Tenacious D Finally Reveals The Greatest Song In The World From “Tribute” [Video]

For two decades, one question has plagued mankind : what song is “ Tribute ” by Tenacious D  about ? What constitution holds the title of the “ greatest song in the populace ” according to Jack Black  and Kyle Gass ? Though many were resigned to never learning the song ’ mho privy, The D last professed the answer during an interview with Spencer Kaufman  over on Heavy Consequence .
JB and KG are presently promoting the 20th-anniversary edition of their platinum-selling, debut EP, Tribute, out in November. During the Zoom interview, Kaufman brought up Elton John ‘ mho late admission that Metallica ‘ s “ Nothing Else Matters ” was “ one of the best songs ever written, ” a argument that brought frontman James Hetfield  to tears on Howard Stern .
In that spirit of praise, Kaufman asked the alloy duet if they last want to acknowledge who has earned the title of greatest song in the world. In the 20 years since “ Tribute ” beginning rocked our socks off, batch of speculation has been thrown around. Musically, “ Tribute ” bears some noteworthy resemblances to Led Zeppelin ‘ s “ Stairway To Heaven ”, which would be a safe—if disappointing—pick for greatest sung in the world .
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There is besides another anecdote that many sharpen to as an answer to the age-old mystery. As the narrative goes, Black once told Gass that Metallica ’ s “ One ” was the best song in the populace. last, there is besides the clear-cut possibility that “ Tribute ” itself is the greatest song in the populace, highlighting the contradiction found in the song which opens with the telephone line “ this is the greatest and best song in the world… ‘ Tribute, ‘ ” only to be followed minutes late by “ this is not the greatest song in the worldly concern, this is precisely a protection ! ”
During the interview, Gass confirmed the veracity of the “ One ” anecdote while besides casting doubt on any larger mean behind Black ’ s avid Metallica fandom .
“ As I remember it, Jack, [ it was ] a recently night, showery, inside the cable car, and Jack said, ‘ You got tantalum check out this song by Metallica, ” Kyle recalled. “ It ’ s ‘ One ’ and it ’ s the greatest song in the world. ’ But he besides said that every one of their songs is the greatest song in the world. … It was a mindblower, for certain. ‘ One ’ I think truly influenced ‘ Tribute ’ vitamin a much as, say, ‘ Stairway. ’ ”
Moving ever closer to the point, Kaufman ultimately asked the wonder that man was possibly not meant to know : what is the greatest sung in the populace ?
“ Should we tell him, Kage ?, ” Black asked, “ Should we last come clean ? ”
“ I think it ’ s time. I think Spence has earned it, ” Gass replied .
“ It actually is the greatest sung in the world, ” Black revealed .
With the mystery of Tenacious D ’ s “ Tribute ” last revealed, mankind can nowadays rest knowing we have gathered all there is to know. Spencer Kaufman wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.

head over to Heavy Consequence to watch the time and scroll down to revisit the greatest song in the universe .
Tenacious D — “Tribute” (Official Video)

[ Video : dogged D ]
The twentieth Anniversary Super Power Party Pack edition of Tribute—including a four hundred reissue of the EP, a cassette of the band ’ sulfur 1995 show, and a replica 1995 testify aviator signed by Black and Gass—is available now for pre-order through the band ’ sulfur memory .
[ update : 9/29/21 ] : Following the widespread ostentation regarding the introduction of “ Tribute ” itself as “ the Greatest sung in the World, ” Tenacious D has shared a new sports fan compilation of assorted fan tributes to “ Tribute ” through the years. Check it out below .
Tribute to “Tribute”: The Greatest and Best Fan Compilation In The World

[ Video : dogged D ]

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