30 Best Songs by Billboard Hot 100 Music Artists (2000s–2010s)

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Top Songs From the Billboard Hot 100 Playlist

These are 30 Billboard Hot 100 singles from 30 popular musicians from the 2000s to the 2010s that have defined their aesthetic condition. even if you do n’t like these modern artists, you have to appreciate what they overcame to get to where they are. These songs are their brand, and they ‘re what young people focus on when they talk about their darling musicians. ( note : The songs chosen are not my favorites in decree to avoid bias. )

30. Rihanna “Umbrella”

I ‘ll be the foremost to say that I completely detest this sung for many reasons. Let ‘s equitable say your feelings change about a song when it ‘s playing before and during a cable car accident, but to be bazaar I did n’t like this tune to begin with. however, a fortune of people enjoyed this song and it was a career defining track for the young Rihanna in 2007. The accompanied music video recording gave everyone a glimpse into her ripen, dark style that took her out of the more playful pop genre she previously owned. It did n’t hurt that artist Jay-Z played a background role and that YouTube was growing quickly, giving this song aggregate play ability and popularity .

Runner-Up: “Unfaithful”

In my opinion, this song is more enjoyable to listen to, and it ‘s partially why I ‘m including it in the runner-up category. The vocals are solid, but the best part is the shade that comes through. There ‘s a lot of pain and vulnerability invested in the birdcall, and you can hear it within the first gear few seconds. It was a terrific early on introduction into the hanker durable career of Rihanna .

29. Kanye West “Love Lockdown”

Before Kanye West completely lost his mind, ( good there was that 2005 Hurricane Katrina incident ) he produced high quality works that made him stand out from the crowd. There are a multitude of early on songs to put up, but I believe this song speaks to who he actually is. The song and video recording are very creative, and the habit of auto-tune is n’t used as a crutch but preferably a slice of the creative process. You can hear the sounds of drums and a ceaseless pulsate blink of an eye throughout that malodor of ostentatious serviceability ( in a well way ). This tune defined him because it was out of the box, imaginative, and made everyone notice him before he did it on aim .

Runner-Up: “Stronger”

This sung had mass commercial appeal along with a cool message. It felt identical modern age and futuristic in legal, and the television complimented it artistically. I thought the lyrics were pretty good and it was good adequate to garner some positive feedback from a lot of his haters .

28. Usher “Love in This Club”

Usher already had a successful career with a long ton of hits before this sung came out, and I could ‘ve well put his song “ Yeah ” on here because of its far-flung entreaty, but this sung marked a smooth transition to where he is now. It used his R & B talents and molded them flawlessly into a song a set of people could get into. There was a tenderness to it and the audio mix was excellent. It ‘s likely this sung was the top out of his career before he became more of a music baron than an artist. The song will hold up for many years, and it ‘s one of the artist ‘s best tunes .

Runner-Up: “Confessions Part II”

It ‘s one of his more well-known singles, but it ‘s more than that. The sung has mass arouse appeal in its tone and legal. There ‘s an easy transition between the music and lyrics, and it became democratic for a reason. Usher always played the R & B card well and this sung showed us how good he was .

27. Bruno Mars “Locked Out of Heaven”

The vocals were very strong, the song was a set of playfulness to listen to, and its tune transcended respective melodious eras. If you do n’t know what Bruno Mars is all about, then barely listen to this song and you ‘ll find out. Some have called him the following Michael Jackson, but it ‘s clear that he has his own voice, style, and is not a copycat version of the king of popular. You can hear the funky tones and the happiness spewing from this song that makes it highly addicting. The artist continues to evolve and his sound is becoming better than ever. A lot of these other musicians better look out because he ‘s a talent that hush on the up and up .

Runner-Up: “Treasure”

The song and television feel very ex post facto and funkadelic. personally, it reminds me of Jackson ‘s “ Rock With You ” video/song and it ‘s fantastic. I mentioned that Bruno is not a copycat and even though the style sounds exchangeable, it actually is n’t when you listen to it a couple times. And you got to love the match ensembles from the video .

