150 greatest songs of the 21st century (so far)

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There are still four full months left in the 2010s, but it ‘s never excessively soon to look back on the songs that have affected us most during this millennium. Yes, Lil Nas X ‘s “ Old Town Road ” just shattered the record for the longest run No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. But even that pales in comparison to the tracks that make up our list of the 150 greatest songs of the century therefore far. The music landscape since 2000 has been an interesting one. We ‘ve seen women like Beyonce, Adela and Taylor Swift take turns being the biggest pop star in the worldly concern. Jay-Z retired, unretired and then became a billionaire. Country music went mainstream. And EDM turned into a mainstream sensation all over the universe, including America. Musicians of every writing style, shape, gender and discolor make up are list, which features blink of an eye classics from Kanye West, Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga and many more. As always, this is fair one opinion. It ‘s likely we missed some capital songs. Let us know what they are in the comments incision. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 150. Janelle Monae feat. Big Boi – “Tightrope” Do n’t Edit 149. U2 – “Beautiful Day” Yeah, it ‘s bum as hell. But no artist makes universally appealing rock songs quite like U2. And “ beautiful Day ” may have been the band ‘s last capital one. The sung doubled up at the Grammy Awards in 2001, earning both Record and Song of the year. Do n’t Edit 148. My Chemical Romance – “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 147. Migos feat. Lil Uzi Vert – “Bad and Boujee” Do n’t Edit 146. Avicii – “Wake Me Up” Avicii debuted his Folktronica hymn “ Wake Me Up ” at the 2013 Ultra Music Festival after playing his massive hit “ Levels. ” The crowd was n’t having it, expressing confusion and then wrath at the such an unheard of collaboration in EDM. Of run, Avicii was just ahead of the game. “ Wake Me Up ” would become a huge external single and prove a game-changer for the music genre. Do n’t Edit 145. Bright Eyes – “First Day of My Life” Do n’t Edit 144. Tame Impala – “Let It Happen” (2015) Do n’t Edit 143. Avril Lavigne – “Complicated” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 142. College and Electric Youth – “A Real Hero” “ A real champion ” was by and large unheard of by mainstream audiences when it arrived on Electric Youth ‘s debut album in 2010. But the sung became an necessity piece of the synth-wave movement when it was used in the Ryan Gosling film “ Drive ” a year late. Do n’t Edit 141. Phoenix – “1901” Do n’t Edit 140. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “By The Way” Do n’t Edit 139. Nas – “Made You Look” Nas has constantly been old-school, which may be why he has n’t reached the commercial heights of some of the other emcees in the conversation for the greatest of all clock time. His best exercise comes when a producer offers up a sensitive rap beat. On “ Made You Look, ” Salaam Remi offers up a beat with a vibration from past that Nas absolutely annihilates. Do n’t Edit 138. Miranda Lambert – “The House That Built Me” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 137. The Black Keys – “Tighten Up” Do n’t Edit 136. Haim – “The Wire” Do n’t Edit 135. Run the Jewels feat. Zack De La Rocha – “Close Your Eyes (And Count to F***)” Do n’t Edit 134. Paramore – “Hard Times” Paramore teased its move into new beckon on its previous self-titled album. But the band went into full-pop mood on 2017 ‘s “ After Laughter. ” That began with the lead single “ Hard Times. ” Had the song and its dance-happy vibration failed to entice fans, it could have spelled the goal of the pop-punk titans. alternatively, it breathed new life into an act that seems like it could be around for quite a bite longer. Do n’t Edit 133. Queens of the Stone Age – “No One Knows” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 132. Sia – “Chandelier” Do n’t Edit 131. The Weeknd – “House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls” In the years following the handout of his debut mixtape “ House of Balloons, ” The Weeknd would become a megastar. But it was on that mixtape, with songs tracks like “ House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls, ” that Abel Tesfaye would lay down the blueprint for alt-R & B and the animal sounds of the 2010s. Do n’t Edit 130. The Roots feat. Cody Chestnutt – “The Seed 2.0” Do n’t Edit 129. Justin Timberlake – “Cry Me a River” Do n’t Edit 128. St. Vincent – “Strange Mercy” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 127. TV on the Radio – “Wolf Like Me” Do n’t Edit 126. Alicia Keys – “Fallin’” few debuts from R & B singers come american samoa mighty as “ Fallin ‘. ” The sung immediately earned Alicia Keys diligence punch with both critics and fans, and began a string of successful hits for Keys that put her at the vanguard of the R & B and neo-soul worlds. