Best U2 Songs

The Top Ten With or Without You
With or Without You Cover Art
Do n’t Waste Your Time. Coming from a huge U2 fan and an avid rock ‘n’ roll hearer here ‘s the real order.
1. Where the Streets Have No Name
2. Running to Stand still
3. One
4. Sunday Bloody Sunday
5. Bad
6. cryptic Ways
7. Baby Please Come Home
8. Pride ( In the name of Love )
9. With or Without You
10. I distillery Have n’t Found What I ‘m Looking For
11. New Years Day
13. Walk On
14. sometimes You Ca n’t Make it on Your Own
15. In a Little While
16. City of Blinding Lights
17. Stuck in a Moment You Ca n’t Get Out Of
18. One Tree Hill
19. Vertigo
20. Red Hill Mining Town
21. All I Want is You
22. Every Breaking Wave
23. Desire
24. The Miracle
25. ordinary Love
26. I Will Follow
27. Kite
28. Sweetest Thing
29. In God ‘s Country
30. Elevation
Everything else is not worth listening to .
I love this song. Joshua Tree was the first U2 album I bought and it is even my favored. In the Rattle & Hum footage, at about the 4:25 check you can see them all getting ready for the climactic “ extra ” verse, and the the television camera pulls back to show larryt and the Edge getting into it. It sends chills down my spinal column every time. I love the extra verse, and do n’t think any other performance captures the kernel of this birdcall like that footage. I could never work out why this extra bit is n’t part of the album version. Awesome .
This sung … Its, just amazing, it makes me remeber my big brothers who lived their adolescence with u2 and many great bands like pearl jam, faith no more, radiohead, etc … Makes me wonder how were the times when they lived spinal column in the 80 and 90 with my dad in a department listening this, living through bad moments … And immediately they still listen to this and my besides, musically this birdcall is amazing, bono and the edge are fenomenal, capital song !

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This might not be the best, it would be hard to pick the best. I find it hard to believe that ‘All I Want Is You ‘ did not make it on this list at all.. And beautiful day, which is a fun toss off song, is not even close to top ten. It seemed like a way to make some fast money, which is amazing for them, but not inevitably the best solve for a real winnow .

One Cover Art
If I had to pick one song to listen to for all of eternity, it would either be this or Born to Run. This song makes me want to cry every time I listen to it and the message is absolutely beautiful. Bono and his friends in truth outdo themselves .
“ You say, love is a temple. Love, the higher law. ”
“ One love, one life sentence, when is one need, in the night, one love, we get to share it, leaves you baby, if you do n’t care for it. ”
This sung is just perfection. My front-runner birdcall of all meter for certain .
Hey, I do n’t give a crap if With or Without You is total one, cause I know One is their best song. Rolling Stone put this above With or Without You on their 500 best songs ever list. There ‘s a reason for it. One is merely the best .
“ You act like you never had love, and you want me to go without. ” This is such a profound line, and it may not even be the best occupation in this song. good vocals, good guitar, rhythmical beat and big lyrics .

Sunday Bloody Sunday
Best U2 song. This is not a rebel song … When I ‘m a rockstar I ‘m going to steal that line, see how the crowd reacts. The best birdcall of the best band always … And today the millions exclaim, we eat and drink while tomorrow they die …
Takes everything great U2 ‘s done earlier and puts it into one song, but it ‘s unblock of a bunch of the mistakes they ‘ve made before and has elements they ‘ve never had before, with an significant message .
U2 is a big dance band. Though I like hard-core bum, I like variety vitamin a well. Though “ beautiful day ” came in and ruined everything, Go back to 80s and 90s U2 and there are some excellent songs to be heard. This is my favorite .
This sung is just amazing. honestly, how is this not unanimously # 1 ? The about military-esque rub-a-dub, the beautiful lyrics, the catchy guitar riff. And to top it all off, the live version is just as amaze. Woo !

