30 Top Coldplay Songs For A Perfect Rock Playlist

Your childhood wasn ’ t complete unless you were obsessed with at least one of Coldplay ’ s songs. The british rock dance band was formed in 1996 and has been charming us with their incredible music ever since. It ’ mho one of the populace ‘s most democratic groups, and most of their songs have topped the charts. hera are our picks for the best 30 Coldplay songs, and if you haven ’ triiodothyronine checked any of them out, you absolutely must !

1. Clocks

“Am I a part of the cure or am I part of the disease?”

Number one on this tilt is the A Rush of Blood to the Head track, known for its piano melody, driving beat, and falsetto chorus. It showed fans their ability to be remarkable and is unforgettable for any Coldplay fans .

2. The Scientist

“Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would this hard” other than Clocks, another incredible song from the lapp album is The scientist. The lyrics of this track are haunting, and we ’ ll never get old of them .

3. Yellow

“Look at the stars, look how they shine for you” One of the most popular Coldplay songs in universe, we ’ ra not shocked it ‘s about everyone ‘s favorite. This sung hit top 10 when it was released in 2000. For one of their first viral sensations, their streams of 118 million were incredibly impressive .

4. Viva La Vida

“For some reason, I can’t explain. I know Saint Peter won’t call my name” As their second-biggest song of all time, their first Number 1 track was Viva La Vida from their fourth studio album. Unlike their other songs, their manipulation of exalted string orchestration, drums, and harpsichord tune made this sound unbeatable .

5. In My Place

“If you go, leave me down here on my own, then I’ll wait for you” Released in 2002, their lyrics filled with grieve and regret shuffle with their smash barrel beat and guitar riffs make for a beautiful sounding track. While it hasn ’ t precisely met the test of fourth dimension, it ’ south distillery one of the greatest Coldplay songs of all time .

6. A Sky Full of Stars

“In a sky full of stars I think I saw you” Produced by EDM star Avicii, this spare and emotional Coldplay sung has touched all of our hearts. It ’ randomness one of the most memorable songs in Coldplay history, and one that we thank the stars every day for !

7. Fix You

“Lights will guide you home” Written for run singer Chris Martin ’ s then-wife following her father ’ sulfur death, Fix You is one of the band ’ s signature ballads that we fell in love with from the moment of its release .

8. Sparks

“My heart is yours” Sparks ’ mho acoustic vocals make it one of the rawest Coldplay songs on this list. The combination of a gentle bass melody, acoustic and electric guitar is like no early .

9. Princess Of China (ft. Rihanna)

“Once upon a time we fell apart, you’re holding in your hands the two halves of my heart” As one among their discography ‘s most musically explosive tunes, Princess Of China is known for its sweep electronic beats and booming sea bass. Featuring Rihanna, this Coldplay birdcall sends the message of growth and love and was a great collaboration .

10. Hurts Like Heaven

“You use your heart as a weapon, and it hurts like heaven” Its excellently overblown chorus, wild riffs, and throbbing drum beats allow for a Coldplay song that we will remember for years. You can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate resist screaming this song ’ s refrain a forte as you can, and listening to it on repeat, because it ’ ll never tire !

11. Shiver

“I’ll be there by your side, just you try and stop me” While it ’ s not constantly known as one of the band ‘s best tunes, it highlights a lot of their forte ’ s, including the guitar, falsetto notes, and balladry. It ’ ll give you the arrant sample of Coldplay, even if it ’ s not going to be your number one listen .

12. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

“Don’t wanna see another generation drop. I’d rather be a comma than a full-stop” Taking us into a new earned run average of the band, Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall was the arrant beginning. It was released in 2011 as the run single of their fifth album, Mylo Xyloto. The entire album is known to feel like a war against a dystopian government, a war through sound, color, and art .

13. Magic

“If you were to ask me, after all, that we’ve been through. Still, believe in magic? Yes I do, of course, I do” Listening to Magic allows us to follow Martin ’ s travel through sexual love, his lyrics starting with grief and progressing to hope of modern love. It was the arrant get down to the Ghost Stories album .

14. See You Soon

“In a bulletproof vest with the windows all closed, I’ll be doing my best” The oldest released track on this number, this acoustic track is one you fair can not miss out on. It ’ s a concealed gem, and you ’ ll be glad that you found it !

15. Trouble

“I never meant to cause you trouble” Paired with the edgy piano sequence was Martin ’ s dark and apologetic tattle, the lyrics showing a sorrowful and offended message. It ’ s a blue sung but one many will love .

