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2017 one by Billie Eilish

2017 unmarried by Billie Eilish
Bellyache “ is a song by american singer Billie Eilish from her introduction EP, Don’t Smile at Me ( 2017 ). The song was released as the EP ‘s second unmarried on February 24, 2017, through Darkroom and Interscope Records. It was written by Eilish and Finneas O’Connell, with product being handled by the latter. A midtempo electropop, R & B, and alternative hip hop song, it has hip hop, deep firm and Latin ghastly influences. lyrically, the song is written from the position of a psychopathic murderer. A remix by Marian Hill was released on May 5, 2017. The song received chiefly positive reviews from music critics, several of whom praised the production and lyrics.

The birdcall was accompanied by a music television, which was released on March 22, 2017. In it, Eilish is depicted in an all-yellow equip as she throws dollar bills in the air and dances along the highway. Although “ Bellyache ” did not enter the US Billboard Hot 100, it peaked at number three on the US Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart for 32 non-consecutive weeks, making it one of the longest ladder songs to chart there without ever entering the Hot 100. The song entered the crown 100 of charts in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Portugal, and Scotland. It was certified multiple platinum in Australia, the United States, and Mexico by the australian Recording Industry Association ( ARIA ), Recording Industry Association of America ( RIAA ), and Mexican Association of Producers of Phonograms and Videograms, A.C. ( AMPROFON ). Eilish included the song on the setlists of her 2019 When We All Fall Asleep Tour and her 2020 Where Do We Go ? World Tour .

Background and release [edit ]

pictured) to feature on the track. Eilish asked rapper Doja Cat ) to feature on the track. “ Bellyache ” was released for digital download and streaming on February 24, 2017, as the second single from Eilish ‘s debut EP Don’t Smile at Me, through Darkroom and Interscope Records. [ 1 ] The track was written by Eilish and her brother Finneas O’Connell, known under his degree identify of Finneas, with him entirely handling production. Mastering and mixing were handled by studio personnel John Greenham and Rob Kinelski, respectively. [ 2 ] In December 2021, American knocker Doja Cat revealed that she was asked by Eilish to feature on the track during its early stages of growth, yet declined since she was experiencing writer ‘s stuff at the meter. [ 3 ] In an interview with Teen Vogue, Eilish stated that “ Garbage ” ( 2013 ) by american knocker Tyler, the Creator was the biggest inspiration for the song : “ ‘Garbage ‘ was one of the biggest inspirations for writing my song, ‘bellyache ‘. It ‘s more graphic than my song, it ‘s more literal and ‘I ‘m killing people and putting them in my basement ‘ kind of song. I ‘m a huge fan of Tyler, he ‘s been my biggest inhalation always. ” [ 4 ] A remix of the song was created by Marian Hill, an american english songwriting couple, and was released on May 5, 2017 for digital download. [ 5 ] Dan Regan of Billboard praised the remix, saying it “ amplifies the off-center feel with a rickety, futuristic drive ”. He continued, writing that the “ groove is crafty and just a little craze ”. [ 6 ]

typography and lyrics [edit ]

critical comment described “ Bellyache ” as a midtempo electropop, R & B, and alt-hip-hop song. [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] It has influences of hep hop, trench house, and Latin ghastly in the instrumentation. [ 10 ] [ 11 ] [ 12 ] According to sail music published by Universal Music Publishing Group at, “ Bellyache ” is composed in the key of E minor, at a moderate tempo of 100 beats per minute. Eilish ‘s vocals span a rate of E3 to B4. [ 13 ] The song ‘s pre-chorus hook features an “ acoustic practice ”, evolving into a “ sizzle drum machine ”. [ 14 ] Jason Lipshutz of Billboard mentioned that “ Bellyache ” has “ ghastly lyrics around a delectable pre-chorus hook and a firm acoustic traffic pattern that finally gives way to a sizzling drum machine ”. [ 14 ] The lyrics were inspired by the childhood guilt she felt after stealing toy from friends and her cripple stomach pains. [ 15 ] Eilish said that is about “ the concept of guilt ”. [ 11 ] The song ‘s lyrics were written from an entirely fictional position of a sociopath who kills those she is close to, including her friends and lover. [ 14 ] Eilish takes on the character of the sociopath who has killed her friends and dumped their bodies in the backseat of her car. [ 11 ] She besides sings about killing her fan and ditching his body in a gutter. [ 16 ] The song ‘s lyrics reference military action film V for Vendetta ( 2005 ). [ 7 ] Eilish told Paper magazine the plot of the song : “ [ The ] [ sung ] [ is ] [ about ] killing people and feeling guilty about it. [ It ‘s about ] getting a gripe because you barely killed a bunch of people, which you would if you barely killed a bunch of people if you were human. We kind of barely became this quality that knows they ‘re out of their thinker, but besides does n’t at the same prison term. ” [ 8 ]