Beautiful Day
This was the foremost song I ever heard by u2 and it ‘s my dad ‘s favorite sung and I fair love every little detail about this birdcall. I ca n’t think of anything that would make this birdcall more epic than it already is, it ‘s perfective in every way and it never get previous. U2 constantly .
It was a beautiful Day when this song was released. You ca n’t help but be glad when listening to it, it ‘s such a sweet sung. Everything in this birdcall good works, But this was a hard option, because they have so many AMAZING SONGS .
Brings spinal column memories from primary school. I love this song, it brings up my spirits any time I listen to it thus I do n’t think I ‘ll stop. Best U2 song by far ! Great meaning, bang-up drum. What more do you ask for in a sung ?
well the best song with I still Have n’t Found What I ‘m Looking For. The beat of this song is sol epic poem that make it different from the others songs .

Where the Streets Have No Name
literally the greatest sung ever written. If you do n’t believe me, you have n’t stood in that room surrounded by thousands of people in the absolute euphoria of that guitar line while Bono cries his soul out in birdcall .
This song is about judgment. He and his wife change of location on a mission trip to Ethiopia every year. In this country, your class determines the street you live on. sol barely by knowing the name of your street, person is already prejudging you. “ Where the Streets Have No name, “ is a place that Bono longs for where people are not prejudged in this manner .
I was born to the sound of U2 – no jest. And I ‘ve never turned back. This song may have been released years before I beginning entered the worldly concern, but it is by far the greatest thing I ‘ve ever heard. This is not U2 ‘s best song ; this is the world ‘s greatest song. fifth place is not well enough for this masterpiece !
People pace “ With or Without You ” and “ Sunday Bloody Sunday ” higher, but in my opinion, this has to be U2 ‘s best composing. The Edge ‘s flick here merely clings to you from the moment you hear it, and the amazing lyrics and Bono ‘s herculean vocals are merely a regale to the ears. # 1 for me without a doubt .

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
For me, this is the best song always. I can listen to this sung for hours, because it feels as if the sung never very ends. It ‘s about finding your destiny, about love, about religion, about who you are, about hope, about whatever you want. Everyone can relate to this song, I think. And I will keep listen this beautiful song, because I still have n’t found what I ‘m looking for .
I ‘m voting for this song because I think it deserves to be at least count 3. With or without you and One are perfectly situated on this tilt but this sung needs to move up a few more notches to count 3 in my opinion. Beautiful song that ‘s so well written and the vocals are barely amazing .
I think its one of the deep and move song in their library since it involves themes such as dismissal ampere well as fundamental property of our nature : mistakes that are made before we find redemption or entity, if you will .
lone U2 can package gospel into a sung and make it something that every homo being on earth can feel and connect to, regardless of religion .

Pride (In the Name of Love)
This is a capital rock song.. The drumming is legendary.. It deserves to be in d top 5.. My tilt wouldve been as under 1. One 2. Pride 3. I still have n’t found 4. With or without you 5. The Fly 6. sometimes you ca n’t make it on your own 7. Miss Sarajevo 8. beautiful Day 9. The hands that built america 10. Love is blindness
Pride ( in the identify of love ) is their best sung I think. Timeless, bright, Inspiring … it precisely radiates love and passion.

For me :

1. Pride
2. I still have n’t found what I ‘m looking for
3. Where the streets have no name
4. One
5. With or without you
This sung is out standing ! It is the best song on the unforgettable fire ! The cram is the best by larry mullen junior and the guitar is just awesome by the Edge and the vocals are sweet and adam is good .
beautiful Day is an incredibly boring song ( unfortunately U2 has been overall quite boring ever since their first four albums ) and this song is incredible. How could it be all the room down here at 7 ?

New Year’s Day
Wow what an intro ca n’t be mistaken for any other birdcall um who sang this
Does n’t happen.
Has a big air of mystery like all great songs means all things to all people.
Crashed my car to this on … On a frigid New years day.
Singing me chops off lived to tell the narrative unlike the car .
Some songs you like the beginning fourth dimension you hear them but then they get previous. Some songs you do n’t like at first but they grow on you. then there are the rare gems like this birdcall … capital the first time and placid great a million plays late. Great guitar, great vocals, bang-up keyboard to add a melodious spirit, capital bass and drums for an incredible basis. It does not get any better than this song .
Trying to identify the 10 Best U2 songs is like trying to carry 15 arrant, blue apples in your arms. It ‘s an exercise in futility. But this is my vote for the Best U2 birdcall.
I love the honest-to-god U2. I do n’t care that they ‘ve got old they should hush be able to write songs like this. Ca n’t understand why they seem incapable of doing indeed now .

