Billy Joel on Not Working and Not Giving Up Drinking – The New York Times

B.J.: It wasn ’ thyroxine finished. Some of it hadn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate been filled out in detail, but there was a begin, a middle and an conclusion. then I saw this marketing crusade — “ Divorce, Depression and Drinking. ” We talked about some of those things, but that ’ s not the kernel of the koran. I realized that was going to be the nature of the political campaign. They wanted more sex, drugs and rock ’ n ’ seethe, and there ’ s not that much in my animation. What I wanted to do was have a book that set the record straight. There ’ second so much misinformation about me. There have been some ersatz biographies where they talk to person I knew for five minutes or some disgruntle members of the ring. And I ’ five hundred be reading these books saying : “ No, no, that ’ s not correct. You know what ? I should write a book. ” I wasn ’ t interest in doing a tell-all. I ’ m not going to talk about people who I was involved in relationships with. I ’ thousand merely not that kind of guy. A.G.: So the publisher actually told you, “ More sexual activity. ” B.J.: Fred Schruers, my co-writer, was submitting it. They said to Fred, “ We need more of the arouse and the wives and the girlfriends and toast and divorce and the depression. ” I covered it all. But I didn ’ thymine go into contingent about my personal liveliness. If they want to poke Fred with hot needles to get him to make up lewd details, go ahead, but I ’ m not going to do it. I ’ thousand not a analyst. I don ’ t know why I drank therefore much. I don ’ thymine pledge to A.A., I don ’ thymine subscribe to 12-step stuff. sometimes I barely overdid it. A.G.: What did you drink ?

B.J.: I started with Dewars White Label Scotch and then, when I truly got heavy into it, it was vodka. Vodka is a hard-core alcoholic drink. I could take it in shots or I could just mix it with something. I can ’ t even smell the material anymore. It makes me ill. But it wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate coherent, it would be periods of time, during a disassociate or something. A.G.: so did you quit cold turkey ?

B.J.: No, I have a glass of wine once in a while, and I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hide it. I have a methamphetamine of wine with a meal. A.G.: A ten ago, before you entered rehab, there was a menstruation of two years in which you had three cable car accidents that involved hitting inanimate objects.

B.J.: The first accident, there was no drink involved. And I didn ’ t hit a tree. It ’ second these truly dark roads back up here at night. The car went off the road and into a mud furrow. I had gone through a dissolution and was actually broken up about it, and I decided I ’ thousand drink excessively a lot. I should go to rehab. But people made a connection, like, “ Oh, he went there because he was in a car accident from drinking. ” No. The second accident was over here on the room out of town. It ’ s called Dead Man ’ s Curve, and it was black ice ; that wasn ’ thyroxine drink in, either. The car slide and smashed into a tree. I went to rehab in ’ 05 because, when I was with Katie, she said, “ You ’ ra drink room besides much. ” I never had a D.U.I. in my animation. That ’ s another fallacy. Look at the patrol records. A.G.: What was going on with you at the time ? B.J.: I was kind of in a mental obscure, and it had nothing to do with the drink. My heed wasn ’ thymine correct. I wasn ’ thyroxine focused. I went into a deeply, deep natural depression after 9/11. 9/11 barely knocked the scent out of me, and I don ’ metric ton know even now if I ’ ve recovered from it. It truly, truly hurt that world could do that to man. And then there was a dissolution with person, and it took me a while to get me back on my feet again .

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