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2002 compilation album by U2

The Best of 1990–2000 is the second greatest hits album by Irish rock band U2. It was released on 5 November 2002 through Island Records and Interscope Records. It was issued as both a single-disc cadmium compilation and as a multi-disc compilation called The Best of 1990–2000 & B-Sides, which included a second disk of 14 B-sides released between 1990 and 2000 and a bonus DVD. A video recording album of the same name was late released in December 2002. The Best of 1990–2000 contained two newly recorded tracks, “ electric storm “ and “ The Hands That Built America “ ; the former was released as a individual, while the latter was released on the soundtrack to Gangs of New York. The compilation besides includes “ new mixes ” of several songs, ampere well the tracks “ Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me “ ( a non-album single from 1995 ) and “ Miss Sarajevo “ ( which was primitively credited to Passengers and besides released as a one in 1995 ).

The album charted at act one in 13 countries and was the twelfth-best-selling album of 2002, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. [ 7 ]

track listing [edit ]

UK and Japan release
No. Title Album Length
17. “The Fly” Achtung Baby 4:28

“ electrical storm ” was released as a one in promotion of the album. “ Gone, ” “ Discothèque, ” “ Staring at the Sun, ” and “ Numb ” were remixed by Mike Hedges for the compilation. “ cryptic Ways ” is identical to the album version with the exception of a one lyric. “ Miss Sarajevo, ” co-written by Brian Eno, was in the first place included on the album Original Soundtracks 1, which was released by the band under the alias “ Passengers ” .

limited Edition B-sides Disc [edit ]

“ north and South of the River ” was written with Christy Moore. “ Happiness Is a ardent Gun ” was written by Lennon–McCartney. “ Your bluing Room ” was written with Brian Eno .

Limited Edition Bonus DVD
No. Title Length
1. “The History Mix” 7:40
2. “U2: The Best of 1990–2000 DVD Trailer” 2:27
3. “Please” ( hot mural cut ) 5:00
4. “Beautiful Day” Èze version) 4:04
sum duration : 19:11

“ The History Mix ” is a video collage anthologizing the band ‘s nineties albums and tours. It includes snippets of interviews, promotional video, and so forth. The live translation of “ Please ” is from the Helsinki Olympic Stadium in Helsinki, Finland, recorded on 9 August 1997 and directed by Maurice Linnane.

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video recording [edit ]

The Best of 1990–2000 was besides released as a video compilation, featuring music television from the songs on the album. The DVD interpretation of the television featured one to two videos for each song on the album, plus seven bonus videos ( for songs not on the album ), american samoa well as directors ‘ commentaries, and three mini-documentaries. The VHS translation of the television featured just one video recording for the 16 songs from the album. On all versions however, there is no television for “ The beginning Time ”, as one was never made or rather released. In its place was put the television of “ The Fly “, which itself was on certain versions of the album. The DVD case had two phonograph record slots, one for the main television, the other for the “ History Mix ” videodisk from the “ A and B sides ” version of the album. In its absence, a CD/DVD-shaped composition phonograph record is used as a proxy .

track list [edit ]

Music and words by U2, except where otherwise noted .

Bonus video recording [edit ]

  • An “easter egg” also features. From the main menu on the DVD, if “One” is clicked, the main screen for “One” will appear. Once on this screen, the digit ‘1’ could be clicked on the remote control three times. If clicked three times, a three-minute video of a fish tank, with fish swimming in it, appears. After some time, some Trabants will appear in the video as fishes, which swim from one end of the screen to the other.[74]

All tracks were remastered for these releases .

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Credits adapted from liner notes. [ 80 ]

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