On the surface its about a girl enjoying a nox out in a cabaret. But if you know your bible, it besides contains references to Jesus ‘ temptation by the satan. The song conflates the 2nd and 3rd temptations, where the annoy takes Jesus astir to the exceed of the temple ( hence the sensation of dizziness ) and then offers to give Jesus the kingdoms of the earth if Jesus just bows down and worships him ( Jesus, of class, rejected Satan ‘s offer ). I wonder what temptations the girl in the cabaret should be rejecting. Great birdcall !
actually I was between this and where the streets have no name and voted this 1 because it was lower. This might sound rediculous but I actually do n’t like some of the top 10 songs at all. I mean sure I had to choose between many but with or wothout u, still have n’t found and one werent in those – I know its weird- specially about the 1st 1 but these songs barely leave me with a taste of unsatuisfaction in the end
How is this not higher ? It is the only U2 song you can listen to just to have fun. No dramatic message, no cryptic intend, no politics, good beneficial playfulness Rock music. They should have more big songs like this one
Ultimate song for me at least ! Awesome music, excellent vocals ! Can listen to this song over and over again ! badly should be much higher on the list..

Mysterious Ways
10 What kind of folly is this ? Scroll down, people and vote this birdcall ! The song is rocking ! The entirely thing better than hearing this on a radio is hearing it know .
still a sonically stream birdcall. Edge ‘s guitar effects actually stand out, and Bono ‘s portrait of putting women on a base is an interesting theme .
The chorus can literally send such mighty emotions down one ‘s spine !
What ? Number 13 ? People these days

The Contenders
I Will Follow
11 Best of the bunch and that is saying something. This song is one of my all time favorites from any group. It ‘s a pace up from the others. Second would be Where the Streets Have No name .
authoritative ! First big U2 hit ! How could this song be out of the exceed 10 ?
This one could replace Vertigo or City of Blinding Lights which came very late on U2 ‘s career !
decidedly second base to Sunday bloody Sunday, I mean have you heard the guitar riff on this, it ‘s amazing
The best intro ever

All I Want is You
12 What the hell ! ? This should be on the first page, that ‘s probably why it has n’t been pushed up because most people have n’t noticed it. This birdcall has the most incredible trance-like riff out of all of U2 ‘s songs, and provides the greatest feeling out of any of their songs. It is the merely one of their songs which has the ability to make me shout of happiness, that ‘s how powerful it is .
Agreed with the comments below … How the heck is this on the end page ? EASILY one of the top 10 U2 songs. This song and Bad … I ca n’t even put it into words how it makes my person feel. Simply amazing … Beautiful and sung/played with such emotion and depth. even when I try to sing it I ca n’t make it through … The mean and music take over every character of me, through and through .
This song is quintessential U2. It ‘s such and simple, moving, effortless love ballad with sweeping orchestral arrangements that make you want to not only sing along with move your hole body to the wave of emotion coming at you. Powerful song. lead 5 for me .
All I Want is You, all the way down here ? Listen to this song guy ! It just exemplifies sol much of what makes U2 capital. One of their best pieces instrumentally ( the Edge goes off ! ), Bono ‘s vocals are fantastic and lyrics are amazing. decidedly circus tent 3 for mine .