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 125. Passion Pit – “Take a Walk” Do n’t Edit 124. Childish Gambino – “Redbone” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 123. Dashboard Confessional – “Screaming Infidelities” A picture of Dashboard Confessional ‘s Chris Carrabba performing “ Screaming Infidelities ” on his acoustic guitar should be future to the son “ emo ” in the dictionary. Yes, it ‘s fretful stuff. But for a genesis of Millennials, it ‘s the ultimate dissolution song that conveys the feel that nothing in the world could feel any worse at any moment. Do n’t Edit 122. Rick Ross feat. Styles P – “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast)” Do n’t Edit 121. Adele – “Chasing Pavements” Do n’t Edit 120. Alabama Shakes – “Hold On” Do n’t Edit 119. The Streets – “Weak Become Heroes” Established as one of the geniuses of the early 2000s UK dirt and alternative hip-hop movements, The Streets ‘ Mike Skinner was forbidden to defy classification. He did barely that with “ Weak Become Heroes, ” one of the standouts from The Streets ‘ groundbreaking debut “ original Pirate Material ” that mix elements of hip-hop, electronic music and jazz. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 118. Panic! at the Disco – “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies” Do n’t Edit 117. Tyler, The Creator – “Yonkers” Do n’t Edit 116. Carrie Underwood – “Before He Cheats” Breakup anthems in area music were nothing raw in 2006. But armed with a surefire hit from songwriters Josh Kear and Chris Tompkins, Carrie Underwood took things a step further. “ Before He Cheats ” is the ultimate revenge hymn that established Underwood as the ace she showed she could be during the one-fourth season of “ American Idol. ” Do n’t Edit 115. Ciara – “Body Party” Do n’t Edit 114. Blink-182 – “I Miss You” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 113. UGK – “Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You)” (2007) Do n’t Edit 112. Linkin Park – “In The End” Linkin Park was never one to hold back. possibly that ‘s what annoyed critics of nu metallic. But it made the band endearing to fans and, decidedly, the biggest thing the genre has ever scene. The band ‘s masterpiece is “ In The end, ” an hymn that operates with extraordinary urgency. Linkin Park would sell A LOT of records, in no small part due to this birdcall. Do n’t Edit 111. Carly Rae Jepsen – “Run Away With Me” Do n’t Edit 110. Kacey Musgraves – “Follow Your Arrow” Do n’t Edit 109. Kendrick Lamar – “Sing About Me, Dying of Thirst” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 108. Foo Fighters – “Times Like These” Songs like “ Best of You ” and “ All My Life ” might seem like bigger crowdpleasers from Foo Fighters ‘ twenty-first century carry. But “ Times Like These ” is more, well, dateless. It ‘s the tune you ‘ll go back to over and over again in an campaign to score the soundtrack to your life. Do n’t Edit 107. Peter, Bjorn and John – “Young Folks” Do n’t Edit 106. Drake – “Started From the Bottom” Do n’t Edit 105. Mariah Carey – “We Belong Together” (2008) Do n’t Edit 104. Billie Eilish – “Bad Guy” “ Bad Guy ” does n’t sound like a traditional hit. then again, Billie Eilish does n’t fit the bill of your distinctive pop leading. But there ‘s no denying her charisma and the heady nature of her electronic music. precisely when you think “ Bad Guy ” is getting excessively darkness, Eilish hits you with a “ Duh ” before the head nodding hook rages in. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 103. Coldplay – “Clocks” (2002) Do n’t Edit 102. Travis Scott feat. Drake – “Sicko Mode” Do n’t Edit 101. Disclosure – “Latch” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 100. David Bowie – “Lazarus” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 99. Azealia Banks feat. Lazy Jay – “212” Do n’t Edit 98. Jay-Z – “Public Service Announcement” It ‘s rare that one sung features two of the best verses from a knocker ‘s fabled career. But that ‘s the case with “ Public Service Announcement. ” The first gear verse finds Jay-Z reintroduce himself with bright pun that demands you hit the restart button. The second poetry is the stuff of legend with a heck of a backstory dissected in Jay-Z ‘s book “ Decoded. ” Do n’t Edit 97. Courtney Barnett – “Pedestrian at Best” Do n’t Edit 96. Fall Out Boy – “Sugar We’re Goin’ Down” Do n’t Edit 95. Solange – “Cranes in the Sky” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 94. Missy Elliott – “Work It” Do n’t Edit 93. Against Me! – “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” The opening title-track to Against Me ! ‘s sixth album tackles the consequence of frontwoman Laura Jane Grace ‘s gender passage and coming out heading on. The band does this with hood rock ardor might and viciously honest lyrics. If this does n’t move you, nothing will. Do n’t Edit 92. Miguel – “Adorn” Do n’t Edit 91. Arcade Fire – “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)” Do n’t Edit 90. Rihanna feat. Jay-Z – “Umbrella” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 89. Common – “The Light” (2000) “ The Light ” may very well be the greatest production make of the belated J Dilla ‘s career, which is saying something. And Common surely knew what he had, peppering the soulful pulse with a batch of beautiful pluck up lines. More than any other song, it shows that J Dilla was among the best producers of his genesis with a preternatural endowment for soulful sampling. Do n’t Edit 88. Green Day – “American Idiot” Do n’t Edit 87. Usher – “Climax” Do n’t Edit 86. The Postal Service – “Such Great Heights” The Postal Service ‘s “ such Great Heights ” sits in this wyrd place in indie-pop history. It is undeniably one of the music genre ‘s most iconic