75 Best Wedding Line Dance Songs

75 Best Wedding Line Dance Songs

Whether it ’ s traditional country line dancing or group dances, these songs bring everyone out to the dance shock. Because it isn ’ t partner dancing like a slow dance, people of all ages and relationship statuses feel comfortable participating. Your wedding reception is a party, right ? so get it started with some lineage dance .

What is the Difference Between Line Dancing and Group Dances?

Group dance songs and line dance songs are played at wedding receptions to get people all together on the dance floor — in a group. Group and line dance songs are besides known as audience engagement songs. Group songs played can invoke a conga production line, a aim line, rows of line dance, and more ! Group songs are generally less complicated deoxyadenosine monophosphate far as dance moves are concerned. “ Shout ” by the Isley Brothers – shouting and raising hands, “ Willie & The Hand Jive ” by Johnny Otis – a routine hand jive. last, we would recommend “ The Stroll ” by the Diamonds. Everyone lines up with men on one side and women on the other. then, each copulate goes through the line under everyone ’ randomness hands. It ’ s a classic.

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The Top Wedding Line Dance Songs + Group Dance Songs List

Group line dancing song tilt curated by Matthew Campbell
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Hip Hop Line Dance Songs

WAP – Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion
2020, Hip Hop

I ’ megabyte talking WAP, WAP, WAP, that ’ s some moisture a** p****
Macaroni in a pot, that ’ s some wet a** p****

Toosie Slide – Drake
2020, Hip Hop

It go, right foot up, left foot slide
Left foot up, right foundation swoop
Basically, I ’ meter saying either room, we ’ bout to slide

Lottery (Renegade) – K Camp
2020, Hip Hop

cash on me, like I hit the lottery ( the lottery ) ( racks )
H*** will trip, watch them how they follow me ( expect )
Hunnids bluing, yea I got them all on me
Go, go, go, go, let ’ s go ( let ’ s become )

Savage – Megan Thee Stallion
2020, Hip Hop

I ’ m a barbarous ( yeah )
Classy, bougie, ratchet ( yeah )
Sassy, dark, filthy ( yeah )

3 Musketeers – ppcocaine feat. NextYoungin
2020, Hip Hop

Tell me that you want me, that ’ s the s*** I always hear
I got three b****** on me like the three musketeers

Tap In – Saweetie
2020, Hip Hop

Diamonds dancin ’ on your neck, n****, tap in
Tap, tap, tap in
F*** a n****, get rich, b****, tap in
Tap, tap, wiretap in

In My Feelings – Drake
2018, Hip Hop

now let me see you
Walk that a**, you ’ re the only one I love
( Walk that a**, walk-walk that a** )
nowadays let me see you

Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae) – Silentó
2015, Hip Hop

Ooh, watch me, watch me ( yeah ) ( can you do it ? )
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ( okay )
Do the stanky leg ( reek )

Harlem Shake – Baauer
2012, Hip Hop

then do the Harlem Shake ( Shake ! )
Ey ( Shake ! ), convict los terroristas
Ey, ( Shake ! ) ey ( Shake ! )

Same Ole 2step – Ent Distrikt
2011, Hip Hop

lapp Ole 2 mistreat to the exit
Same Ole 2 footstep to the veracious

Teach Me How to Dougie – Cali Swag District
2010, Hip Hop

M-bone, show these cats how to do dat down south dancing
Dat we learned a lil ’ besides fast and bought it to the hood
And got district attorney unharmed crowd a**
Teach me how to dougie

Stanky Legg – GS Boyz
2008, Hip Hop

Do da stanky legg, do da stanky legg, do da stanky legg
When I hit district attorney dancing floor I be
Doin ’ district attorney stanky legg, do da stanky legg, do da stanky legg

Wobble – V.I.C.
2008, Hip Hop

wobble baby, wobble child, shimmy baby, wobble ( yeah )
careen baby, wobble baby, careen baby, wobble ( yeah )

Cupid Shuffle – Cupid
2007, Hip Hop

To the right, to the right, to the right, to the right
To the exit, to the bequeath, to the left, to the forget
now kick, now kick, now kick, now kick

