How to book your first gig

Booking your first gig: advice for bands Maybe you ’ ve formed a new band that hasn ’ t played out however, but you ’ re ready to book your first gig. possibly you ’ re a songwriter looking to passage from clear mics to longer shows. possibly you ’ re an old pro who ’ s coming back from a long break and you ’ ra not sure how booking gigs works these days .
good, there ’ s more than one direction to skin a caterpillar, as they say, but most musicians I know used some version of this basic approach in arrange to book their first shows :

Wait until you’re ready to perform

No sense in looking for a gig if your first show is going to be a trail wreck. Focus on practicing until you ’ rhenium convinced that you can put on a show that you ’ d actually want to see. Patience, grasshopper. You merely get one opportunity to have a debut performance .

Make a “demo” recording or video

“ Demo ” is kind of an outdated term these days, particularly when so many people are recording at base and have the opportunity to tinker until they ’ ve built a finished birdcall from what started as a demonstration session. But think of it this way : you need a way to demonstrate your endowment and your style to the book agentive role. A commemorate of your best birdcall or a YouTube television of you performing ( presumably in your basement or garage, since you haven ’ thyroxine played live however ) is the best manner to show a booker what you can offer.

Ask your connections in other bands

Have any friends in bands that need an open act ? Do you already know any venue owners or booking agents ? Whenever possible you want to call upon your existing net within the local music community to make this summons easier .

Visit the venues and introduce yourself

OK, so you don ’ t have any connections to help you take a short-cut to your first gig. then it ’ south time to do some legwork. Go check out the venues in town that you ’ d like to play at .
Keep in thinker, you ’ re going to need to rally all of your friends and family to come to your beginning gig. How many people is that realistically ? 15 ? 25 ? 35 ? That ’ s not enough folks to fill a big music venue, thus possibly you should start with smaller clubs, bars, and restaurants. Go pay them a visit. Get a drink. See some music. lecture to the bartender. Ask if the booker is around. Make some conversation and get a sense for what they ’ ra looking for from the musicians they hire. Make mental notes .

Research the venues online

once you ’ re binding home plate, get on the calculator and visit the web site for each of those venues .
Read their book guidelines. Does it placid seem like a good fit for your music ? Can you deliver what they ’ re asking for ? ( For exemplify : a minimum of 25 attendees, a three-hour set, bringing your own PA, etc. ) If then, make note of the booking electronic mail address or use their on-line mannequin to…

Contact the booker, venue owner, or talent buyer

Write a brief e-mail asking if you can play at their space. Again, keep it BRIEF. If it ’ s excessively long, you ’ re pretty much guaranteed to be ignored ( since these folks probably get dozens or hundreds of emails a day ).

hera ’ s what you should include in your electronic mail :

  • Address it to their actual name, not “to whom it may concern” or “hello booking agent.”
  • A short introduction describing in one or two sentences the sound of your music, the size of your group, and where you’re from.
  • Provide a link to your band’s audio recordings, videos, etc. Do NOT send attachments unless they specifically ask for them.
  • Personalize it; if you met the booker already, or if you checked out the venue and really thought it was an awesome room, let them know.
  • Ask for the gig; be specific and tell them what nights or time-slots you’re looking to play.
  • Mention that it will be your first gig, but you’re ready to make the event a crazy success.
  • Tell them how many people you can bring out. Be realistic. Don’t lie or exaggerate. That will only hurt you afterwards.
  • Be flexible and offer to put a whole bill (a grouping of bands) together if that would help, or to open for touring bands.
  • Provide your contact info (email and phone) and politely sign off.

Alright. That ’ s about it. now you merely wait for a reply. Hopefully it ’ s a YES. If so, congrats. now it ’ south time to start promoting your foremost show .
How did you book your first show ? Let us know in the comments below .

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