26. Lady Gaga “Bad Romance”

We know dame Gaga seems a little bite crazy ( okay a bunch ), controversial, and a trend-setter, but this song was the first glimpse into her world. The song sounds harebrained, but you ca n’t stop listening to it. The expressive style feels so different but it ‘s captivating. The music video is one of the most creative, visually stun, and nuanced that I ‘ve seen recently. I ‘ll say it ‘s not for everyone, however ; the way everything blends together is perfection. I have n’t seen anything ampere good as this collision from her since, and that ‘s unfortunate because there ‘s sol much more talent to be explored. She could be the new wave Madonna we ‘ve been looking for .

Runner-Up: “Poker Face”

It was a robust early hit from her because of its memorability, club beat, and commercial solicitation. Listeners bought what she was selling, and that ‘s why she ‘s so successful today. It was the begin of the harebrained world she lived in, we all got a taste, and we wanted more .

25. Katy Perry “Roar”

It ‘s the adjacent one billion viewed birdcall on YouTube, and I ‘m grateful for that because this matchless has a fantastic message. Katy Perry has had so many hits, but few have captured such wide appeal than this gem. The video looks beautiful and the set pieces are cool to look it. The message is besides played out in a very fun and ocular direction that anyone from kids to adults will understand and enjoy. The artist was never one of my favorites, but I can appreciate the exploit she put into this. The tune is attention-getting, fun, and is a career defining single from a brawny pop artist .

Runner-Up: “Teenage Dream”

I was tempted to use “ California Girls ” as the runner-up because that birdcall is Katy Perry, but I did n’t want to exclude her more dangerous side. This song is n’t dark by any means, but it ‘s a bunch more elusive and subdued than many of her start songs. Vulnerability is n’t a bad thing to listen to .

24. Avicii “Wake Me Up”

This submission is different from its predecessors because the artist was n’t a lyricist. The late Avicii was a DJ who produced the melody and song while other singers normally join in to sing the short verses and chorus. however, that does n’t mean he should n’t be on this tilt because the popularity address for itself. This birdcall, in especial, showcases a consummate technique of blending genres to create a unique sound. You hear a small piece of country, some pop, and electronic dance music blended into one. The mix is n’t off-putting because of the outspoken talents within the song and the effortless transition from poetry to chorus. It ‘s besides incredibly tuneful .

Runner-Up: “Fade Into Darkness”

It ‘s not equally well known as some of his subsequently songs, but the vogue is very much Avicii. The birdcall sounds a batch softer than his more upbeat tracks, and it ‘s akin to a dance ballad. This sung is partially of that joyous kind the artist loved to give us, and I ‘m buying into it .

23. Beyoncé “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)”

According to Kanye, this was “ one of the best television of all time ”, so how can I not put it on the number. I do n’t think the music video is outstanding, but the song is potent and emphatic. It ‘s very in your face, and her cantabile abilities are amazing. You ca n’t escape the ability of this song, and it ‘s about like she ‘s saying you better like this sung or else. The love behind this part is enticing, and it ‘ll make you listen whether you like her or not. Beyonce has evolved so much since Destiny ‘s Child, and this song broke the mold .

Runner-Up: “Irreplaceable”

“ To the leftover, to the exit ” is what most people remember when they think of this birdcall ( it should ‘ve been the song ‘s title ), but it ‘s deeper than that. It ‘s a memorable, inspirational popular ballad that made people appreciate her endowment, and her abilities are undeniable when you listen to this song .

22. Drake “Over”

If you ‘re not a fan of denotative language, then I would n’t listen to this birdcall. Drake is a pat artist, so most of his songs are n’t going to be clean. however unlike blame artists who only rap about women and money, Drake is saying a distribute about how the earth works. If you can appreciate rap music for what it is and very listen, then you ‘ll notice that the lyrics in this birdcall are well put together. The birdcall is n’t over-done and in your confront like most rap songs, and the artist ‘s message never gets lost .

