a huge host of collaborators and toying with all manner of music genre conventions across its 16 tracks. We are besides here for the merch, a line that serves dystopian sporty reality, as if anyone with a testing jacket is besides an escapee from a high-security race-car research lab. however, my tastes are clearly quite the antonym from my colleague Max Grobe, who dubbed both the merch line and the album “ forgettable, ” saying the crash test dumbbell warning symbol screams “ don ’ metric ton wear this. ” Many will silent toss this album aside as Rocky ’ s repository to being sterile, but it is undeniably one of the most intrigue things to hit us all summer. – joule Overall score: 3.8/5

Ariana Grande – bait

When Ariana Grande dropped “ no tears left to cry ” in April, I was floored. While some may have expected more drab sonic stylings from the pop star after finding herself in the center of calamity with a bombard taking put at her Manchester concert in May 2017, Grande took a convinced exit turn. Whereas some of her former output was Mariah Carey cosplay, the first individual from Sweetener could not have been from anyone else. The album ’ s announcement was made on Jimmy Fallon, where she besides revealed a few path names – “ R.E.M. ”, “ raindrops, ” “ the light is coming, ” and “ God is a woman ” – and performed a Kendrick Lamar cover. At first, there was nothing to write base about in terms of promo. little did we know, however, that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were probably starting to fall madly in love with each early at that very moment. For better or worse, their whirlwind chat up became intertwined with the rollout of Grande ’ s fourth studio album, with stans of Grande and new ‘Grandson ‘ enthusiasts alike paying close attention to the duet ‘s every move. With matching tattoo, a swift battle, and a track named “ pete ” casually revealed on Twitter, there ’ s no denying their pair added to the intrigue surrounding Grande ’ s new stick out. And you know what ? She delivered. Working with Pharrell on the bulge of Sweetener ’ randomness tracks, the album is a masterpiece, in my humble opinion. From an Imogen Heap cover to the Missy Elliott-featuring “ boundary line, ” not a track is skipped when I queue up Sweetener. As for the trade offerings, the wholly thing is perfectly suited to her standom, and besides happens to be preferably on-trend. With a hushed color palette save for tie-dye pieces like a “ God is a womanhood ” mask or the lilac crewneck sweater, you can even cop a extra edition aroma if you want to smell angstrom sweet as Ari. In all, I ’ d say this was an incredibly successful album on every level, and the fact that it debuted at no. 1 is a shock to no one. – b Overall score: 4.3/5

album of summer 2018 : Ariana Grande – sweetening

What ‘s your darling album of summer 2018 ? Let us know in the comments below. For more like this, check out our rank of the best rap merch of 2018 .

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