13 Watch the Live Aid performance. Prime Bono vocals. Electric energy from the entire band and audience. Bono leaping from the stage ( credibly 10 feet ) into the consultation to rescue a girlfriend being crushed. Bono holding her stopping point and slow dance as the band thunder on. It ‘s everything that makes U2 U2. This song is acme 5 AT LEAST .
decidedly their best birdcall know. It seems like they can drag the sung out forever and it equitable keeps coming at you, it does n’t fade away at all, if you ‘ll pardon the pun. thus many different versions as well. A identical emotional song obviously for Bono losing his supporter on his 21st Birthday to a heroin overdose, and I think that raw emotion comes out in the live performances .
I ‘ve been a huge fan of U2 since constantly and arsenic much as I like many of their songs I only love 2 beyond words : All I want is you and this one. Every time I hear Bad I demand silence, and I do get very aroused listen to it. There ‘s merely another song in music history that makes me feel like that, and it ‘s Pink Floyd ‘s wish you were here. That ‘s how bang-up this song is.

so amazing, emotional, heartfelt … Find the versions from Rattle and Hum and Live Aid on YouTube and you will see how it takes on a whole fresh grade of saturation and love in a bouncy dress. And it has Bono ‘s best-written, most potent lyrics :

“ If I could, through myself, set your spirit absolve
I ‘d lead your heart away, see you break, break away
Into the half light, and through the flame ”

Walk On
14 What … the actual … FRICK. This is one of u2 ‘s most moving and brawny songs. The message, the passion. It all merely works. Bono ‘s lyrics and vocals are amazing, the guitar riff is bare yet stands out as one of their best riffs made, and this birdcall is cause of death live. not alone is this one of their best songs, but it is THE best cheeseparing they have. ( other than with or without you ) How is this not in the top 5 ?
This is # 12 ? Should be in the top FIVE at least. It ‘s my moment favored behind Pride ( in the appoint of love ) and I think the problem is cipher has heard it. This is such an amazing birdcall. “ You could have flown away … a spill the beans dame in an open cage … that would merely fly, alone fly for freedom … ” now those are some of the best lyrics always .
This is the song that connects the whole album in concert, All That You Ca n’t Leave Behind. The live performance is the best out of all songs, and the record should at least make top 10 !
HOW in the diagnose of God is this # 31 ? ! ? ! ? Are you people unplayful ? Go and listen to this song right now and tell me it should n’t be in the top 10 .

Even Better Than the Real Thing
15 This is the best song from U2 in my opinion because it epitomizes everything … Beat, lyrics, crazy Edge guitar study, big bass line and they play with the dynamics. Just perfect .
In my opinion “ even Better than the real matter ” deserves to be in the top-5 of U2 .

16 This is U2 ‘s best song along with Beautiful Day and Vertigo. If you do n’t agree, you ‘re a gram molecule diggin ‘ in a hole .
One of U2 ‘s heavier songs and a very, very catchy one, my personal front-runner .
Great song, amazing beatnik … you can not help but dance when Elevation is on !
14 best song ? You got tantalum be kidding me !
One of their best …

17 first song I ever heard from U2, thanks to MTV. I thought, “ Cool, who is this band ? “ then a year late, heard New Year ‘s Day, and thought, “ Ok, WHO is this band ? ! “
Surprised this is then far down the list .
One of the best video .

City of Blinding Lights
18 I credibly wo n’t agree with U2 old school boys, but this song is wide of emotions from the begin till the end. The death of it ‘s kind public treasury now. absolutely recorded in studio ampere well as in a exist concert, and decidedly made to bring down any stadium. Have to listen it !
Anyday, this is the best song from U2. U2 ‘s live stage performance of this song is indeed amazing. Full of energy, gets you all pumped up and cook to rock and roll. I do n’t understand why it is n’t in the top 5. It has everything a song needs to be in the top 5 .
You have got to be joking with me ! 9th ? ! ? ! This is an amazing song. Every time that I listen to it, I feel that the city is animated and it ‘s very beautiful. It truly brings out the smasher of a city at night. ‘Specially NY.
I like all the songs on the list, but I am voting for this one because it is such a exalted scale song. It has a bang-up intro that takes a well sum of prison term to set up the tone of the sung .

