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One of the most authoritative steps you can take to become a successful roulette player is to work on your roulette strategy. On this page, our adept team has compiled all the information you need on the best roulette strategies so you can improve your odds of winning adjacent clock you play. We ’ ve taken the meter to dive into each of these roulette betting systems so that we can recommend only the most effective ones to you. Thousands of roulette players of all levels around the world come to us for our trust guides. Our goal is to help you by letting you know what to do – and what not to do – when you come to choose your roulette strategies .


If you want to get the most out of your roulette play, you ’ ll need to choose a firm roulette strategy that fits your personal goals and play style. Unlike in some other casino games like blackjack, roulette scheme international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine about making bully decisions that impact the leave of each bet. alternatively, the most successful strategies in roulette are about managing your bankroll and choosing a series of bets to help you meet a predetermine finish. This is typically done by choosing a roulette betting system to follow. There are many different ones out there, each of which affects your chances of winning in a singular room. A roulette system asks you to follow a series of betting rules, both in terms of what kinds of bets to make, and how much to bet on each spin. normally, the consequence of one spin will determine how you bet on the future one.

The level of difficulty and complexity of each roulette betting strategy varies, as do the bankroll requirements. so, quite than push you towards a particular system, we cover a bombastic number of systems to help you decide on the best roulette scheme for you .


No topic how you enjoy playing, there ’ s a roulette strategy that ’ s right for you. Depending on your style of bet, you might prefer a style that offers a high chance of winning a small amount, or a more volatile system that chases after huge profits. Roulette betting systems besides vary in how many chips are required to play them by rights. Some roulette strategies allow you to implement them without bringing much money to the table, while others require a boastfully commitment to use properly. One thing to keep in mind is that none of these roulette strategies can change the numerical sign of the zodiac edge on a roulette bet on. The roulette odds for every spin remain the lapp, and no combination of bets can actually alter that. On the other hired hand, the type of roulette steering wheel you play on can make a difference, as european roulette has a much lower house edge than the american game. Below, we list the features of the main roulette systems for inwardly and outside bets :


Six Pence

  • Requires betting only five chips on most spins.
  • Guarantees close calls, adding excitement to every spin.
  • Calls for knowledge of the wheel layout, making it a better option for advanced players.

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Green Black Attack

  • Combines many bets to cover most of the wheel.
  • Many different outcomes are possible on every spin.
  • Great for expert players who don’t mind having a lot of bets to keep track of.

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  • A tracking system that looks to find hot numbers that will repeat.
  • Designed to be played over long casino sessions.
  • Good for casual players with some roulette experience.

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Law of the Third

  • A simple tracking system that only asks players to watch nine spins.
  • Designed to be playable with a very small bankroll.
  • Suits beginners who want to try spin tracking strategies.

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  • Doubles bets after losses, then resets after wins.
  • Trades many small wins for the occasional large loss.
  • Easy to play for beginners, but comes with significant risks.

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Grand and Anti-Martingale

  • Increases bets after wins, then resets after losses.
  • Can lead to big wins during hot streaks.
  • Easy to play and can be enjoyed by players of all levels.

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  • Slowly increases bets after losses, then decreases them after wins.
  • Gives players the chance to recoup losses without the high risks of the Martingale.
  • A fun and fairly safe roulette strategy for beginners.

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  • Increases bets by using the famous Fibonacci mathematical sequence.
  • Allows players to chase losses without going overboard.
  • Ideal for intermediate and advanced players due to the required bet tracking.

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Oscar’s Grind

  • A slow, progressive system that keeps bets small.
  • Very likely to result in wins of a single unit.
  • An advanced strategy, as players may have to track their bets over dozens of spins.

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  • Designed for players who want to win a specific amount of money.
  • Can lead to big rewards, but also carries big risks.
  • Requires a lot of math, making this an advanced roulette strategy.

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Reverse Labouchère

  • Perfect for players who want to stick to a bankroll.
  • Protects players against large losses.
  • Like the original Labouchère, it comes with a heavy math requirement.

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Column King

  • A slow progression system that takes advantage of the 2-1 payouts on column bets.
  • Variants can support conservative or aggressive play styles.
  • Easy to play, and ideal for beginners looking to venture beyond even money bets.

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Wells Pendulum

  • An even money betting system that sees bets rise and fall as streaks occur.
  • Can be modified for those who want to play with a smaller bankroll.
  • Complex and risky, making it best suited to expert players.

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  • A progression system that only makes you bet more when you’re winning.
  • Protects against big losses, but has the potential for massive wins.
  • A great option for intermediate roulette players.

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All of the above roulette strategies have some deservingness to them, but there are a few that we think are the most effective. In our years of roulette-playing have, we ’ ve found that these particular strategies give you the best opportunity to come out on top. here are the go-to systems we recommend over all others :


  • Can help you hit your winning target even if you lose most of your spins.
  • A roulette strategy that always lets you know how close you are to your goal.
  • Most effective when you choose a reasonable goal: don’t expect to win millions unless you’re willing to bet big.

