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“Best Of” – U2

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Blue Jean Magazine ( stylized as blasphemous jean ) is joker ’ s acme sell youth and music magazine and has been published monthly since 1987. In 2000 a series of CDs were compiled by the magazine and released in card sleeves inside of the magazine. These included “ Best Of ” albums from a number of artists, including U2. The tracks here include two tracks from The Joshua Tree, Rattle and Hum, Achtung Baby, and Pop. It besides includes “ I Will Follow ” from Boy, and “ Gloria ” from October. The U2 edition is largely made up of television clips, with the ten songs listed all being in video format on the disk. There is besides a 6:38 ‘ megamix ’ which features all of the tracks concisely in an audio format .
The U2 compilation was released in the September 2000 issue of Blue Jean Magazine, which carried a covering featuring Robbie Williams. The artwork on the front man of the magnetic disk is from the PopMart era, showing the band in their stage costumes. The catalog count for the U2 release is bluejean007. Each of the releases were numbered. The following is a full list of the 2000 set of compact disk releases :

  • 001 Ricky Martin “Un…Dos…Tres” VCD (Sony / BlueJean)
  • 002 Metallica “Project Selected Videos” CD ROM

    (Universal / BlueJean)

  • 003 Metallica “Greatest HIts” CD read-only memory (Universal / BlueJean)
  • 004 Various “Summer Playlist” CD read-only memory (Universal / BlueJean) featuring tracks by Gabrielle, No Doubt, Hanson, Muse, Shaft, Blink 182, Sheryl Crow, Lauryn Hill, Beck and Fastball
  • 005 Nirvana “Best Of” CD read-only memory (Universal / BlueJean)
  • 006 Bon Jovi “Best Of” CD read-only memory (Universal / BlueJean)
  • 007 U2 “Best Of” CD ROM

    (Universal / BlueJean)

  • 008 The Cranberries “Best Of” CD read-only memory (Universal / BlueJean)
  • 009 Marilyn Manson “Best Of” CD read-only memory (Universal / BlueJean)
  • 010 Various Artists “Rock Meets Hip Hop” CD read-only memory (Universal / BlueJean) Features tracks from Eminem and Limp Bizkit
  • 011 Sting “Best Of” CD ROM

    (Universal / BlueJean) also features the video for “Stan” by Eminem

The matrix for the U2 press is “ EURO-DIGITAL-03076-0008-30020-BLUEJEAN007- SETALTD ”. The television featured on the phonograph record are all in MPG format at 320×240 for resolution .
The television include the common television for most songs, with the version of “ One ” being the adaptation filmed in the restaurant in New York, and “ I Will Follow ” is taken from the Red Rocks video. “ Where the Streets Have No Name ” is the version without the flip shots. “ When Love Comes to Town ” is the video from the movie Rattle And Hum and runs 05:00 .

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