critical reception [edit ]

“ Bellyache ” was met with largely positive reviews from music critics, with a number of them praising the lyrics and production. Mike Wass, writing for Idolator, called it a “ black synth-anthem that positively seethes fury and frustration ”. [ 17 ] Writing for Elle magazine, Estelle Tang labeled the song as a “ banger about bad decisions ”. [ 18 ] Eve Barlow of Vice described “ Bellyache ” as “ wholly psychotic ” and “ perfectly pop “. [ 11 ] Meaghan Garvey, writing for The Fader, cited the track as a “ snip ” and “ cowboy-ish number with a touch of deep-house bounce ”. [ 10 ] Ilana Kaplan of Paper noted that while Eilish ‘s 2016 singles “ Ocean Eyes “ and “ Six Feet Under “ are more popular, “ Bellyache ” has “ more of an R & B production angle ”, and admitted it would become more outstanding as Eilish released more songs in the future. [ 8 ] Mark Savage lauded the birdcall in his review for BBC News, saying it is the “ pop equivalent ” to the works of Quentin Tarantino, and finds “ comedian absurdity in the midst of dazzling gore ”. [ 19 ] The staff of LadyGunn compared the track to “ Ocean Eyes ”, saying it “ evoke [ second ] a dark Lorde over a trap -infused beat ”. [ 20 ] Writing for Atwood Magazine, Nicole Almeida commented that “ Bellyache ” gets “ better with every listen ”. She elaborated, mentioning that “ the casual guitar strums coupled with Eilish unapologetic shape of [ the ] quality and beats actually challenge you not to move to them ”. Almedia concluded by calling the song “ one of the EP ‘s highlights ”. [ 21 ] Adrien Begrand from PopMatters affirmed the birdcall shows Eilish ‘s “ precocious talent ”. [ 22 ] NME ranked “ Bellyache ” at number four on their ‘Every single Billie Eilish song ranked in order of enormousness ‘ list. The staff described it as “ a wrench birdcall, but with a top of dry wit ”. [ 15 ] Insider ‘s describeded the lyrics as “ violent ” and “ night ”, commenting that they “ belie the song ‘s restfully upbeat melody ”, and prove Eilish and Finneas as “ some of the most talented and versatile artists making music today ”. [ 16 ]

commercial performance [edit ]

commercially, “ Bellyache ” did not enter the US Billboard Hot 100, though it peaked at number three on the US Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart, spending a milestone of 32 weeks on the graph. [ 23 ] On the US Alternative Digital Song Sales chart, the track peaked at number 11. [ 24 ] “ Bellyache ” received a double-platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of America ( RIAA ), which denotes track-equivalent sales of 2,000,000 certify units in the United States. [ 25 ] The song was more successful outside of the US. In Australia, “ Bellyache ” peaked at count 66 on the ARIA Singles Chart. [ 26 ] It was besides awarded a quadruple-platinum documentation by the australian Recording Industry Association ( ARIA ) for selling 20,000 track-equivalent units in the country. [ 27 ]

In the United Kingdom, the chase peaked at number 79 on the UK Singles Chart. [ 28 ] It was awarded a gold certificate by the british Phonographic Industry ( BPI ) for selling 400,000 track-equivalent units in the UK. [ 29 ] In Canada, the song peaked at issue 65 on the Canadian Hot 100 and was awarded a platinum certification by Music Canada ( MC ) for selling 80,000 track-equivalent units in the nation. [ 30 ] [ 31 ]

music video [edit ]