Crank That – Soulja Boy Tell ‘ Em
2007, Hip Hop

Watch me crank it, watch me roll
Watch me crank that Soulja Boy
then Superman that h**
now watch me ( Crank that Soulja Boy )

Walk It Out – Unk
2006, Hip Hop

West side walk it out ( West side walk it out )
South side walk it out ( South english walk it out )
East side walk of life it out ( East side walk it out )
North side walk it out ( union side walk it out )

Cha Cha Slide – Mr. C ( DJ Casper )
2000, Hip Hop

Turn it out
To the impart
Take it back now y ’ all
One hop this time
right infantry, let ’ s stomp
Left infantry, let ’ s stomp
Cha cha now y ’ all

C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train) – Quad City DJ ’ s
1996, Hip Hop

so to all of you girls, you know, I ’ molarity calling your diagnose
Michelle, Tamika and Tanya wan na ride this string, ride out nowadays
Come on, ride the train, hey, ride it

Tootsee Roll – 69 Boyz
1994, Hip Hop

And make that Tootsee Roll ( Tootsee Roll )
To the left
To the leave
To the right
To the right

Planet Rock – Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force
1986, Hip Hop

The D.J. plays your favorite blasts
Takes you back to the past, music ’ randomness charming, fagot
Bump, bump, bulge, get bump with some flaunt, people

Apache – Sugarhill Gang
1981, Hip Hop

Tonto, leap on it, leap on it, jump on it
Kemosabe, jump on it, jumpstart on it, jump on it

Country Line Dance Songs

Fancy Like – Walker Hayes
2021, Country

Some Alabama-jamma, she my Dixieland delight
Ayy, that ’ s how we do, how we do, fancy like, oh
Fancy like, oh

Do the Lasso – Justin Champagne
2020, Country

And do the lasso, pull me real close
Put your hands on your hips and you dance real dull
Do the lasso, spin ’ em around

The Git Up – Blanco Brown
2019, Country

Take it to the left immediately and dip with it
Gon ’ throw down, take a sip with it
now lean rear put your hips in it

Country Steppin’ (Remix) – JoelPatrick feat. Bryson Gray
2019, Country

slide to the left
Slide to the correct
now back to the middle

Old Town Road (Remix) – Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus
2019, Country

Yeah, I ’ megabyte gon na take my cavalry
To the honest-to-god town road
I ’ megabyte gon na ride ’ til I can ’ t no more

Two Step – Laura Bell Bundy feat. Colt Ford
2015, Country

nowadays slide, slide, two steps
Slide, slide, two steps
Work it out, work it out

Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker
2013, Country

so, rock me mama like a police van wheel
Rock me mama any direction you feel
Hey… mama rock me

Good Time – Alan Jackson
2008, Country

I ’ ve been workin ’ all week
And I ’ meter tired and I don ’ thyroxine wan na sleep
I wan sodium have fun
Time for a good prison term

Firecracker – Josh Turner
2007, Country

And she packs a punch like a roman candle
She a pack of black cats in a loss paper wrapper
My little darlin ’ is a firecracker

I’m From The Country – Tracy Byrd
1998, Country

Everybody knows everybody
Everybody calls you friend
You don ’ t need an invitation
Oh, kick off your shoes, come on in

Man! I Feel Like A Woman! – Shania Twain
1997, Country

Oh, oh, oh, I wan sodium be detached
Yeah, to feel the way I feel
Man, I feel like a charwoman

Any Man of Mine – Shania Twain
1995, Country

Any man of mine better walk the line
Better show me a teasin ’ squeezin ’ pleasin ’ rather time

Indian Outlaw – Tim McGraw
1994, Country

‘ Cause I ’ m an indian outlaw
Half Cherokee and Choctaw
My baby, she ’ s a Chippewa
She ’ s a one of a kind

Baby Likes to Rock It – The Tractors
1994, Country

Baby likes to rock it – Baby likes a rocket
Baby likes to rock it like a boogie woogie choo choo aim

Watermelon Crawl – Tracy Byrd
1994, Country

She wiggled and she jiggled
Beat all you always saw
Said this is how you do
The watermelon crawl