Runner-Up: “Headlines”

sometimes I ca n’t distinguish “ Over ” from “ Headlines ”, but that ‘s not a bad thing. once you listen to them, they sound great and you want to keep it going. These songs actually pushed the artist forward while leaving his contemporaries in the dust. In other words, Drake did his thing .

21. Kelly Clarkson “Since You Been Gone”

Can you believe it ‘s been well over a ten since Kelly Clarkson was crowned the beginning american Idol ? Yeah I bet you ‘re feeling a little sting older now huh. Well she ‘s one of the few Idol contestants who has triumphed and created her own stigmatize of music, and function of that began with this count. This is the song that launched her into stardom and out of the reality read foreground, which is a good thing by the means. The song is edgy, revengeful, and a hard-core pop hymn for those who ‘ve been cheated on or led on by person. She was n’t afraid to let it all hang out and we ‘re glad she did .

Runner-Up: “Never Again”

identical underestimate and under appreciated one from her album My December, which was her venture into personal exploration. It was a blue go on her part, but it was one of those songs that told everyone she was n’t afraid to be herself. It was the definition of self growth and a stance in what she believed in, and that ‘s why we even love her today .

20. Eminem “Lose Yourself”

It was the 8 mile sung that took this white rapper from Detroit and made him a caption. There were other memorable choices to pick including “ The Real Slim Shady ”, but it was this song that became the anthem of gloat over obstacles in the early 2000 ‘s. The irresistible drum and entrance verse is one of the best to always come out of a knock song, and it ‘s unforgettable in its manner of speaking. No modern day knocker has managed to come anywhere conclusion to this birdcall, and I do n’t think they always will. There ‘s excessively much potency and verisimilitude in this to overcome. This was the vertex of Eminem ‘s career, but it wo n’t be forgotten .

Runner-Up: “Stan”

It was dark and game in spirit, and let everyone listening realize that Eminem was more than precisely a comedic rapper. His songs had inside monologues and nothing was more unwrap than this song. It was a antic balance between the artist, the message, and the music that even can induce shivers upon listening .

19. Britney Spears “Toxic”

“ Baby One More time ” was very distinctive, but this song summed up Britney perfectly with some nice video choreography, visuals, and an electrifying beat to match. She proved with this song that she was n’t a pop music princess that would go aside quickly. Britney Spears has managed to navigate through a series of road blocks and is hush producing occasional shoot singles. Her sound and music have become a writing style within themselves, and artists have tried to emulate what she has perfected. Whether you like her or not, she was ahead of her fourth dimension and defined a new generation of pop artists .

Runner-Up: “Oops. .. I Did It Again”

People know right away what this song is or who sings it from the title alone, and that ‘s pretty darn impressive for an artist. It ‘s a classic for this pop star, and a tune that ‘s placid angstrom unforgettable as it was when it first came out. The was the beginning of an earned run average for Britney, and she ‘s still bringing it today .

18. Taylor Swift “You Belong With Me”

Poor Taylor … she ‘s been parodied thus many times and everyone knows about her boyfriend issues, but this song takes us back to a sweet meter that let us in on Swift ‘s early life and career. She began as a small more country before transitioning into pop music, and this song may have started it. Since then, she ‘s had a skid of hits and has become one of the most successful modern day female artists of all time with singles systematically at the exceed of the Billboard charts. however this fresh, melodic, and harmless birdcall is what we knew Taylor by, and that ‘s why we all felt bad when “ her moment ” was taken aside from her at the VMAs .

Runner-Up: “Blank Space”

It surpassed a billion views on YouTube, which is an incredible accomplishment, and it ‘ll continue to grab even more hits. This song pulls in listeners right away because it ‘s a antic parody of a person who ‘s been judged harshly by millions of people. She does n’t care what anybody thinks, and most importantly is able to make fun of herself throughout the song .

