R. Kelly Survivor Azriel Clary Admits Singer Coached Her Prior to Infamous 2019 Interview

Over two years after R. Kelly survivor Azriel Clary first appeared on a CBS interview with Gayle King to defend the singer against allegations of sexual abuse, Clary returned to CBS Mornings Thursday to once again talk with King. however, this interview came weeks after Clary testified against Kelly at his Brooklyn federal trial, where he was found guilty of racketeer and sexual activity traffic .
“ I feel like that interview was a benediction, ” Clary told King of their March 2019 conversation. “ For five years, since I was 17, I didn ’ t have any relationship with any other womanhood except for the women that [ Kelly ] had been familiar with. And then when I did that interview with you, I immediately regretted immediately how I reacted. ”

Clary said that the interview was an awaken of sorts, as after she talked with King, she thought to herself, “ I used to be that poise, I used to be that calm air, what happened to that girl ? Where did it go ? ” She then realized her relationship with Kelly “ wasn ’ t love. Love doesn ’ thyroxine hurt. ”

Clary added that Kelly coached her and colleague Kelly survivor Joycelyn Savage anterior to that consultation, where Kelly himself broke down in an perturb bombast during his conversation with King ; Kelly besides told Clary and Savage to “ be angry ” when they foremost faced King, Clary said .
In the 2019 consultation, Clary accused her own parents of introducing her to Kelly and telling her to lie about her old age — she was lone 17 at the time — and then blackmailing the singer. “ Okay, so when I foremost met Robert, my parents told me to lie about my age, ” Clary said at the time. “ So when I met him, he thought that I was 18. On crown of that, when I was 17, my parents were actually … trying to get me to take photos with him, take intimate videos with him, all kinds of stuff… [ A ] north dakota they said, because if they always have to blackmail him, what they ’ re trying to do nowadays, they can use it against him, which is precisely what they ’ ra doing. ”
“ Before that interview, you know, he had us practicing every single day, ” Clary told King Thursday. “ Answering questions. And if he didn ’ t like our answers, he would tell us precisely what to say and how to say it, so any time you mentioned anything about sexual predilection, we already know to say, ‘ I ’ meter not here to talk about that, ’ because that ’ s what he told us to say every single time. ”

Clary noted that Kelly was “ therefore glad ” with her and Savage ’ s performance during that beginning King interview ; Kelly besides thought he “ made a great mirror image of himself ” during his now-infamous consultation with King .
King then asked Clary about what it was like testifying against Kelly ; as King noted, some of Clary ’ s testimony against the singer was “ sol graphic ” that the judge wouldn ’ triiodothyronine allow it to be released to the public .
“ I feel like it was very disturbing to have to relive those moments, ” Clary said, adding however, “ A piece of me was happy because I felt like this person no long has control over me. You don ’ triiodothyronine tell me what to do and what to wear and where to go and how farseeing to be in a board anymore. ”

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