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Company and product Year Description Ref. Pepsi 2003 Featuring her song “Crazy in Love”, the commercial sees Beyoncé sip a Pepsi can. [164] True Star 2003 Shot in black and white, the commercial features Beyoncé singing “Wishing on a Star” as she tumbles around. [165] Pepsi 2004 In the commercial, Beyoncé faces off Britney Spears and P!nk in a Roman arena as gladiators. However, they throw their weapons and instead of fighting, sing a rendition of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”. [166] Pepsi 2005 After practicing a martial art with Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé leaves with Lopez to a Pepsi bar, where they defeat a group of men in a fight. English footballer David Beckham and a rendition of “Wild Thing” by The Troggs are featured in the commercial. [164] American Express 2007 Shot by photographer Annie Leibovitz in Charlotte, North Carolina, it also features the singer’s mother Tina Knowles. [167] DirecTV 2007 Portions of the music video for “Upgrade U” was re-shot and used as a commercial advertising high definition satellite television from DirecTV. [168] American Express 2008 In the ad, Beyoncé tells Ellen DeGeneres to “have your people call my people” for her concert tickets. DeGeneres begins a search to “find my people” who can get her into the show before relying on her American Express card. [170] L’Oréal 2008 Also featuring Solange, it shows Beyoncé with windblown blonde hair and a skin tone that the New York Post dubbed “shocking.” [171] L’Oréal 2009 Beyoncé stars alongside Eva Longoria and Elizabeth Banks. The ad features the spokespeople talking about the brand’s new make-up. The company stated that this new makeup features a creamy yet ultra-light texture that glides onto skin – mimicking skin tone and texture – while providing the same flawless, natural finish of a liquid makeup. [172] Crystal Geyser 2009 Beyoncé appears dancing and drinking water while her song “Sweet Dreams” is played in the background. [173] Rhythm Heaven 2009 Nintendo hired Beyoncé to push its wares on the mainstream market. In the spot, she adores the upcoming DSi handheld and quirky music game Rhythm Heaven. [174] Helping Hand 2009 Beyoncé also teamed up with the “Show Your Helping Hand” hunger relief initiative and General Mills Hamburger Helper. The goal was to help Feeding America deliver more than 3.5 million meals to local food banks. “Halo” was used as the backing music for the commercial. [175] Style Savvy/Style Boutique 2010 Beyoncé shot two commercials for Style Savvy, a new fashion video game for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi. Five designs from the real-life Deréon clothing line co-created by Beyoncé herself and her mother/designer Tina, were later available for download in Style Savvy. [176] Heat 2010 Features Beyoncé writhing against a bathroom wall in a barely-there red dress to the strains of her cover of “Fever”. In the UK it was deemed unsuitable for airing at a time when younger children may be viewing television. [179] L’Oréal 2010 Beyoncé applies L’Oréal Infallible lipstick in the commercial. [184] L’Oréal 2011 Promoting L’Oréal Paris Féria hair color, and uses the track “Naughty Girl”. [185] Target Corporation 2011 Promoting the Target-exclusive deluxe edition of 4, featuring tracks “1+1” and “Countdown”. [186] L’Oréal 2012 Promotes L’Oréal Paris True Match Makeup, using her varied ethnic backgrounds. [187] Pepsi 2013 Promoting the Pepsi brand through a 50-million dollar deal. The commercial featured the new song “Grown Woman”. [189] Gucci 2013 Promoting Chime for Change, a Gucci campaign that works to empower women around the world. An early instrumental of “Pretty Hurts” can be heard in the background of the commercial. [191] Toyota 2014 Promoting Toyota in foreign countries. “XO”, a song from Beyoncé’s self-titled album premieres in the commercial. [192]
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