Get ready to hear Ed Sheeran’s new music at every wedding from now until his next album

travel with me back to the leap of 2013. Pope Francis has become the first base latin american pope. “ The Great Gatsby ” film has equitable come out and everyone is wondering if this will ultimately get Leo an Oscar. ( It won ’ t ). And the words “ twerk ” and “ selfie ” are added to the dictionary. I am in the one-eighth grade, 14 years old and bristling with adolescent angst. The car radio plays Ed Sheeran ’ s “ The A Team ” endlessly on every place. And then when I cave and pay the 99 cents to download the song onto my ipod Touch, it becomes the birdcall that begins impulsive every fourth dimension I get in the car because it is foremost in the alphabetic queue. I have credibly heard the open notes to “ The A Team ” more times than I have always heard any other sung. No matter how far he has risen in fame, Ed Sheeran has stayed truthful to himself. today, May 25, 2013 is the day I will see my first-ever live concert. Taylor Swift is performing at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Tex., on her “ Red ” go. Her opening act ? That ginger-haired guy from the car ’ randomness Apple music queue, Ed Sheeran. The only song of his I know all the words to is “ The A Team ” —and I have no estimate now what business I thought I had sing-screaming along to the lyrics in the cable car as though I, an innocent, suburban middle-schooler, could relate at all to the birdcall ’ s floor of a sexual activity actor and cocaine addict—but however I am thrilled to see him ( and Taylor ) live.

When Sheeran and Swift take the stage together for their rendition of “ Everything Has Changed, ” he seems unpolished, dressed-down in jeans and a washcloth, and looking adorably convention for a guy act to a sold-out crowd of 80,000. This is one thing that has never changed. Ed Sheeran has constantly seemed—and I mean this in the nicest way possible—like good a ridicule. No matter how far he has risen in fame, he has stayed true to himself. much of the album reads as a tender beloved letter to Sheeran ’ south wife Cherry and daughter Lyra. But we surely have come a hanker way since Sheeran ’ s first bad album, “ +, ” back when he was just an opening act. now, Sheeran returns to the musical scene with a comfortingly familiar heavy in “ =, ” although lyrically the new album is all about how much he has grown up as a person since his earlier exercise. His phone is unaltered, and he is even that like normal guy in the flannel and jeans. But now, with a wife and child to care for, Sheeran is beyond his years of young love lost and possibly a moment besides much party ( although “ Bad Habits ” reassures us that he hush remembers how to have a well time ). “ = ” shows how far he has come since those earlier years, and allows us to reflect on how a lot we have grown besides. Sheeran takes no fourth dimension to get to the point. In the first track, “ Tides, ” the first lyrics read, “ I have grown up, I am a forefather now/ Everything has changed, but I am still the lapp somehow. ” Beginning with an upbeat but pleasantly childlike guitar riff and drum beat, “ Tides ” seems evocative of Sheeran ’ south 2017 song “ Castle on the Hill, ” both musically and lyrically. If “ Castle on the Hill ” from “ ÷ ” was about a journey toward growth, in “ Tides ” we have arrived in true adulthood. much of the album reads as a affectionate beloved letter to Sheeran ’ s wife Cherry and daughter Lyra. In “ First Times, ” we are reminded never to take for granted the childlike pleasures of liveliness and sleep together. The chorus oozes with sweet as Sheeran sings softly, “ Ain ’ t it funny how the simplest things in life can make a man/ little moments that pass us by/ Oh but I remember. ” Get ready to hear this song at every marry you attend from now until Sheeran ’ s future album. Each verse paints a movie as we see the relationship between Sheeran and ( presumably ) his wife build up from when they first started dating : “ grabbed a match beers, just me and you ” ; to Sheeran ’ s proposal : “ The greatest thing that I have achieved/ Was four little words, down on one knee ” ; all the direction to the present : “ Our first child and a million more first gear times. ” And throughout it all he holds on to these beautiful little moments they shared : “ The first kiss, the first night, the foremost song that made you cry/ The first look in your eyes when I said ‘ I love you. ’ ”

Get fix to hear this birdcall at every wedding you attend from now until Sheeran ’ s following album. ( And it could be a while. ) If “ First Times ” is a beloved letter to Cherry, “ Sandman ” is in full dedicated to Lyra. This cracker-barrel marimba lullaby makes manipulation of the fabulous character, the Sandman, who is said to bring children dreams as they sleep. As the song goes on, it is easy to picture Sheeran as his child ’ second own personal Sandman, standing watch over her crib, and not just giving her thoroughly pipe dream of a “ chocolate-covered roof and candy bars ” or a “ rainbow sugar river we can sail upon, ” but praying that all of her own dream will come genuine as she grows. “ You look sol sweet, my child/ Hanging out with the Sandman, ” he coos. And like any good lullaby, the song offers ease and reassurance, in this case that Sheeran will always be there to love and protect his daughter. “ And though there ’ randomness rain outside, you ’ ll be quick and dry, ” he promises. “ Overpass Graffiti ” manages to capture the ache of sexual love that was doomed preferably than just lost. But “ = ” is not all sweetness dreams. For those fans who are looking for a deplorable song to sob along to and add to their separation playlist, Ed Sheeran delivers here too— “ Overpass Graffiti ” will shatter you. Although the song feels a little fast and rhythmic for such deplorable lyrics ( very different from “ Happier ” on “ ÷ ” or “ Give Me Love ” from “ + ” ), it still manages to capture the ache of love that was doomed quite than merely lost. It was a love that they wanted to make work but couldn ’ metric ton. Somehow this is sadder than the type of love that ends because one person hurts the early. “ The cards were stacked against us both, ” Sheeran laments in the pre-chorus. The agate line “ I will always love you for what it ’ sulfur deserving ” is filled with bittersweetness, a reminder that sometimes love can make a lasting mental picture on our hearts even when it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate pan out. It ’ s not the gratifyingly acerb type of dissolution song you would hear from Olivia Rodrigo ( “ Good for You ” ) or Taylor Swift ( “ We Are never Getting Back Together ” ) but it hush tugs at your heartstrings and leaves you with a gratifyingly melancholy vibration.

so, is it true that “ Everything Has Changed ” ? Or is Ed Sheeran the same old guy from the “ First Times ” you heard his music ? And where does this leave us ? Ed Sheeran ’ randomness sound however seems like the type of music you would hear live in a public house, and he still seems like a guy who would sit down to have a pint with you after his set. It ’ second fair that now he ( and possibly some of his listeners who have besides grown up over the years ) have significant others and children to get home to at the end of the night. They ’ re the same people, but they ’ ve adult. While “ = ” doesn ’ triiodothyronine hand over anything particularly shocking to the hearer, its true value is in its familiarity, its tenderness and its taste of the normal, little things which can have a adult affect on our hearts .

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