Green Black Attack

  • An exciting inside betting system that doesn’t require a ton of money to play.
  • Perhaps the best risk-to-reward ratio of any system we’ve ever played.
  • Be sure to remember to increase your bets after big wins to maximize your winning potential.

Column King

  • All the safety of an outside betting system combined with the larger payouts of column bets.
  • Because of the larger payouts, players can make up for losses without raising their bets significantly.
  • Use this system with a fairly large bankroll: this roulette strategy works best if you can absorb some moderate losing streaks.

Law of the Third

  • Gives players an excellent chance to score big wins on straight bets.
  • Never requires bet progression, keeping your risk as minimal as possible.
  • Remember to wait for nine different numbers to appear before you start betting.


While choosing a commodity bet system is a key part of roulette strategy, there are other steps you can take to improve your odds of winning. here are a few of the best pieces of roulette advice that our team of experts wants to pass on to you .

Game Choice:

The biggest factor in determining how you will do at roulette over the long move is what kind of game you choose to play. european roulette offers a lower house edge than american roulette, meaning that any roulette scheme will work good on a european, single-zero postpone. For roulette strategies that rely on even money bets, you can do even better at european tables that use the lanthanum partage or en prison rules, which cut the house edge on those wagers in half .

Bet Choice:

Remember to constantly make bets that suit your play stylus and your choose roulette strategy. even money bets are reliable ways to find regular wins, while straight bets are treacherous but can result in huge wins. A progress arrangement like the Martingale is only mean to be used with even money wagers. On the other hand, systems like the Green Black Attack trust on the big payouts from inside bets to make up for the fact that they are spreading respective chips across the mesa on every whirl .

Minimum and Maximum Bets:

One of the problems for players who use casino roulette strategies is that they fail to understand the range of count amounts allowed, particularly with progression systems. If the minimum outside bet is $ 10 and the maximum just $ 500, you can only double the minimal stake six times before hitting the maximum – not much room to survive a lose streak. The minimum bet can besides impact how you play your inside bets. To make a serial of $ 1 bets which don ’ thyroxine reach the minimal, consider whether you ’ re finely with playing for $ 2 per bet .

Strategies to Avoid:

We haven ’ metric ton talked about every single roulette strategy on this page, because there are some that we ’ re barely not comfortable recommending to you. In general, we advise you not to utilize any scheme that could cause you to lose more money than you can afford, or which might ask you to make a larger count than you are volition to call. You should besides avoid roulette betting systems that guarantee wins or try to convince you to play double-zero American roulette – these are about always scams. This is lone the tip off of the iceberg when it comes to our advice on how to win at roulette. For more big do and don ’ metric ton, check out our technical roulette tips .


here at RouletteOnline, we believe that rehearse makes perfect. That ’ randomness why we recommend that you beginning try out a roulette scheme with unblock play before you think about placing any actual money bets. We ’ ve put together a collection of more than 80 free on-line roulette titles that you can use to sharpen your playing skills and get convinced with fresh strategies and betting systems .


now that you ’ re fully companion with the best roulette strategies and have had the probability to test them out, you should feel cook to give real money roulette a judge. Below, we ’ ve included a list of the top-rated roulette sites for you to choose from. Each of these big on-line casino options has a long lead record of trustworthy process, giving you a safe, batten, and reputable place for your on-line roulette play .


Is there a winning roulette system?

Any roulette strategy can lead to short-run wins, but in the long run, the sign of the zodiac edge always gives the casino the advantage. The best roulette betting systems can help you have a better chance of reaching your goals, whether that means booking a big winnings or grinding out some little profits .

What is the best bet in roulette?

If you ’ rhenium looking for the best odds in roulette, you ’ ll want to seek out european roulette tables that use the lanthanum partage or en prison rules on even money bets. At these tables, betting on red/black or odd/even comes with a theater edge of precisely 1.35 % – by far the best of any roulette bet.

What are the worst roulette strategies?

The worst roulette strategies are ones that ask you to take unnecessary risks for no beneficial reason. Any scheme that makes you uncomfortable with the measure of money you are asked to bet should be avoided. We besides recommend staying aside from scam systems which guarantee that you will always win .

Are online roulette tables fixed?

The on-line casino we recommend offer average, trust roulette games that are independently audited to guarantee that they are truly random and dependable to play on. While there have been rogue operators who have offered fixed roulette tables, you can avoid them by sticking with the sites featured in our clear list .

How do I win a bet every time?

While you can craft your roulette strategy to win in a way that suits your play style, there ’ s actually no direction to guarantee you ’ ll win a bet on every single spin. Of course, you could try covering every possible consequence. That would decidedly let you win every meter, but you ’ five hundred frequently come out behind anyhow due to all the other bets you ’ rhenium fall back on those spins.

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