A woman pulls a red wagon down a street. Eilish pulls a crimson beach wagon down an empty road in the music television. An accompanying music video was uploaded to Eilish ‘s YouTube groove on March 22, 2017, and was directed by Miles and AJ. [ 17 ] In it, Eilish is shown stranded in the middle of a desert highway. [ 32 ] The flip is a shade of purple-blue, and the sides of the sidewalk are marked with cactus and sand. [ 7 ] She is dressed from head to toe in a chicken ensemble. [ 18 ] The video begins with Eilish walking down a long, empty abandon road, dragging a red beach wagon filled with garbage bags, which she finally reveals to be wide of cash. [ 32 ] Eilish starts to recount the bad things she has done, “ Where ‘s my judgment ? ” she wonders, before forgetting about it : “ Maybe it ‘s in the gutter, where I left my lover ? “. [ 18 ] Throughout the video, Eilish throws dollar bills in the air and dances along the highway. [ 33 ] The music video was positively received by critics. De Elizbeth of Teen Vogue said the video “ decidedly appeal feelings of summer ”, and that it will “ make you want to find your best romper and sunnies and be outside ”. [ 7 ] Ian David Monroe, writing for V magazine, described the ocular as “ a little punch-drunk ”, but said it was “ badly well-produced ”. [ 33 ] Writing for Nylon magazine, Sydney Gore compared Eilish ‘s look in the ocular to that of Uma Thurman in the 2003 American film Kill Bill. [ 32 ] Gore besides praised the choreography, saying that “ we ‘re experiencing hallucinations as we watch her female chest out some ill down the road which leads to the great unknown ”. [ 32 ] Jacob Moore of Complex magazine labeled the video as “ bright ”, “ arch ” and “ bewitching ”. [ 34 ] Nate D. Sanders auctioned a jaundiced rain suit and jacket closely identical to the outfit worn by Eilish in the music video for 12,000 dollars in February 2020. [ 35 ] alternatively of an “ adam ” on the presence of the kit, Eilish ‘s full name is signed in blocking letters on the right shoulder and her last identify is written in cursive across the front of the overalls. The list stated : “ outfit was worn by Eilish on several occasions according to the accompanying COA from MusiCares charity. A quintessential case of Billie Eilish ‘s personal stylus, wear and signed by the 5-time Grammy award winner. ” [ 36 ]

live performances and early custom [edit ]

Eilish performed “ Bellyache ” live during her north american 1 by 1 tour in 2018. [ 37 ] In February 2018, Eilish and Finneas performed an acousitc version of the song for Triple J. [ 38 ] In March 2018, Eilish performed the track on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. [ 39 ] In November of the same year, Eilish performed the song for Vevo Lift. [ 40 ] She sang it at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in April 2019, [ 41 ] and at the Glastonbury Festival in June of that year. [ 42 ] Eilish released an acoustic interpretation of “ Bellyache ” as separate of her alive album Live at Third Man Records on December 6, 2019. [ 43 ] In December 2019, Eilish performed “ Bellyache ” at the Steve Jobs Theater for the first annual Apple Music Awards after she won artist of the year, with O’Connell playing the piano. [ 44 ] “ Bellyache ” was besides included on the setlists of Eilish ‘s When We All Fall Asleep Tour ( 2019 ) and her Where Do We Go ? World Tour ( 2020 ). [ 45 ] [ 46 ] In May 2019, norwegian singer Sigrid covered “ Bellyache ” for Sveriges Radio ‘s P3 seance. Tom Skinner of NME described the blanket as “ stripped back ” and noted that it features Sigrid with an “ acoustic guitar and backing singer ”. [ 47 ]

track listings [edit ]

Digital download and streaming[1]
No. Title Length
1. “Bellyache” 2:59
Digital download – Marian Hill Remix[5]
No. Title Length
1. “Bellyache” Marian Hill Remix) 3:41

Personnel [edit ]

Credits adapted from the EP ‘s liner notes. [ 2 ]

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