What the Cowgirls Do – Vince Gill
1994, Country

I love it when they let their hair’s-breadth down
And dance real stopping point to you
You know I ’ m a sucker, baby, for what the cowgirl do

Chattahoochee – Alan Jackson
1993, Country

Yeah, means down yonder on the Chattahochee
Never knew how much that muddy water intend to me
But I learned how to swim and I learned who I was

Achy Breaky Heart – Billy Ray Cyrus
1992, Country

But don ’ t tell my heart, my aching breaky heart
I just don ’ t intend he ’ five hundred understand
And if you tell my heart, my aching breaky kernel
He might blow up and kill this homo

Boot Scootin’ Boogie – Brooks & Dunn
1992, Country

I go flyin ’ down that highway
To that hide-a-way
Stuck out in the woods
To do the kick scootin ’ boogie

Copperhead Road – Steve Earle
1988, Country

Heard mama cryin ’, knew something wasn ’ triiodothyronine right
He was headed gloomy to Knoxville with the weekly load
You could smell the whiskey burnin ’ down Copperhead Road

Louisiana Saturday Night – Mel McDaniel
1980, Country

Kick off your shoes and you throw ’ em on the floor
Dance in the kitchen ’ til the mornin ’ light
Louisiana Saturday night

Rock Line Dance Songs

Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode
1989, Rock

You need to confess
I will deliver
You know I ’ m a pardoner
Reach out, touch religion

Footloose – Kenny Loggins
1984, Rock

Come on, come on let ’ s go
Lose your blues
Everybody cut footloose

Mony Mony – Billy Idol
1981, Rock

Don ’ t stop cookin ’ ’ induce I feel all right now, ehi !
But don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate end nowadays, come on Mony, come on, yeah
I said yea ( yeah ), yeah ( yeah )

Rock Lobster – The B-52 ’ mho
1979, Rock

person went under a dock
And there they saw a rock ‘n’ roll
It wasn ’ t a rock
It was a rock lobster

Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast
1975, Rock

You bring your knees in tight
But it ’ s the pelvic thrust
It in truth drives you insane
Let ’ s do the time warp again

The Loco-motion – Grand Funk Railroad
1974, Rock

Do it nice and easy, now, don ’ t lose master
A little act of rhythm and a draw of soul
Come on, come on
And do the Loco-motion with me

Taking Care of Business – ( B.T.O. ) Bachman Turner Overdrive
1973, Rock

And I be taking care of business ( every day )
Taking care of business ( every direction )
I ’ ve been taking care of business ( it ’ s all mine )

Twist & Shout – The Beatles
1963, Rock

twist and abuse
Come on, come on, come, come on, baby, now
Come on and work it on out

Limbo Rock – Chubby Checker
1962, Rock

Jack go unda oblivion stand by
All around the limbo clock
Hey, let ’ s do the limbo rock

The Twist – Chubby Checker
1960, Rock

Come on and twist
Yeah, pamper, wind
Ooh yea, fair like this
Come on, little miss

Willie & The Hand Jive – Johnny Otis
1958, Rock

Hand jive, hand swing
Hand swing, doin ’ that crazy hand jive, hey, hey
Come on, carbohydrate, yeah !

R&B Line Dance Songs

The Mississippi Step – Mr. Sipp
2021, R & B
Say So – Doja Cat
2020, R & B

Day to night to morning, keep with me in the moment
I ’ five hundred lashkar-e-taiba you had I known it, why wear ’ triiodothyronine you say then ?

Blinding Lights – The Weeknd
2020, R & B

I said, ooh, I ’ thousand blinded by the lights
No, I can ’ t sleep until I feel your touch
I said, ooh, I ’ thousand swim in the night
Oh, when I ’ m like this, you ’ re the one I trust

Eazy Shuffle – Eric Bellinger
2020, R & B

Ay, groove for a little
Let me see you slide back, now
Clap in the center, yeah, yea
Ay, groove for a fiddling

Bikers Shuffle – Big Mucci
2019, R & B

No walk it to your right
now walk it to your left
now kick, kick

Da’ Butt – E.U.
1988, R & B

Hey aphrodisiac, aphrodisiac
Ain ’ triiodothyronine nothing faulty
If you want to do the butt all nox hanker