17. Ed Sheeran “Thinking Out Loud”

This artist will have a long music career if he keeps making singles like this. The song and video recording are charming, his vocals are off the charts, and it ‘s so act. The tune is identical poetic when you listen to it and it does n’t feel pretentious. There ‘s a bunch of heart and heat that makes you feel relax and at home. The artist ‘s extra appeal is that he does n’t look intimidating. He ‘s good an average looking ridicule with an amazingly talented voice, and it ‘s decent to see endowment win out over the flashiness and hex. Music should be about a talented artist rather of one with a doodad and dressing table, and Ed Sheeran has restored some faith in nowadays ‘s music .

Runner-Up: “Lego House”

It ‘s repose at its finest. The sound is soothing, the vocals are calming, and it ‘s an overall great tune to listen to on the means to work or something. It ‘s an clamant blame me up and a launching point for an artist who ‘s only make better and better. I look forward to hearing what he comes up with following .

16. Maroon 5 “This Love”

If you want to know who and what Maroon 5 is all about, then listen to this 2002 reach. lead singer Adam Levine ‘s high, unique vocals are pulsating throughout this addicting tune. The best part of the song is that it however holds up today. The ring has gone through its ups and down, but they ‘ve managed to become enormously successful and relevant through it all. They ‘ve created and cultivated their own sound and music, and it all began with this song. I do n’t see them going away anytime soon and cipher wants them to go away, which is rare to hear when a group has been doing the lapp thing for over 10 years .

Runner-Up: “Moves Like Jagger”

It ‘s such an addicting tune and a fun unmarried to keep replaying on an on until you ‘re literally sick of it. It ‘s indeed creative in its approach, and it decidedly pays a court to one Mick Jagger.

The video is flirty, eccentric, and introduces a cool mod day twist based on the legendary icon himself while remaining true to Maroon 5 ‘s brand. ( Christina Aguilera ‘s cameo does n’t hurt either )

15. Nicki Minaj “Moment 4 Life”

For all of Nicki Minaj ‘s cockamamie antics, we tend to forget why people fell in sexual love with her in the first station. Some have called her the new Lil ‘ Kim or the next greatest female rapper, and I ‘m certain many were convinced she was after listening to this song. It ‘s not a song you think of anymore when you hear her name, but it generated a musician that ‘s since become impossible to forget. The tune itself has some antic knock phrases with a melodic refrain that represents her trade name and talent. With songs like “ Anaconda ”, we ‘ve forgotten precisely how talented she is and how much likely she has. personally I hope she goes back to her roots and lets her abilities ( not body ) shine .

Runner-Ups: “Super Bass” and “Starships”

I ‘ve included both of these because they wholly define the artist we know today. They ‘re very addicting to listen to with a mix of rap, pop, and hip-hop that make for a murder of summer hits. They ‘re obviously not for everyone and if you do n’t like her expressive style, then I doubt you ‘ll like these songs careless. however more people than not enjoy listening to them .

14. Ke$ha “Tik Tok”

Yes I included the dollar bless in the artist ‘s name because hey that ‘s her calling card. anyhow when this 2010 song came out it became a massive shoot from a previously strange singer. I hate this sung personally, but I can see why so many people could n’t escape it. The sounds and chorus are hard to resist, and the video makes you face palm because of how pathetic it looks. She decidedly is n’t your cookie cutter female artist, and I do respect her for stepping out of the box. I precisely hope no matchless tries to emulate her party image to the extent she does here, and please do n’t brush your teeth with a bottle of mariner .

Runner-Up: “We R Who We R”

It ‘s not a ground-breaking single by any means, but there ‘s nothing particularly offensive about it ( it could be worse ). At least she knows who she is as an artist, and that ‘s kind of what this song represents. There is a message here that some of her early hits lack and it ‘s decent to hear .

13. Jason Derulo “In My Head”

If you ignore the “ Jason Derulo ” intro in most of his songs, then you ‘ll appreciate this song for what it is. The sound is pretty good and decidedly gets in your head like the birdcall title entails. For a dance/hip-hop birdcall, it ‘s not a bad thing to listen to. I do n’t think it ‘s memorable by any means, but I immediately think of the artist when I hear it. It wholly defines who he is and what the style of his songs will be. They are n’t meant to be memorable, but they do their job for the average hearer. He besides samples a draw of older songs if you enjoy that screen of thing .

