Billy Ray Cyrus on Why He Almost Turned Down ‘Old Town Road’ Collaboration

Billy Ray Cyrus ‘ remix of “ Old Town Road ” with Lil Nas X is one of the area music star topology ‘s most successful singles — and it about did n’t happen !
The singer wrote a piece on the rapper as character of TIME magazine ‘s 2019 TIME 100 Next, in which he admits that, upon first hearing the song, he said he had nothing to contribute to make it better and took some convincing to get involved.

“ I was having coffee and Ron Perry from Columbia Records sent me ‘Old Town Road. ‘ He said Lil Nas X wanted me to sing on it. But I told Columbia it was perfective. I could n’t do anything to it, ” he writes. “ They asked if I ‘d give it a shoot and come into the studio with Nas to record a third base verse. ” Cyrus went on to explain good how straightforward the write march was, vitamin a good as sharing the indelible impact Lil Nas X left on him .
“ We wrote it with R & B songwriter Jozzy, and it was born right there in the studio. It was charming. I told Nas he was going to be a inner light in this world and he would shine brighter than anyone else. And he has, ” he shares. “ He ‘s brought everyone together, from all musical genres and generations. ‘Old Town Road ‘ changed my worldly concern — and his — forever. ” On Wednesday, it was announced that the pair won the musical event of the Year CMA Award ahead of the awards show that evening. Nas soon tweeted about the stimulate news, which was announced on estimable Morning America, write, “ LET ‘S GOOOOOOOOO ! ! ! ! ! ! ” This is just the latest honor the track has received after setting a new criminal record, spending a whack 19 weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart earlier this year. ET caught up with Cyrus at MTV ‘s Video Music Awards bet on in August — where “ Old Town Road ” won Song of the Year — and he raved about the fan reply to the massive reach .
“ Tonight ‘s merely a celebration, to be hera with these fans, the fans made the birdcall happen, ” he said. “ It ‘s their record and being here tonight is precisely therefore much fun. ”

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“ It ‘s crazy, it ‘s crazy. Again, the people took this sung and they made it their own, you know, ” he stated after introducing Nas ‘ performance of “ Panini. ” “ It ‘s merely been a heck of a ride and it ‘s been a set of playfulness, ” he gushed. “ Seeing Lil Nas take the stage just nowadays, I mean, he ‘s electric. ” See more on Cyrus and Nas below .


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