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We ’ ve been blessed with some very capital jam over the years and some of those jams happen to be some of the best songs to have sex to–ever .
With the hanker Labor day weekend gearing up, we ’ ve decided to put in concert the ultimate playlist for you and your boo !
Sexual Healing x Marvin Gaye
Best lyric : “ Baby I ’ m hot equitable like an oven/I need some lovin ”
Cry Together x The O’Jays
Say Yes x Floetry

Best lyric : “ Don ’ thyroxine deny what you feel/Let me undress you baby/Open up your mind equitable rest ”
Let’s Get it On x Marvin Gaye
This Woman’s Work x Maxwell
Too Deep x dvsn
Best lyric : “ I won ’ t make you pull out/Getting it all tonight ”
Mirror x Ne-Yo
Best lyric : “ Baby I love making love in front of the mirror/So that I can watch you enjoying me ”
Trading Places x Usher
Signs of Love Making x Tyrese
Best lyric : “ Are you the Zodiac Freak/I ’ ve been looking for a girlfriend you ’ ra sending me/Signs of love seduce ”
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Sweet Spot (1:55)
At Your Best x Aaliyah
Body Party x Ciara
Untitled (How Does it Feel) x D’Angelo
Kiss it Better x Rihanna 
Earned it x The Weeknd
Best lyric : “ You ’ rhenium always deserving it/And you deserve it/The way you work it ”
Lotus Flower Bomb x Wale
Best lyric : “ We ’ ra support in a fantasy/I feel it when you dance with me ”
How to Eat Your Way to a Healthier, Happier Vagina
Or Nah x Ty Dolla Sign
All of Me x John Legend
Love Faces x Trey Songz
Neighbors Know My Name x Trey Songz
Sweetest Taboo x Sade
Best lyric : “ There ’ s a quiet storm/And it never felt like this before/There ’ s a quiet storm/That is you ”
Climax x Usher
Best lyric : “ Don ’ t pale na give in therefore we both gave up/Can ’ t take it back, it ’ south excessively late, we ’ ve reached the climax ”
Adorn x Miguel
Best lyric : “ These lips, can ’ thyroxine wait to taste your skin, baby/And these eyes, I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate delay to see your grin ”
Any Time, Any Place x Janet Jackson
Teach U a Lesson x Robin Thicke
Best lyric : “ Someone ’ s gon na have to teach you a lesson/You ’ ve been a bad girl/Someone ’ sulfur gon na have to straighten you right out/You ’ ve been a bad girlfriend ”
Read Your Mind x Avant
Between the Sheets x The Isley Brothers
Sex Therapy x Robin Thicke

Best lyric : “ It ’ s your body, we can love if you want to/Loud if you want to, scream if you want to ”
Soldier of Love x Sade
Nothing Even Matters x Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo
Best lyric : “ You ’ ra partially of my identity/I sometimes have a tendency/To look at you religiously ”
Inside My Love x Minnie Ripperton
Best lyric : “ You are one, and I am another/We should be one, inside each other ”
You’re Making Me High x Toni Braxton
Wetter x Twista
Best lyric : “ immediately you got me excited, I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hold it/I ’ meter feelin it comin, I ’ molarity ’ bust to let off an explosion ”
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All the Things (Your Man Won’t Do) x Joe 

If I Ever Fall in Love x Shai

Primetime x Janelle Monae
Best lyric : “ It ’ s a prime time for our love/And heaven is betting on us ”
Turn Off the Lights x Teddy Pendergrass 
Weak x SWV
‘Til The Cops Come Knockin x Maxwell
Take You Down x Chris Brown
Best lyric : “ It ain ’ t my first clock time, but baby girl we can pretend/Hey, let ’ s bulge and crunch, daughter tonight will never end ”
Can U Handle It x Usher
That’s It Made For x Usher
Best lyric : “ So I can do you like this, baby/So I can freak you like this, baby/Know you ain ’ triiodothyronine felt it like this, baby ”
Can You Stand the Rain x New Edition

What songs are you playing with the one you love this farseeing weekend ?

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