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2012 single by Omi
Cheerleader “ is a song recorded by Jamaican singer Omi. The track was written and produced by OMI and Clifton Dillon, Mark Bradford, and Ryan Dillon. OMI first base began developing the song in 2008, when he created its melody. It was refined over several years aboard famed jamaican manufacturer Clifton Dillon. It was beginning recorded with veteran session musicians Sly and Robbie and Dean Fraser. Released as a single on mugwump label Oufah, the song saw success in Jamaica, where it topped the charts, and besides attracted airplay in Hawaii and Dubai. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] Ultra contacted two magnetic disk jockeys to produce remixed versions of the original song. The label and song ‘s producers preferred one remix, produced by a young german DJ, Felix Jaehn, that eschewed much of the song ‘s original instrumentation for a tropical -flavored deeply house interpretation, prominently featuring a trumpet, a conga beat, and piano. A remix extended play was released in May 2015 by Ultra, which began to first see commercial achiever that fall.

“ cheerleader ” achieved commercial success in 2015, when it reached numeral one in 20 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, Ireland, Sweden, and Germany .

setting [edit ]

OMI—the stage name of Omar Samuel Pasley—was born in the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica. He grew up with a sleep together of american english hip hop, but grew more concern in tune after listening to singers like John Legend, Nat King Cole, and Sam Cooke. He first developed “ Cheerleader ” in 2008, when he woke up humming its melody. [ 3 ] “ It was like a short jamaican nursery rhyme, like ‘one, two, buckle my brake shoe, ‘ that kind of thing—’ring game ‘ is what we ‘d call it. The rest of the song barely fell into place like a jigsaw puzzle ”, he late recalled. [ 4 ] The come year, he was discovered by producer Clifton “ Specialist ” Dillon, an influential trope in the jamaican music industry, who subsequently became his director and collaborator. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] He in the first place wrote merely two verses for the song, imagining it as an interlude for an album. Dillon convinced him to create a third poetry, and the song began to take condition. prolific Jamaican rhythm section Sly and Robbie and veteran saxophonist Dean Fraser contributed to the master record, [ 7 ] which was first issued in 2012 on Oufah, an mugwump label in Kingston. [ 5 ] The following April, Patrick Moxey, president of the united states of U.S. electronic music label Ultra Music, discovered the birdcall. [ 5 ] According to Moxey, he was vacationing in Montreal when he first base heard the birdcall whilst listening to radio promoter showcase songs democratic in the Caribbean. interim, Salaam Remi, an american english hip hop producer that owned an impress at Sony, was besides concern in bringing the sung to a wide audience. [ 8 ] Ultra signed Pasley to a read shrink in late 2013. [ 7 ] It soon began conversations with two disc jockeys— Brooklyn dancehall and rap producer Ricky Blaze and german producer Felix Jaehn. They sent them “ Cheerleader ” and an a cappella version to build remixes. Jaehn enjoyed the song ‘s vocals, but felt its instrumentality not attune to its “ feel-good ” essence ; he hoped to craft a remix he deemed more “ danceable. ” [ 9 ] The Jaehn remix was completed in January 2014, and released that May on Ultra. [ 10 ]

composition [edit ]

“Cheerleader” (




) The remix of “ Cheerleader ” emphasizes cornet, bongo, and piano over a deep house beat .

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The remix version incorporates a family beat with extra cornet, bongo and a “ samba -like ” piano part. [ 11 ] It besides speeds up Pasley ‘s original song track, and shun much of the original rhythm of the song with digital instrumentation. Fraser ‘s sax is replaced by a sample of a trumpet. [ 7 ] These attributes were considered more palatable for international audiences. [ 10 ] [ 12 ] Its genre has been variously described as representative of deep house, [ 13 ] reggae fusion, [ 14 ] and electro – ska. [ 9 ] The song ‘s lyrics center on the supporter ‘s rejoice at finding a “ cheerleader ” —a romantic companion that will be a accompaniment system for him, and is “ constantly there when I need her. ” [ 11 ] [ 15 ] While the sung ‘s lyrics relate heavily to romance, Pasley considered it dateless : “ It speaks to more than fair a significant other. It ‘s dedicated to anyone who is that support system. ” [ 16 ]

Music video [edit ]