Runner-Up: “Whatcha Say”

This is a perfect case of the sampling I ‘ve mentioned with the entrance above. This song samples Imogen Heap ‘s “ Hide and Seek ” but not in an dysphemistic direction. He would n’t be closely equally successful if it were n’t for these early entries along with his recess style, voice, and periodic tidbits from past artists .

12. Ariana Grande “Problem ft. Iggy Azalea”

Is she the following Mariah Carey ? I ‘m going to say no, but you can decidedly hear the resemblance when listening to this song. Her vocal talents are impressive, and this song has a mix of cool sounds, pat lyrics, and mighty vocals that immediately become addictive. I do n’t find the music video recording particularly concern, and it made a bunch of people feel uncomfortable because she looks sol young ( even though Britney did worse things years ago ). But if you ignore the video recording, then at least appreciate that the singer is very talented and holds a lot of promise. She could learn to be more base though, but that ‘s a different publish wholly .

Runner-Up: “One Last Time”

This song takes away from some of the gimmicks in “ Problem ” and focuses by and large on her abilities. Her sing talents are more insidious and sleek than in other singles, and you can hear the unlike facets of her voice. Besides her vocals, the song is innocent and tuneful enough for listeners to gravitate towards .

11. Chris Brown “Forever”

Before all of the drama and controversy with Chris Brown, he was a teenager/young adult with scores of likely. His potential and talents were showcased nicely with this unforgettable 2008 hit. It ‘s an addict, dance tune that ‘s still fun to listen to, and it ‘s innocent adequate for anyone to listen to before he became more blue. The music television looks like a draw of playfulness excessively, and some of the choreography is enjoyable to watch. There ‘s a sadness though because it ‘s baffling to appreciate this tune if you know some of the things the artist has done, but it ‘s still a dear track to listen to. This song was the pinnacle of his potential and remains one of his best singles .

Runner-Up: “Loyal”

This sung wo n’t be for everyone, but I included it because I feel this song has defined Chris Brown once his impeccant character was shattered. It ‘s far more edgy and controversial than the songs he produced years ago, but that ‘s his award style. You may not like it, but that ‘s who he is immediately .

10. Fall Out Boy “Thanks for the Memories”

The music has a set of range to it, which provides an intrigue contrast for the hearer. The verses are finely, but it ‘s very the chorus that wholly pulls you in even if you may not be a fan of the writing style. The music genre itself is a mix of alternate and punk rock rock, and I do n’t mind it breaking away from the typical pop mainstream that plagues our radio stations and billboard charts. I think the singing talents are besides fairly strong, and they do n’t sound overbearing. The dance band has been able to stand the screen of time because they do have a more commercial appeal that other bands of this genre do n’t, and that ‘s authoritative if you want to stay relative .

Runner-Up: “Centuries”

I like “ Dance, Dance ” myself but this newer introduction holds up strongly besides. It sounds epic in telescope, and it does n’t elude the fall Out Boy brand. The birdcall transcends respective genres, and it represents what the ring is and how they ‘ve evolved over the years .

9. Sam Smith “Stay With Me”

talk about endowment and vocal ability. The roll in the vocals, the soulful sound pouring through, and the herculean tone is unreal. I ‘ll admit I ‘m biased this fourth dimension, but I love listening to person that has god-given scorch abilities. The auto-tune, attention-getting songs may be fun to listen to, but they normally do n’t hold up well over time. I mean think about the memorable songs of the past. They were n’t modified and auto-tuned, and that says a batch about our perceptions of them. Sam Smith won several Grammy awards and is successful because he ‘s a breath of fresh air in a market surrounded by manufacture artists .