songs. But besides one of its most annoy. It is unapologetically bathetic. Yet, odds are it think of something special to you at some point in time. It ‘s the crown accomplishment of Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello ‘s unique collaboration. Do n’t Edit 85. Lorde – “Royals” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 84. Ludacris – “Southern Hospitality” (2000) Do n’t Edit 83. Beyonce – “Formation” Do n’t Edit 82. Wilco – “Jesus, Etc.” Do n’t Edit 81. Daft Punk – “Get Lucky” Do n’t Edit 80. Lana Del Rey – “Video Games” Lana Del Rey may have labeled her music “ Hollywood Sadcore. ” But it has all the winning elements of traditional baroque toss off, merged with her attitude and grit. “ video Games ” was a surprising sense driven by the singer ‘s commitment to its despair. You can help but want to wade through it with her. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 79. The Knife – “Heartbeats” Do n’t Edit 78. Eric Church – “Springsteen” Do n’t Edit 77. DJ Snake & Lil Jon – “Turn Down For What” Do n’t Edit 76. Radiohead – “Everything In Its Right Place” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 75. Katy Perry – “Teenage Dream” Do n’t Edit 74. Sufjan Stevens – “Chicago” “ Chicago ” is credibly the closest thing Sufjan Stevens will ever come to writing a hit. And that ‘s o. The indie family hero has songs with heavy contented that stays with you long after you hear it. But nothing is quite arsenic capricious and replay-worthy as “ Chicago. ” Do n’t Edit 73. Gnarls Barkley – “Crazy” Do n’t Edit 72. Arctic Monkeys – “Do I Wanna Know?” Do n’t Edit 71. Justice – “D.A.N.C.E.” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 70. Aaliyah – “Try Again” Do n’t Edit 69. James Blake _ “Retrograde” Do n’t Edit 68. Nicki Minaj – “Super Bass” For all the credit rating Nicki Minaj gets as game-changing female rapper, there ‘s an argumentation to be made that she ‘s constantly functioned dear as a pop star topology ( her poetry on “ Monster ” aside ). “ extremely Bass ” is her most noteworthy accomplishment, monumental in its pop-rap sensibility. sure, the song embodies everything haters might despise about her Barbie character. But the mainstream invoke outweighs all. Do n’t Edit 67. Kanye West – “Jesus Walks” Do n’t Edit 66. Foster the People – “Pumped Up Kicks” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 65. At The Drive-In – “One Armed Scissor” Do n’t Edit 64. The Rapture – “House of Jealous Lovers” Do n’t Edit 63. The Avalanches – “Since I Left You” Do n’t Edit 62. Gossip – “Standing In the Way of Control” Do n’t Edit 61. MGMT – “Kids” There was a prison term when MGMT was considered by many, the next big thing. The duet ‘s best song, “ Kids, ” feels like something out of the synth-pop glory days of the early 1980s. MGMT would go in early directions on future projects. But “ Kids ” remains an artifact of the best dad music of the belated 2000s. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 60. Kelly Clarkson – “Since U Been Gone” Do n’t Edit 59. Gorillaz – “Feel Good Inc.” Do n’t Edit 58. Jack U feat. Justin Bieber – “Where Are U Now” The song that kicked off Justin Bieber ‘s rejoinder. Tracks like “ What You Mean ? ” and “ Sorry ” would push him back to the top of the pop music universe. But it was his guest appearance on Skrillex and Diplo ‘s amazing collaboration project that would get Bieber off on the correct foot. “ Where Are U nowadays ” stands as one of the greatest dance songs of the twenty-first century. Do n’t Edit 57. Animal Collective – “My Girls” Do n’t Edit 56. Vampire Weekend – “A-Punk”

Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit 55. LCD Soundsystem – “Someone Great” Do n’t Edit 54. The National – “Bloodbuzz Ohio” Do n’t Edit 53. Tool – “Lateralus” Do n’t Edit 52. Bob Dylan – “Mississippi” Do n’t Edit 51. Burial – “Archangel” even to this day, nothing truly sounds like “ Archangel. ” Burial was classified as dubstep, but he ‘s an artist with his own unique style. The skim drumbeats and samples on the consummate “ Archangel ” are underscored by a dark atmosphere that ‘s nonnatural. It feels like the legal of the revelation having run its course. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit There ‘s never been a bigger EDM here and now than “ Levels ” and there probably never will be. Whether you heard it at your favorite department store, sporting event, college party or television receiver show, Avicii ‘s massive external hit was ineluctable. “ Levels ” begins as a typical electronic dance anthem that ‘ll make you break out your gleam sticks. then it reaches stadium status, armed with a vocal sample from Etta James and Avicii ‘s ability to keep piling on layers of sounds. It ‘s sonic, soulful and worldly concern shatter. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit The White Stripes ‘ discovery moment does n’t even last two minutes. And, possibly, that ‘s what makes “ Fell in Love with a Girl ” work so well. Jack and Meg White ‘s onslaught of garage punk rocker hits the earth running. Before you can recover, you ‘re hitting the recur release. This is blues with urgency and popular sensitivity, a winning combination if there ever was one. