Billie Eilish Experience Shows Untapped Potential In Music Marketing

Spotify launched an synergistic Billie Eilish music experience over the weekend. To celebrate the launch of her beginning studio album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go ? Eilish and Spotify designed the 29Rooms-like experience to take fans inside each of her 14 songs through smell, texture, colors, temperature and of course, music.
The Billie Eilish Experience took rate in Los Angeles for one weekend only and tickets promptly sold out. The experience was in partnership with Interscope records and supported by a digital political campaign and express edition clothing on the merch “ drop ” mobile platform NTWRK .
Marketing for music can frequently feel behind in comparison to other entertainment industries relying on the might of music streaming playlists and digital ad along with name recognition to drum up sales. still, seeing a sword newfangled artist on their first album tug the condition quo with a massive experiential market activation is noteworthy.
Eilish ’ sulfur album was besides promoted across digital and social channels with a YouTube front-page takeover, angstrom well as localized expose ads on UberEats. Eilish besides played the food manner of speaking military service ’ s express at SXSW in mid-march.

Guests to the Billie Eilish Experience were greeted by a giant star statue of the artist that was designed by contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. Fan art lined the walls as guests wandered through each song on the musician ’ s new album. One board evening had puppies from the Marley ’ s Mutts animal rescue that were free to roam and play.
In a post on Spotify ’ second Newsroom, each song and correspond room experience is described as such, “ ‘ all the good girls go to hell ‘ – Get ready to descend into the underworld. The experience heats up for “ all good girls go to hell, ” where you ’ ll find yourself surrounded by LED flames and scorching floors. ”
Eilish explained that she wanted listeners to physically feel her music and creative process, from subwoofers in the floor to items they can touch .
“ I wanted a visualize that wasn ’ t barely a bunch of songs put together and [ once ] you listen to them, it ’ mho over, ” Eilish said in a television. “ I wanted it to [ include ] the solid body and energy and every classify of sense. I wanted it to literally be an experience. ”

As mentioned, NTWRK partnered with Eilish to sell her trade through the mobile app from March 29-April 2. The items, all under $ 60, include a bathrobe, tee shirt, long-sleeved shirt and bucket hats. The artist will be performing at Coachella, so NTWRK hoped the time would allow fans to wear her designs at the concert.
music publishers are finding new ways to let fans interact with releases and artists. Sony launched a music feel at its Sony Square NYC placement end year and hosted a pop-up book in SoHo that featured private concerts, music customizations and weekly on-line shows.

Augmented and virtual reality integrations are besides becoming more common, animating album covers or creating 360-degree experiences for fans. Social media companies are investing millions in music license with the hope of creating personalize experiences, a well.
“ We ’ re seeing a big fresh brandish of start-ups coming to us wanting to talk about how music, or music video recording, can be a separate of their offerings, apps, sociable message, virtual reality [ and ] augmented world products, ” Ole Obermann, chief digital policeman and EVP of occupation development for Warner Music said in IFPI ’ second 2017 state of the diligence report .

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