Runner-Up: “Lay Me Down”

I was close to choosing this individual for the entry above, but it ‘s not quite as define and recognizable yet. personally, this is my favored song of his because there ‘s sol much depth and mania that I ‘ve rarely heard before ( particularly in today ‘s musical era ). The song compass is by far the strongest of all his songs, and it ‘s a testament to his harebrained capabilities .

8. One Republic “Counting Stars”

I was tempted to put “ Apologize ” up here because that ‘s the first birdcall that comes to mind when I think of this band, but ultimately this song is more defining. It accurately represents who they are as musicians, and the music has a very out of locate sound to it. When you listen to it, you ‘re about uncertain which genre this belongs to, but they own it. If you ‘re a long meter hearer, then you ‘ll immediately know who sings this because they ‘ve defined their own niche as well. The lyrics are addicting and it ‘s easy to sing to when you ‘re in the car or shower. It ‘s besides lyrically houseclean giving it extra appeal .

Runner-Up: “Apologize”

One of the problems with musicians like OneRepublic is that they have a overplus of pleasant, courteous songs to listen to but most of them are forgettable. This might be one of their few songs that breaks the mold a snatch, and it was one of their earlier hit singles. The most matter to character of the birdcall is that it sounds sorrowful with the lyrics suggesting it should be, but it ‘s more upbeat than you ‘d think because of lead Ryan Tedder ‘s charismatic vocals .

7. Ellie Goulding “Love Me Like You Do”

I feel like she ‘s one of those artists we ‘ve all listen of but fail to recognize who she is. hopefully this song will be a turn point in her career, so she becomes the celebrity musician she deserves to be. Her voice is very unique and it sticks with you. This song in particular has the ability to draw you in towards the replay button respective times. Let ‘s merely remember to ignore that it was partially of the “ Fifty Shades of Grey ” soundtrack. This artist has a distribute of likely based on what I ‘ve heard from her so far, and I think she ‘ll finally become a ace musician .

Runner-Up: “Lights”

Is n’t it funny that some of the most career-defining singles are the artist ‘s first hits. We were basically introduced to Ellie Goulding through this sung because it was creative, challenging, and had a combination of future/retro audio. The music ‘s singularity is raised to the following tied when we include her strange song strait .

6. Ne-Yo “So Sick”

To me Ne-Yo has always felt like a second gear banana to Chris Brown or Usher and is very unappreciated compared to some of the artists that do n’t have half the talent he does. His vocals have always been authoritative R & B and sound very pleasant to the ear. He ‘s besides been one of those artists that has had a successful career with a short ton of hits, but they seem to come and go very quickly ( specially newer hits ). “ indeed nauseated ” is probably one of his most iconic singles that fans will remember, and he became the artist known as Ne-Yo because of it. R & B have been harder to come by recently, so I ‘m beaming artists like Ne-Yo are still around to give us more .

Runner-Up: “Because of You”

This song holds up nicely when you listen to it. When you think of Ne-Yo, this birdcall will finally come to mind. It takes that soulful, smooth R & B sound and ups the tempo a snatch increasing its marketability. I besides enjoy the mean within the birdcall, and that it ‘s not trying to ram it into your head due to the softness of the tune .

5. Adele “Someone Like You”

She ‘s off the map reasonably ( personal reasons ) and that ‘s unfortunate because we could use more strong, vocally brilliant females in today ‘s era. Most of the complaints I hear about music today is that it ‘s all synthesized, unoriginal, and full of airheaded pop songs. Adele decidedly does n’t fit into any of those categories and this soulful masterpiece proved it. It ‘s one of the saddest songs I ‘ve heard, but you feel a cathartic release when listening to it. You appreciate how well it ‘s put together and how amaze this young women is. She ‘s vulnerable, she ‘s suffer, and there ‘s a lot of angst in her voice. I have n’t heard such a sad song this contact in a long time .

Runner-Up: “Rolling in the Deep”

When I first heard this song, I did n’t get it. I did n’t know why it was therefore democratic and why everyone loved it, but it promptly grew on me. This was the first presentation into Adele ‘s brainy spill the beans abilities, and that ‘s honestly good adequate for person to enjoy it. The other factors like the music and overall sound with the heart pounding beats throughout only raises the bar higher .

