“Christopher Walking” by Pop Smoke – Song Meanings and Facts

Some readers may have already noticed the similarity between the title of this birdcall ( “ Christopher Walking ” ) and the name of a celebrated actor, Christopher Walken. The most-popular role of his career, at least vitamin a far as the populace of rap is concerned, would be Walken ’ s depicting of fabricated crime lord Frank White on the hardcore-gangster classic, “ King of New York ” ( 1990 ). In fact ironically enough, this is the same Frank White the Notorious B.I.G. ( 1972-1997 ), another knocker who was murdered at a young age, used to refer to himself deoxyadenosine monophosphate, american samoa well as the same informal king of New York entitle he more or less crown himself during his flower .

So we know that this particular birdcall by Pop Smoke ( 1999-2020 ) was influenced by said movie. For exemplify, its cover art is a replica of the movie post horse for the film. furthermore Smoke states squarely that he is the “ king of New York ” in the song. But it should besides be noted that he is making this affirmation by and big to a quixotic interest he is trying to impress .

Main Theme of “Christopher Walking”

In fact overall it can be said that the main theme of this chase is actually the rapper ’ s interactions with women. And in that see, he seems to be putting forth two basic ideas. One is that he uses his style and money to attract females. And moment would be that he is in the side where he can even sleep with the girlfriends of other dudes if he so desires .

Secondary Theme

meanwhile the track ’ randomness secondary theme would be accelerator violence, which is more in tune with the subject matter of “ King of New York ” itself. however, Smoke referring to himself by that title is the alone true lyric reference he seems to make to the film. Rather his wording operates more alone of the lines of the general type of gunfight he is known for. Or stated merely, the hearer will walk away from this track agreement that Smoke has guns, angstrom well as the fact that he ’ s not afraid to use them, specially in terms of dealing with opps.

thus at the end of the day “ Christopher Walking ” is a song about women, tons of money and violence. And these topics are loosely based on a film, which ( to varying degrees ), was centered on the lapp subjugate matter .

Did Pop Smoke write “Christopher Walking”?

Yes. The belated rapper wrote “ Christopher Walking ” with extra contributions from the track ’ mho producers, CashMoneyAP, WondaGurl and Dez Wright .

Release Date

This sung came extinct on 16 January 2020. It is featured on Smoke ’ mho album which dropped the following month, “ Meet the Woo 2 ” .

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