The birdcall ‘s original music television, directed by Tim Cash, was shot in Oregon on a modest budget. [ 5 ] A second video recording, directed by Scorpio 21, was shot at Red Bones Café in Saint Andrew in January 2015. [ 17 ] As the sung began gaining cosmopolitan achiever, a raw music video recording for the Jaehn remix was commissioned. [ 5 ] It was shot on location in Haulover Beach, Florida, which was designed to capture the song ‘s perfume, described by Pasley as a “ constant warm sunshine-playful vibration. ” [ 16 ] The cartridge holder was directed by Lenny Bass, who previously directed videos for Fantasia and Gavin DeGraw. [ 16 ] As of August 2021, this music video of the remix has received over 1.1 billion views on YouTube. [ 18 ]

Chart performance [edit ]

The remix of “ Cheerleader ” was a gradual ball-shaped crush single ; it first topped charts in european countries before making its way to the United States. The original path was first placed on reggae charts in Hawaii and Dubai in 2012, after which it became a hit in his home nation of Jamaica. [ 5 ] Dillon “ strategically planned ” the song ‘s arise to fame, having released the song to “ community healthy systems in Miami and disc jockeys that toured with [ Italian reggae artist ] Alborosie. ” [ 19 ]

Upon its remix, the sung began gaining grip in swedish markets, first through the streaming service Spotify. [ 8 ] It soon spread to Italy and France. [ 5 ] In January 2015, Sony Music, the conglomerate that owns Columbia and Ultra, named it their “ Song of the Month ” ; as a result, all subsidiaries of the company put forth extra promotion of the one. [ 20 ] By that meter, the sung had peaked at number one in five european territories. In March, a deal was signed with Syco Music, a label owned and operated by british music mogul Simon Cowell, to promote and distribute the song throughout the United Kingdom. [ 20 ] The song ‘s popularity on streaming media in the UK brought forth its official acquittance date there to mid-april. [ 21 ] It soon thereafter debuted on the country ‘s pop charts and was assisted by a viral television of Cowell singing the song. [ 14 ] By early May, the song had topped the UK Singles Chart ; four weeks in, it broke graph records as the longest-running single by a jamaican artist. [ 22 ] [ 23 ] The birdcall debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States in early May, as the song peaked in the UK. [ 14 ] The turn of a revised music television to the birdcall catapulted it to the clear of music designation lotion Shazam ‘s worldwide charts. [ 24 ] Application data predicted that the sung would top the Hot 100 at some item ; [ 25 ] the song finally reached number one in the U.S. on 13 July. [ 26 ] It remained on the top of the chart for six non-consecutive weeks, until ultimately being replaced by The Weeknd ‘s “ Ca n’t Feel My Face “. [ 9 ] [ 15 ] [ 27 ] [ 28 ] It was late named Billboard ‘s Song of the Summer. much of the birdcall ‘s ascent to bulge was attributed to its performance on streaming services. [ 12 ] On Spotify, the song attracted over 910 million plays ( as of January 2019 ). [ 5 ] Outside of national charts, it peaked at count one on the iTunes Store in over 55 markets. [ 5 ] “ Cheerleader ” was the most stream sung of 2015 in the UK, racking up 71.7 million streams throughout the year. [ 29 ]

reception [edit ]

While Chris Molanphy of Slate found the song ‘s lyrics “ laughably retrograde ”, he praised the chorus as “ universally relatable and cross-culturally memorable. ” [ 7 ] Nick Messitte, a Forbes contributor, opined that the song has brought deep sign of the zodiac music into the mainstream of the United States. [ 13 ]

usage in media [edit ]

The song can be heard in the 2017 animated film The Emoji Movie, when Gene and Jailbreak accede Spotify. The song is besides used as the background music for the 2018 Toyota C-HR commercial. [ citation needed ] The song was performed by the child actors of ABS-CBN Raikko Mateo, CX Navarro, Josh de Guzman, Enzo Pelojero and Simon Pineda on ASAP on 19 November 2017. [ citation needed ] The track appears in the cyclosis service, Just Dance Unlimited, as an exclusive for Just Dance 2016. [ 30 ]

chase list [edit ]

  • Digital download[31]
  1. “Cheerleader” ( Felix Jaehn remix radio edit ) – 3:00
  • Digital download[32]
  • Digital download[33]
  • US digital download[34]
  1. “Cheerleader” ( Ricky Blaze remix ) – 3:03
  2. “Cheerleader” – 2:54
  • German CD single
  1. “Cheerleader” ( Felix Jaehn remix radio edit ) – 3:00
  2. “Cheerleader” – 2:54

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