4. Demi Lovato “Skyscraper”

She was a Disney star and has become an recommend for browbeat, mental illness, and the LGBT community. She besides dealt with her own blustery and self-destructive issues, so it makes her positive campaigning even more genuine. I included that little choice morsel because she does n’t get the credit rating she deserves when it comes to her music, and she ‘s not good a irregular pace Selena Gomez either. Her vocals and songs are much stronger than Gomez ‘s, and this sung showcases that power beautifully. I particularly love the message that it invokes, and there ‘s so much incredible potential here that I wish she stuck with. I ‘m not a fan of her more generic pop tracks because although they ‘re catchy, they do n’t stick with you deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as these songs do .

Runner-Up: “Heart Attack”

It ‘s a moment of a plain Jane song, but at least her vocals shine through nicely. personally I think “ Give Your Heart a Break ” is the better lead, but this one has become more recognizable and is her stream brand. The best part are her vocals, and there ‘s a commodity conduct of passion when she sings that ‘s decent to hear .

3. Justin Bieber “Baby”

The first video to hit a billion views on YouTube is besides the most disliked birdcall on the video recording sharing site by default, so there ‘s no indigence to show the video this time. I actually do n’t understand why the song gets so much hate, but I assume it ‘s because people hate Bieber himself. clearly this is nowhere near his best song, but it ‘s the one that put him on the map and has since defined him. He ‘s been trying to escape the persona this song embodied for several years now, and it ‘s slowly paying off. I do think the hate for this canadian singer is subsiding as he becomes more mature, and possibly he ‘ll reinvent himself the manner Justin Timberlake did .

Runner-Up: “Boyfriend”

I curiously enjoy more of these runner-up songs than their define single listed, and this one ‘s no exception. It is a much better track than “ Baby ” because it sounds more ripe, his vocals are better, and it ‘s a huge gradation up from the bowl-haired kid we knew from years back. This song was the first step into his nuanced vogue, and I think it ‘ll only get good from here on out .

2. One Direction “What Makes You Beautiful”

This might be a fleeting entrance specially now that one of the group members has left, but I ‘ll include it for now. merely like Bieber, this group gets a set of hate because they ‘re rich, celebrated, and have millions of fan girls fawning all over them. I actually think it ‘s their fan base that ‘s making people dislike these guys rather of the group itself. They ‘re besides partially of that manufactured son band that Simon Cowell created on the X Factor, so some people do n’t like that either, but there ‘s nothing offensive about them. The songs are cunning, catchy, and decent adequate to not make your ears flinch. At least the message is about telling girls they ‘re all beautiful on the inside rather of the opposite .

Runner-Up: “Story of My Life”

This is decidedly one of their better songs, and if you do n’t already have deep hatred for this group, then you can appreciate the song for what it is. It ‘s an all right song with a pleasant sound and beat. The sing is n’t bad, and there ‘s a more mournful tone showcased here than in their former singles .

1. Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Stop”

I do n’t want to list this song, but it completely changed people ‘s minds about her. Her Hannah Montana character was metaphorically stabbed when this birdcall and video came out. The measure of parodies for this song on YouTube had to be ground shattering, but the music video already looks like a parody of itself. It was so creepy, strange, and bizarre that it made Lady Gaga look like Mother Theresa. For all of the hate and gasp this birdcall and others like “ Wrecking Ball ” generated, she clearly knew what she was doing. The attention she got after those songs was spectacular to witness, and all the sudden everyone was talking about Miley again .

Runner-Up: “The Climb”

It was either this birdcall or “ Party in the USA ”, but I wanted to include this song to highlight that Miley Cyrus is n’t barely a one flim-flam shot glass. I will say that her vocals are not identical good and I ‘ve listened to covers that sound much better, but the sound, message, and lyrics are quite solid. This was the transitional phase between her Disney quality and the Miley we know nowadays.

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