Billy Ray Cyrus ‘Would Die’ for Lil Nas X

truncheon Ray Cyrus has had something of a area music career rebirth since lending his vocals to Lil Nas X ‘s record-breaking hit unmarried ‘Old Town Road ‘. What ‘s more, the 58-year-old singer ‘s improbable partnership with the then-19-year-old rapper ( Lil Nas is now 20 ) has evolved into a firm aroused bond. “ I have adopted Lil Nas X, ” Cyrus said in a late interview with Us Weekly. “ Every extremity of my family loves Lil Nas and he is family. ” And it ‘s his family that Cyrus has to thank for his fruitful working relationship with Nas : specifically, his daughter Miley. “ At a certain charge I said, ‘Man, did I trade wind in my best years of music to become an actor ? ‘ ” Cyrus told Insider this workweek. “ And then along comes Lil Nas X, and he told me the reason he reached out to me was because he said I was the merely country dandy that he knew because of Hannah Montana. ” The copulate ‘s country collab is the inspiration for Doritos ‘ raw commercial which will air during tomorrow ‘s Super Bowl. It stars Lil Nas opposition fabled western actor Sam Elliott, with a cameo from Cyrus himself. When Lil Nas X came out as brave in 2019 following his success with ‘Old Town Road ‘, he became possibly the single highest profile black gay artists working in rap, and in the music business at large. That did n’t come without a downside : Lil Nas was forced to justify his decision to come out to comedian Kevin Hart, and he has received instantaneously homophobic abuse on-line.

But Cyrus will always have his back. “ I feel like I would die for that son, I actually would. I love him so much, ” he said, expressing his pride in Lil Nas for being himself and pushing boundaries through his art. “ I ’ m thus gallant of him, and I ’ ll stand with him till the very end, ” he added. “ Beyond the love is the respect that you ’ re looking at a valet who used his beware, his human thinker, to go somewhere and take down some walls in this music business that had never been taken down earlier. ”

Philip Ellis
Philip Ellis is a freelance writer and diarist from the United Kingdom covering toss off culture, relationships and LGBTQ+ issues .
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