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Coldplay I had constantly heard Coldplay were a fantastic set to see live. They did not disappoint last night at Fedex Field, right in the midst of their joyous and decidedly extraordinary Head Full of Dreams tour .
The show began with an explosion of color and light ( including the LED wristbands supplied to every concertgoer ) in the nominal track on the set ‘s tour album. then came fan-favorite “ chicken, ” followed by “ Every Teardrop is a waterfall, ” the ever-popular “ The scientist, ” and “ Birds ” ( the latter was a bit of a personal disappointment as it replaced the brilliant “ God Put a Smile Upon Your face ” from recent setlists ). This part of the picture finished with the hymn “ Paradise, ” featuring an incredible remix outro .
Next the show slowed down for an intimate trio of songs ( most of us actually took a seat ). This included one of the better tracks from the sub-par “ Ghost Stories ”, “ Magic. ”

soon, however, things picked up with the dateless piano strokes of “ Clocks, ” themed to a charming crimson light show. next came the lighthearted “ Charlie Brown. ” Before it began, lead singer Chris Martin asked everyone to put away their phones and plainly enjoy the show. This was followed by the radio hit “ Hymn for the Weekend, ” a candlelit ( okay … Iphone flashlight literature ) “ Fix You, ” and “ Viva louisiana Vida. ” This last one was noteworthy, as about the stallion stadium knew the lyrics and sing along to the triumphant “ Oh-oh-ohhhh ” chant. The bang-up “ Adventure of a Lifetime ” finished off this section, featuring Chris gettin ‘ down with the hearing, asking everyone to “ Get low ! ”
then came the highlight of the night for me : an acoustic quadruplet of older ( *cough* better *cough* ) Coldplay songs which were adenine intimate as they were nostalgic. The cover girl riffs of “ In my place ” started off the set. “ Do n’t Panic ” was sung by drummer Will Champion ; it ‘s one of my favorites. But it could n’t top what was ( for me ) the best birdcall of the night : “ trouble. ” Somber but beautiful in its own way, “ perturb ” is a rare determine in the setlists of today ‘s Coldplay and was absolutely antic. ultimately came another rare jewel : “ greens Eyes, ” which was reasonably marred by Chris ‘s well-intentioned undertake at giving the local Redskins some luck ( HA ! what folly ) by changing the lyrics.

The finale of the appearance was the bright and popular three of “ Something Just like This, ” “ A Sky Full of Stars, ” and “ Up and Up. ” This stopping point track was played against the backdrop of the charming and visually stunning music video recording for the song.

And if there were two adjectives to sum up the show as a solid, they would be barely that : charming and visually stun. Thanks for an amazing indicate, Coldplay !
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