19 Oh my password ! It ca n’t be possible for one ring to make this much full music ! This song is plainly Amazing. The words are meaningful, in true U2 style. But the music ! Flip Banana !
“ This birdcall is about letting die of person you do n’t wan na let go of..
Could be a lover, could be a father, could be a friend, could be a child, this is Kite. ”
Bono is fabled !
decidedly, one of U2 ‘s most under-rated song !
The emotion behind this birdcall is just overwhelm .
Inspirational and beautiful message. incredible song and one of the greatest of they ‘re exercise .
What to say ! I merely marvellous.. What a tune

20 I do not have a favorite U2 song, so I am voting for this one because it is the most deserve to be higher than it is right now.

So much department of energy and passion, to dance to this song is to do what everyone else in the populace should be doing. Quality tune .
classic song with an addictive sound that deserves to be much higher on the list .
How is overplayed With Or Without You # 1 and this is n’t even in the top 10.
My favored of U2 ‘s songs ! Love it, constantly cheers me up !

The Unforgettable Fire
21 This song makes me get two kinds of emotion.
beginning, there is this emotion of being on a party but going outside, a feel not to explain, just to feel on parties or anything.
On the other hand, there is this emotion of saturated feelings rising up, so unvoiced they sometimes make me cry .
SEVERELY underestimate. It ‘s very touch and has senesce, meaningful lyrics that I think everyone can relate to at some luff of their life sentence. Vote this up into at least top 20, Please !
Brian Eno pulled so much out of them to change their sound and this sung and album are so underestimate. I can listen to this album side to side to side to side all day. every birdcall is a soul toucher. This song reminds me of falling in beloved bet on in the 80s with a identical interest girl. That is the thing about U2 sol many of their songs put you to a home and point of reference in your life. They are sincerely beyond impression .
Love this song it is not an anthem it is complex intense poetic and beautiful and shows a deep side to the band. gorgeous

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
22 Something to headbang to that throws a sprinkle of disturbing material in there.
I like this song a distribute and agree that it is on the top ten-spot .
Great Song with a capital riff by the edge !
This is such an underestimate song .


In brilliant, U2 are NOT lyrically very convincing, the song being about two lovers finding ‘common establish ‘ and devoting their life to worship, as quoted by Bono. But the clean composition and cagey use of african percussion and other sounds, notably the unique harmonize progressions and a identical supportive bass gave me an about transcendental listen experience.

Magnificent was the highlight of it ‘s album but was n’t a graph best, possibly because that album was excessively much experimental in creation.

The song might never be mentioned along with the likes of one, Beautiful day, WOWY, WTSHNN, Pride, Sunday Bloody Sunday or even lesser multitude favourites such as All I want is you, vertigo etc, but the fact is that it had me hooked on to it for about 2 years and I used to listen to it at least twice/thrice daily for that period GETS IT MY VOTE. It ‘s not the best but being the inaugural U2 sung that I heard, it introduced me to the amazing U2 and … more
Awesome birdcall … No doubt one of the best song of u2. This song brilliant is in truth brilliant. Hey guys please vote for this song. This song is amazing aplomb. equitable listen to it, particularly the guitar dowry is amazing. And of course it … Should be in clear 3
Why the hell is this so low in the list. I expected it to be number one or at least in the top 5. Before you vote, listen to this. It you like U2 you will love this birdcall. I still ca n’t believe this is # 22 on the list. This is epicly brawny .
I think this is the best U2 song. It represents U2 ‘s sounds perfectly. The song is perfective, even though it can be boring with the time. The chords are amazing, bass channel perplex .

Bullet the Blue Sky
24 Why in the world is this amazing sung in # 37 ! ? The brake drum, bass, and Bono ‘s voice telling a fib about coming to America is one that will stand the test of time for those who are wishing to journey to America to seek a better life. The sounds and setting for this sung makes it my best and most favorite U2 sung ( followed by Mysterious Ways and I still Have n’t Found What I ‘m Looking For )
It appears to have been inspired by the Hendrix vogue. The tones are all over the position and yet it is cohesive and aroused. Hendrix would have covered this while.
It deserves a lot more good position.

decidedly deserves better .

25 How can this be 79 ? It ‘s easily one of their top 3, and one of the circus tent 20 songs of all time, by anyone

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