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit It seems like everlastingly ago that Kylie Minogue was captivating the toss off world with her album “ Fever. ” But the songs from that album remain some of the best dance anthem from the 2000s. At the circus tent of the number is “ Ca n’t Get You Out of My Head. ” If the track sounds like something pulled out of the 1990s aura days of dance music, it should. “ Ca n’t Get You Out of My Head ” was co-written and produced by Cathy Dennis, who had a string of early on 90s dance hits including “ Touch Me ( All Night Long ). ” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit “ A Milli ” was the ultimate summer trunk rattlesnake. then much so that Lil Wayne and producer Bangladesh would try and duplicate its success two years to alike ( amazing ) effect on “ 6 Foot 7 Foot. ” But nothing beats the master. Bangladesh ‘s delirious beat paves the way for Wayne ‘s stream of consciousness raps that are literally out of this world ( “ What ‘s a hood to a goblin ? ” ) and wholly harebrained ( “ I do n’t owe you like two vowels ” ). Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Thanks to “ Garden State, ” it ‘s the song that had to live up to the nickname “ It ‘ll change your life sentence ; I swear. ” To it ‘s credit, “ New Slang ” comes pretty bloody close. What might have otherwise been considered a dim-witted indie-folk tune, The Shins ‘ lead single from “ Oh, Inverted World ” became the grimace of the early 2000s indie rock tide. Frontman James Mercer would go on to more complex things, but nothing that drew you in arsenic much as this. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Frank Ocean ‘s “ Pyramids ” is the most ambitious and epic alt-R & B hymn of all time. It ‘s a bar-raiser that merges soul, electronica, psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll and flinch. Had Ocean toned things down a moment, this might sound like a Michael Jackson song. alternatively, he goes for break, crooning beautiful harmonies over a space-warped perplex that switches up halfway through, becoming a dramatic club anthem. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Odds are many fans who caught “ The Way We Get By ” on an episode of “ The O.C. ” back in 2003 did n’t know it was a spoon song. But people surely got familiar afterwards. “ The Way We Get By ” is considered Spoon ‘s signature sung. But, more then, it ‘s proof of how big Brit Daniel was at writing start songs, possibly better than any other indie rock leading of his coevals. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Everything about “ N***as in Paris ” is cray. From Kanye West ‘s signature argumentation to Jay-Z ‘s killer afford verse about balling therefore hard [ expletives ] want to fine him to the balmy “ Blades of Glory ” sample. Had it been released a ten earlier, it might have been dismissed as besides weird. But Kanye West ‘s ambition changed the crippled, making “ N***as in Paris ” his magnum musical composition. thankfully he dragged Hov along for the ride, fulfilling the hype of their “ Watch the enthrone ” project being a must listen. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit not amazingly, Franz Ferdinand drew a batch of comparisons to The Strokes, a well as other bands who led the post-punk revival of the early 2000s. But possibly none of them crafted as catchy an anthem as “ Take Me Out. ” It ‘s a full-on radio grab, dividing the track into two parts — the build up and the incredible hook. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit The revival of Robyn was one field-grade officer the best music stories of the 2000s. Known for her string of radio-friendly adolescent pop gems from the 1990s, Robyn reinvented herself in the new millennium, becoming a synth-pop queen on her 2005 self-titled album. But it was her “ body talk ” series that cemented her as one of best in the business. Her masterpiece is “ Dancing on My Own, ” a dissolution song that literally moves you … to tears. No one did vulnerable dance music like Robyn, who is still crafting great music to this day. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit With all the social injustice faced by african Americans, leave it to Kendrick Lamar to craft an hymn of hope. “ very well ” does n’t shy aside from the clamber. It addresses everything from the temptations Lamar ‘s faced in his life to tragic patrol shootings and early racial injustice. But there ‘s light at the end of the burrow, which Lamar knows given his own personal struggles with natural depression. Paralleling the two results in an extremely powerful birdcall. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit It starts with the strum of an acoustic guitar. finally a brake drum beat and piano comes in. Later, a choir echoes in the background. But none of that matters. “ Rolling in the Deep ” is Adele ‘s enlistment de force, unearthing her voice as the greatest instrument in contemporary music. by the time her “ 21 ” album rolled about, Adele was already a Grammy winner. But the run single and opening track from her monster sophomore album made Adele the biggest pop ace in the world. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit The sensitive side of Drake will give you memes and Instagram captions for days. But it besides produces his best music. For all the braggadocio raps Drake can unleash, it ‘s when he puts his heart on the note that true magnificence happens. No other hip-hop artist could make a song like “ Hold On, We ‘re Going Home ” ( not even you, Childish Gambino ), a cascading synth-pop song that ‘s so alluring, you about ( stress on about ) feel guilty listening to it. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Despite being the head single from what may or may not be a concept album about battles featuring a character named Yoshimi, “ Do You Realize ? ? ” may very well be The Flaming Lips ‘ most accessible. That is, of course, because Wayne Coyne was inspired by one of life ‘s most universal questions — What does it mean to be alive on earth. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit For a guy that had been shot nine times, the stars decidedly aligned for 50 cent. He was signed by the biggest rapper and producer in the business and then armed with an early run of singles that would captivate the mainstream. Dr. Dre ‘s beat on “ In Da Club ” credibly would have produced a hit for any issue of rappers. But Fiddy surely does his fair partake to push “ In Da Club ” to iconic condition, kick starting the song with a fresh birthday hymn before dropping unforgettable gems like “ I ai n’t into having sex, I ‘m into making love. ” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit anterior to releasing “ not ready to Make Nice, ” the Dixie Chicks had basically committed what, at that time, was the state music equivalent of career suicide. Vocalist Natalie Maines had spoken out against President George W. Bush, drawing the wrath of conservative nation musicians and their fan bases. however, by standing together, the Dixie Chicks got the last laugh, flipping their defiance into the spark advance unmarried from “ Taking the long Way, ” which would sweep the main categories at the 2007 Grammys. The lesson : Do n’t mess with the Dixie Chicks. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit For a while there, Modest Mouse sounded like the indie of indie rock bands. then, in 2004, the band went another way. “ Float On, ” the lead single from “ good People Who Love Bad News, ” still features Isaac Brock ‘s awkward voice. But the overall audio of the birdcall and its blissful hook was built for the mainstream. The fact that Modest Mouse went incontrovertible possibly did n’t sit well with indie purists. But the band distinctly had reached new heights commercially and creatively. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit For the most part, the songs on Lady Gaga ‘s introduction album “ The fame ” were reasonably non-distinct. It was n’t quite net so far we were dealing with a new type of bold artist. “ Bad Romance, ” released on the follow-up “ The Fame Monster ” EP, made that statement and then some. Anchored by the attention-getting of hooks, Gaga pulled out the theatrics, establishing herself as one of the biggest pop stars in the global and person who was gon na “ Rah rah ” her way all the way to the bank. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit not since The Notorious B.I.G. ‘s “ Juicy ” had an emcee so vividly described what it was like to go from nothing to something in the rap plot. Of course, Eminem ‘s “ Lose Yourself ” came with an add bonus. It was the biggest sung from one of the biggest movies in the world in 2002. “ 8 Mile ” was Eminem ‘s “ Rocky ” vehicle. And while it was heavily to imagine Eminem getting any bigger than he already was, his lyric firefight over that iconic guitar riff and drumbeat made it so. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit forget about the television, which may be the sexiest time that ‘s always aired on MTV. Sure, D’Angelo ‘s abs were part of the invoke of “ Untitled ( How Does It Feel ). ” But the birdcall itself is enough to induce orgies. Co-written and co-produced by D’Angelo and Raphael Saadiq, “ Untitled ( How Does It Feel ) ” is a mesmerizing vocal showcase for, arguably, the best voice to always grace the neo-soul music genre. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit This is the second song co-written by early 1990s dance songstress Cathy Dennis to make the top-50. But make no err, “ toxic ” is the perfective Britney Spears song. It ‘s a sonic wonderland that makes any vocal music limitations Spears might have had irrelevant. Auto-tune and excessively sultry harmonies are welcome in this dance-pop play down. The more, the gay. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit To say “ Welcome to the Black Parade ” is an emotionally heavy birdcall would be an understatement. The song is at the center of My Chemical Romance ‘s Queen-like rock opera about a “ patient ” who dies and sees death issue forth for him in the form of a parade. Story judicious, it ‘s absolutely bright. But it would n’t have gone anywhere had MCR not been able to shape it into a rocking pop-punk hymn that, despite, it ‘s dark history that would ultimately prove inspirational, taking pop-punk to a new level. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit “ 99 Problems ” was an contiguous standout from Jay-Z ‘s “ The Black Album ” for the elementary fact that it did n’t sound like anything else on the album. In fact, it did n’t sound like anything Jay-Z had done ahead, which was Rick Rubin ‘s steer in using authoritative 1980s samples from Billy Squire and others. But it ‘s Hov that flips Ice T ‘s originally “ 99 Problems ” concept about sexual conquests into an anthem about, among other things, dealing with the cops during a traffic arrest and going up against a ridicule who is “ forte as a drive motorcycle, but would n’t bust a grapeshot in fruit battle. ” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Amy Winehouse ‘s vocal performance on “ Rehab ” is one of the best you will always hear bringing old-school 1960s style soul bet on into the mainstream with help from Mark Ronson. But the subjugate matter of the song — about her not thinking she needed rehab and her church father agreeing with her — did n’t actually sink in until Winehouse ‘s end by accidental alcohol poison. Despite her precipitation, Winehouse ‘s bequest is as one of the best vocalists of her coevals. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit organization of a Down ‘s “ Chop Suey ! ” is a song about end, believe it or not. But what stands out most is precisely how singular it was among the still emerging nu alloy setting in the 2000s. During its verses, “ Chop Suey ! ” is a blistering attack of option metallic element. But that finally paves way for Serj Tankian ‘s frequent vocals about crying when angels deserve to die. But fair when you think things are about to calm down, the song gets even more intense. It ‘s that dramatic advertise and pull that makes “ Chop Suey ! ” the best hard rock song of the twenty-first hundred. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit It ‘s not storm that directors like Cameron Crowe and Zach Braff would choose Bon Iver ‘s “ Holocene ” to use in their films. After all, it can be difficult to craft a movie scene that can pack this kind of emotional punch. “ Holocene ” is a subtle roller coaster ride of lyrics and sonic emotions that gives you chills. Bon Iver has said the song is about redemption and discovering one ‘s deserving. evening if he never sang a single note, you ‘d feel that. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit “ obliviousness ‘s ” minimalistic exhaust and Grimes ‘ one of a kind harmonies might lead you to believe it ‘s plainly a great and unique dance song. But there ‘s something cryptic about it that demands a deep dive. As we would come to find out in interviews, Grimes was assaulted and found it difficult to have relationships with men moving forward, which inspired the chase. Knowing that, the sung took on new mean. It ‘s bewitching nature felt even more human. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Yes, the members of The Strokes were capital songwriters in a band that felt every spot worthy of the hype that came with the post-punk revival. But what separated them from their contemporaries was tittup. The Strokes had it for days, best showcased on “ Hard to Explain. ” think of that consequence when the song pauses out of nowhere like the pant you make when something takes your breath away. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Rihanna had several big hits before releasing “ We Found Love. ” But most of them had come with device ( normally, electric shock value and sexual activity entreaty ) or a high profile guest appearance. But in pairing with Calvin Harris, she found a kindred emotional state fix to craft a beautiful love song the world could fall in love with. And that ‘s precisely what happened. For every great pop birdcall Rihanna has released, none of them were perfect … except for this one. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit The idea that Outkast would release a duplicate album hex each member taking the lead on their respective side was weird. But Andre 3000 ‘s creative commission was flush weirder. While large Boi released the brilliant “ The Way You Move, ” Andre dropped “ Hey Ya !, ” a song no matchless expected and then could n’t get away from. “ Hey Ya ! ‘s ” combination of funk and soul, with tap being completely absent, felt like a breath of fresh atmosphere. It even managed to revitalize Polaroid. So there ‘s that. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit If you want to, you can attribute the beginning of the twenty-first century pop-punk boom to Fall Out Boy ‘s mid-2000s operate or go all the way back to Blink-182 conquering MTV ‘s “ TRL. ” For us, the sparkle that lit the fuse was Jimmy Eat World ‘s “ The Middle, ” the bouncing anthem that became a anchor on college, alternative and mainstream radio receiver stations, while laying the blueprint for everything that came after from Fall Out Boy, Paramore, All Time Low and many others. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit At the goal of “ Walk on Water, ” a recent song by Eminem that you will soon forget, Marshall Mathers proclaims, “ B****, I wrote Stan ! ” But what Eminem should realize is that we ‘ve never forgotten that. How could we ? The hip-hop universe had never heard anything like “ Stan !, ” a song rapped from the perspective of a fan who gets more and more crazy with each poetry before murdering his pregnant girlfriend. The final examination verse finds Eminem responding to him, only to realize it ‘s besides former. The song produced one the best music video of all time ( Shout out to Devon Sawa ! ) and made the term “ Stan ” the plump to for any fan who seem a bit obsess. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit The 1975 ‘s frontman Matt Healy has stated that “ Love It If We Made It ” is the band ‘s version of “ Sign ‘O ‘ the Times, ” in which they gathered every argument about the stream social climate and unleashed it on one amaze path. Yet where “ Sign ‘O ‘ the Times ” is a minimal funk odyssey, “ Love It If We Made It ” is a soaring romp that gets bigger and bigger as it goes on. By the fourth dimension you ‘re done with the second poetry, the track opens up and consumes you emotionally. The lyrics about everything from police brutality to drug overdoses to national hymn protests are n’t lost on anyone. But it ‘s the soaring synths on the chorus that will give you goosebumps every clock. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Of all the songs on Arcade Fire ‘s consummate debut album “ Funeral, ” “ Rebellion ( Lies ) ” is the one that stays with you most. Maybe its the drum rhythm, that frantic piano, Win Butler ‘s haunt voice or all of the above. The song surely rocks harder than anything else on the album in feat to build that kind of drama that makes the narrative of “ Funeral ” all the more compel. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit here are just some of the things that happen on “ Get Ur Freak On ” : A ridicule opens the track speaking japanese, Missy pauses the mean Timbaland perplex to yell the word “ bellow !, ” and she late hocks a loogie. none of it takes away from the fact that “ Get Ur Freak On ” is one of the most brilliant hip-hop songs always crafted, arguably, the vertex of Timbaland and Missy Elliott ‘s creative partnership. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit The Neptunes began the 2000s establishing its group N*E*R*D as an indie coerce while crafting stellar beats for rap ‘s biggest names. But in 2002, the duet of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo took the adjacent step with a new group called Clipse, signed to its Star Trak tag. To introduce them, the Neptunes delivered their greatest beat even, a choppy, bubbling, bass-heavy force that was an blink of an eye classical. Clipse brothers Malice and Pusha T took hold of it, showcasing its arsenal of coke-themed rhymes with committedness to drug stories that was a firm as it was captivating. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit There ‘s something hypnotizing about “ All My Friends ” and its childlike piano tune. That ‘s how it starts … and finishes, while building slenderly throughout its seven and a one-half minute album version. James Mercer lets informal emotionally, about begging for his friends to join him. In that, it makes the hearer feel like a member of the group and we ‘re all on board for the entire ride. Mercer has said he hated how pop-driven the song sounded. But possibly what he was hearing was less a bum popular reasoned and preferably the feel of nostalgia that “ All My Friends ” produces. It ‘s hard to imagine a world before it existed. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit “ All Too Well ” is Taylor Swift ‘s ultimate song for a few reasons. First, it combines the two sides of her musical personality. Those being pop and area. moment, it lyrically establishes a narrative ( built around a scarf joint ) that hooks you right from the begin. Third, it blends reality with fabrication, inspiring Swifties everywhere to debate who is that guy she ‘s talking about ( It ‘s Jake Gyllenhaal ) and what happened to that blasted scarf ( Where is it, Maggie ! ? ). The best taylor Swift songs tell stories we can all insert ourselves into. “ All Too Well ” does it a well as any birdcall by any songwriter of Swift ‘s genesis. Because if you ‘ve never danced in the kitchen in movement of that refrigerator light, then you surely wanted to after hearing this. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit There ‘s no mistaking “ Midnight City. ” From the inaugural time you hear it, the flick is embedded in your mind. The respite of the song sounds like something uber-hipster and advanced, so far besides ripped out of the 1980s. M83 ‘s stigmatize of synth-pop has always been dream like. But “ Midnight City ” is the matchless song you do n’t want to wake up from. The track was n’t a major hit, but it was attention-getting enough to score a Victoria ‘s Secret commercial. And we have n’t flush mentioned that closing Clarence Clemens-like sax solo. Swoon. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Of all the people to make memorable hits during the twenty-first hundred, M.I.A. may be the most probably of them all. particularly when you consider the lyrically and musically diverse “ Paper Planes ” is a revolutionary song about class conflict. Yet, the song ‘s catchy beat, grease-gun shots and cash register sounds were pure magic trick. sol much so that the sung was late hijacked by four of the best rappers in the global for “ Swagga Like Us ” and a assortment of movie trailers. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit If Timbaland had perfected his consummate production of R & B on Aaliyah ‘s 1998 hit “ Are You That person ?, ” he somehow outdo himself eight years late on Justin Timberlake ‘s “ My Love. ” Combining those heavy synth sounds with largely beats he by and large produced with his sass, Timabland ( with help from protege Danja ) gives JT the arrant groove for his falsetto. And what puts the song over the top is T.I. ‘s verse that drips with so a lot swag you do n’t mind that he calls himself “ candle guy. ” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit about 20 years after its spill, Daft Punk ‘s “ One More time ” is hush the twenty-first century dance tune you think about most when you ‘re picturing a celebration. The sung literally commands you party your butt off. And it ‘s impossible not to. “ One More time ” feels like Aliens have come from another satellite to throw the ultimate party. There ‘s even that boring breakdown that gives you the rare opportunity to breath, wipe the sweat away and get going again. