Beyoncé’s 10 Best Singles, Ranked By Spotify Streams

She ‘s the Queen B of chart-topping hits and energizing bops. But what are Beyoncé ‘s most popular singles ever, according to Spotify ? When one thinks of a list of the biggest celebrities on the planet, international prima donna Beyoncé is one that comes to mind. There ‘s no bigger power in the music industry in terms of sales than her, and that includes streaming numbers, besides .
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even though Beyoncé keeps her music off of non-TIDAL pour services for up to years at a time, she silent has some of the best numbers in the industry when it comes to both albums and singles, dating all the manner back to an era before these stream services, specifically Spotify, even existed.

10 If I Were A Boy – 343 Million

If I Were A Boy Beyoncé
part of a dual-release single strategy with the following song on this list preceding the album I Am … Sasha Fierce, If I Were a Boy is one of Beyoncé ‘s biggest singles of all time .
A rare down-tempo mega-hit, If I Were a Boy is one of Beyoncé ‘s songs with a firm feminist theme to it, discussing all of the double-standards that women face on a daily footing compared to men. distinctly, this message resonated with listeners around the world .

9 Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) – 344 Million

Beyoncé Single Ladies Screenshot
The early song that was a character of the dual-release was Single Ladies ( Put a hoop on It ). The song is actually Beyoncé ‘s last solo No. 1 hit on Billboard as of the time of this compose .
Single Ladies was ineluctable at the time of its release, and Beyoncé promoted through a skid of performances after its release. Beyoncé would n’t have a No. 1 murder after this song for many years. More on that sung late, however .

8 Irreplaceable – 349 Million

Beyoncé B'Day album cover
Irreplaceable is another one of the singer ‘s biggest hits, one of the singles off of her mega-smash album B’Day. This was another Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 for Beyoncé .
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The birdcall is absolutely iconic for numerous reasons, but the phrase “ to the left, to the left, ” will go down arsenic one of the most mighty lines in all of music history. Truly, who else is doing it like her ?

7 Run The World (Girls) – 369 Million

Beyoncé Run The World (Girls) Video
While not one of the singer ‘s biggest hits, Run the World ( Girls ) is hush an iconic sung, and as it was released closer to the streaming earned run average than the foremost three songs on this list, it makes feel that its stream numbers are a bite higher .
The song is a feminist anthem proclaiming who it is that actually runs the populace … girls. With powerful choreography and some fantastic live performances, this sung will constantly be a classic .

6 Love On Top – 378 Million

Beyoncé Love on Top Video
The biggest hit on Beyoncé ‘s album 4 is Love on Top, an absolute bop that, while a beloved song in its own right, is remembered for being the sung that the singer performed while pregnant at the VMAs .
Love on Top is one of the singer ‘s biggest Spotify hits of all time, but it does n’t come close to the next few entries on the list .

5 Drunk In Love – 431 Million

Beyoncé Drunk in Love Video
Drunk in Love is one of the leave singles off of Beyonce’s 2013 self-titled surprise let go of that shook the music diligence and changed how music would be released from then on. Drunk in Love is one of the most iconic tracks off of one of the most iconic albums in all of music history .
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very few early artists are changing the entire music industry at the drop of a hat like Beyoncé is. however, when it comes to Spotify streams, Drunk in Love is n’t No. 1 from Beyoncé. That honor belongs to the next song on the list .

4 7/11 – 437 Million

7/11 Video Beyoncé
7/11 was n’t included on Beyoncé at release. rather, the song was a region of the album ‘s platinum expanded re-release that came one year former .
The song ‘s turn was accompanied by a video recording shoot in the singer ‘s home that shows her having a fun time with her dancers and has become iconic for showing off a slope to Beyoncé that is n’t often seen, making it a favorite among fans and casual listeners alike .

3 Crazy In Love – 536 Million

Beyoncé Crazy In Love Video
Crazy in Love is Beyoncé ‘s first single as a soloist, but it is much more than that. It is one of her biggest hits of all clock, one of her touch songs, and an absolute sock that will live on for decades .
If you add in the stream from the song ‘s slowed down remix for the 50 Shades of Grey movie, the song has been listened to about 700 million times on Spotify alone. The power !

2 Perfect (With Ed Sheeran) – 555 Million

Beyoncé Ed Sheeran performing Perfect
Beyoncé joined Ed Sheeran for a remixed pas de deux version of his hit Perfect in 2017, and it marked the singer ‘s first climb to the peak of the Billboard Hot 100 since Single Ladies ( Put a ring on It ) about 10 years prior .
While Perfect is a firm track in its own right field, the Beyoncé remix adds so much and makes an already solid ballad an absolutely fantastic duet between two incredible singers. The two singers ‘ voices blend beautifully together to make for a fantastic traverse .

1 Halo – 885 Million

Love On Top Beyoncé Video
Beyoncé ‘s biggest hit in terms of streaming numbers is Halo, the fourth single on I Am … Sasha Fierce. The song originally reached a vertex of No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 but was a mega-hit in countries around the world adenine well .
Halo is a case of Beyoncé ‘s incredible vocals and highlights why she is the international star that she is. It ‘s only a matter of time before this track hits 1 billion streams .
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