16. Charlie Brown

“We’ll be glowing in the dark” This dynamic indie hymn inspired by older rock and option bands is the perfect concert tune, bang-up for its sing-along chorus and energized melody. Remember to memorize the lyrics before your future Coldplay concert !

17. Politik

“Open up your eyes” Starting with the loud and repetitive eclectic guitar, we have another song from what ’ randomness considered to be Coldplay ’ randomness best album, A Rush Of Blood To The Head .

18. Talk

“Do you feel like a puzzle, you can’t find your missing piece?” Another great Coldplay song is Talk, a synthesize tune with warm and comfortable beats that we ’ ve all grown to love. Inspired by Kraftwerk ’ s Computer Love, their riff makes this song fabulously special and charming to the ear .

19. Lovers in Japan

“Tonight maybe we’re gonna run, dreaming of the Osaka sun” The inspirational lyrics bring us up at every listen, paired with a melodious piano beat. Coldplay ’ s done it again, with one of our favored explosive tracks !

20. Strawberry Swing

“I can’t wait ’til the morning, wouldn’t want to change a thing” Alternate Coldplay song from their Viva lanthanum Vida or Death and All His Friends album is Strawberry Swing, a charm and bright traverse that never misses. Don ’ t forget to check out the Frank Ocean cover of this song equally well .

21. Violet Hill

“When the future’s architecture, by a carnival of idiots on the show” From the lapp album as our previous choice, Violet Hill shows a dark, spunkier side of Coldplay. It ’ s another one of their shroud gems that you would be happy to find .

22. Birds

“So start falling in love, start the riot and come on rage with me” Trimmed with a gentle, cheerier cheerful tactile property is Birds, another lead Coldplay song. The light path provides a estimable counterpoint to the more serious ones in the lapp album, however, its exciting beat and lighthearted lyrics shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go overlooked .

23. Something Just Like This (ft. The Chainsmokers)

“I’m not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts, some superhero, some fairytale bliss” Paired with The Chainsmokers, Coldplay ‘s song Something Just Like This topped the charts at phone number two at its free. We all fell in love with it, and we ’ ra not cook to leave it behind just even .

24. Adventure of a Lifetime

“I’m a dream that died by the light of day” This undimmed and vibrant Coldplay song is another one of their audience ‘s favorites. The sensational guitar and sing-along lyrics make gamble of a Lifetime a arrant traverse .

25. Up & Up

“When you’re in pain. When you think you’ve had enough. Don’t ever give up” Our road trips were never complete without at least one dally of Up & Up by Coldplay. nothing can match blasting this song at entire volume with the windows down !

26. Life in Technicolor

“Time’s a loaded gun” adjacent on the tilt is Coldplay ’ s Life in Technicolor, starting with an Indian-style beat, using instruments like the santoor and tabla, which is further repeated throughout the song. While it ’ s not a circus tent track, it had to be included on our top 30 number .

27. Higher Power

“I’m like a broken record, and I’m not playin’ right” The most recent Coldplay song on this number is Higher Power, a slow and melodious ballad. Listening to it feels calming and bright at the lapp clock time, and is a great single to check out .

28. Hymn for the Weekend (ft. Beyoncé)

“You know you make my world light up” fructify in the streets of India, we all remember the rage over Hymn for the Weekend when it was released in 2016. While this international relations and security network ’ t the most observe Coldplay song, it will constantly hold a extra place in our hearts, and we had to include it !

29. A Head Full of Dreams

“And you get a head, a head full of dreams” The style racetrack on their seventh album, the lyrics, and beat of this song is phenomenal, lively, and bright. It achieved everything it was trying, and we love that about it .

30. Paradise

“She expected the world, but it flew away from her reach. So she ran away in her sleep and dreamed of paradise” The concluding song on our list is Paradise, a lead pair layered vocals with dramatic violins, creating a dreamy resultant role. It ’ s not everyone ’ second favorite, but it ’ second still one of the most memorable on this tilt, and among your first gear thoughts thinking of Coldplay. And that ’ s a wind ! our choices for the Top Coldplay songs. Coldplay has been a band that fans have loved for decades, and we ’ rhenium going to continue loving them ampere long as they release capital songs like these !

Comment below your front-runner Coldplay song, on or off this list. We ’ re excited to hear your responses ! besides, like and contribution this number of Coldplay songs with your friends ampere well. Read more :

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