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit More so than “ Karma Police, ” “ Paranoid Android, ” “ Fake Plastic Trees ” or any other classical you can name, “ Idioteque ” is the quintessential Radiohead birdcall. And not good because it ‘s the one that much produces the biggest roar at concerts. lyrically, it ‘s a song that is capable to interpretation. But there ‘s no confusing the sense of anxiety it creates sonically. When Thom Yorke sings, “ This is very happening, ” you know it ‘s something desperate. And that feeling never goes away, no topic how many times you hear it. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit “ Crazy In Love ” is a sung that hits the establish running. It is Beyonce ‘s coming extinct party as a solo artist that establishes her as a young pop music violence in a world she would finally rule. And while it would be a shoot with our without Jay-Z, you ca n’t underestimate what he brings to the postpone. His verse is both extremely basic and bright. The manner he rides Rich Harrison ‘s beat with his flow is sol hypnotize, you do n’t flush care that the lines are dated by nowadays ‘s standards. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit The sung in which Jack White tunes down his guitar to the degree where you swear it ‘s a freshwater bass play over that marching drum production line. It ‘s probable White did n’t imagine when he was unleashing his devastating “ seven nation Army ” that it would become the kind of hymn played at sporting events around the world. But it ‘s hard to argue with the raw and pulsating energy that rises and falls. It ‘s the most brilliant thing White has put in concert in a career full of bright things. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit There ‘s a good opportunity you ‘d never heard of Skrillex until you found out he had sold out some venue in your hometown. And then, after reading a variety of critical reviews, you surely hated him. But here ‘s the truth — Skrillex was the top out of the EDM motion, a juggernaut whose music could move everything from a little fraternity house to a massive soccer stadium. And the sung that started his run, “ chilling Monsters and Nice Sprites, still sounds like it can move mountains. It embodies the wildest aspects of twenty-first century crop up culture, not only becoming an EDM sense, but doing therefore by incorporating a viral YouTube video recording into its sound. “ Oh my god ! ” Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit In 2010, Kanye West was set to debut a new song at the Video Music Awards, barely a class after he became the pop music world ‘s villain by snatching a microphone away from Taylor Swift. not everyone expected West to recover. And so far, there he was on that stage in 2010, delivering the greatest performance in VMAs history, debuting “ Runaway ” alongside a ballerina and a fantastic guest verse by Pusha T. Like it or not, West is this generation ‘s greatest musical ace. And before you go stating he ‘s a d-bag of epic proportions, remember that he knows it. That ‘s what “ Runaway ” is all about. It ‘s West at his most vulnerable, winning you over with self deprecation on a track whose sound and format defies logic. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit here ‘s the thing about “ Mr. Brightside. ” It feels like it ‘s always been here. It ‘s both familiar but fabulously refreshing. It ‘s the elementary of pop songs. But Brandon Flowers gives the track, about paranoia and jealousy, his all. And oh, does that guitar flick get you ? This is ampere attention-getting as music gets during the twenty-first hundred. soak it up in all its glory, as its reputation entirely seems to get bigger as prison term goes on. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit contrary to revisionist history, “ Ms. Jackson ” was not the first individual released from Outkast ‘s mainstream discovery album “ Stankonia. ” It ‘s not the best song either. Both honors go to “ B.O.B. ” It ‘s surely not the surefire hit a commemorate label executive would choose as a lead individual. But Outkast knew the statement it was making. “ B.O.B. ” is a spark plug of an anthem driven by barrel and establish and intemperate hit raps ( Big Boi ‘s verse is the definition of smooth AF ). Hip-hop has n’t heard anything like this and probably wo n’t unless Outkast decides to get back together. We can hope, ca n’t we. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit Until “ Maps, ” Yeah Yeah Yeahs were a hard rock band that was reasonably much in your front with everything it did. But the band ‘s iconic one finds a softer side to rest on. Guitarist Nick Zinner and drummer Brian Chase hold their own on a birdcall that, when broken down, is a true sonic masterpiece. But singer Karen O brings “ Maps ” to extraordinary modern heights, stripping down her voice, which gives the song a sentiment befitting its grievous theme. She ‘s begging the person she loves not to leave. Somehow, there ‘s so a lot beauty in that gloominess. Do n’t Edit Do n’t Edit

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