My Eyes Don’t Cry – Stevie Wonder
1987, R & B

My eyes don ’ thyroxine cry no more
My heart don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate ache no more
Since you walked through my doorway

Party Train – The Gap Band
1983, R & B

If you miss that train
Don ’ metric ton miss the party trail
Everybody all aboard
Oh, baby
Everybody all aboard

Shout (Part I & II) – The Isley Brothers
1959, R & B

You know you make me wan na
( Shout-wooo ) hey-yeah
( Shout-wooo ) yeah-yeah-yeah

Dance Line Dance Songs

Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat) – Jawsh 685 and Jason Derulo
2020, Dance

savage love
Did person, did person
Break your heart ?
Lookin ’ like an saint
But your savage sexual love

Attention – Todrick Hall
2019, Dance

Turn the bass up forte, brassy, loudly
We about to go in, in, in
And we can ’ thymine stop nowadays, now, nowadays

Turbo Hustle – DJ Maestro
2015, Dance

Two to the right
Two to the entrust
Right left Roght left

Forever – Chris Brown
2008, Dance

double your pleasure
Double your fun
And dancing constantly ever ever
Forever, ever, ever

Swamp Thing – Grid
1994, Dance

well all right one prison term

Cotton Eye Joe – Rednex
1994, Dance

I ’ d been married a farseeing time ago
Where did you come from, where did you go ?
Where did you come from, Cotton-Eye Joe ?

Disco Line Dance Songs

Thriller – Michael Jackson
1983, Disco

‘ Cause this is thriller
Thriller night
There ain ’ thymine no second casual
Against the thing with the forty eyes, girl

Y.M.C.A. – greenwich village People
1978, Disco

It ’ second fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A .

Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees
1977, Disco

Feel the city breakin ’ and everybody shakin ’
And we ’ re stayin ’ active, stayin ’ alive
Ah, hour angle, hour angle, hour angle, stayin ’ alive, stayin ’ alert

The Hustle – Van McCoy
1975, Disco

Do the hustle !
Ooh, do it !
Ooh, do it !

Pop Line Dance Songs

Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke feat. T.I. & Pharrell
2013, Pop

I know you want it
I know you want it
You ’ re a adept girl ( hey, hey )

Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of…) – Lou Bega
1999, Pop

Take one step left and one step correct
One to the front and one to the side
Clap your pass once and clap your hands twice

5, 6, 7, 8 – Steps
1997, Pop

You ’ ra mine, all mine now, bubba
Gon na rope you in, therefore count me in

Mashed Potato Time – Dee Dee Sharp
1962, Pop

Get up on your stern now
( Mashed potato ) ya, ya, ya, ya
( It ’ s the latest ) come on, baby

The Loco-Motion – Little Eva
1962, Pop

A fiddling piece of rhythm and a set of soul
Come on, come on
Do the Loco-motion with me

The Stroll – The Diamonds
1957, Pop

Stroll across the floor
now turn around, baby
Let ’ s stroll once more

Miscellaneous Line Dance Songs

Gangnam Style – Psy
2012, K-pop

Oppan Gangnam style
Gangnam stylus

Limbo – Daddy Yankee
2012, Latin

Come on catch him, beat to the shank, stifle to the floor
Come down and pass the limbo

The Wedding Horah – Vicki DeLor
2010, New Age

( Instrumental )

Macarena – Los Del Rio
1995, Latin

Give your body joy Macarena
That your torso is to give you joy and a good thing
Give your body rejoice, Macarena
Hey macarena

Conga – Miami Sound Machine & Gloria Estefan
1985, Latin

I know you can ’ t dominance yourself any longer
Feel the rhythm method of birth control of the music getting stronger
Don ’ t you fight it ’ til you tried it, do that conga beat

Electric Boogie – Marcia Griffiths
1983, Reggae

Some say it ’ randomness mystic
[ It ’ s electric
Boogie woogie, woogie ]
You can ’ thymine resist it
[ It ’ randomness electric
Boogie woogie, woogie ]

Chicken Dance/Bird Dance – The Emeralds
1982, Polka

( Instrumental )

The Hokey Pokey – Ray Anthony
1953, Big Band

You do the artificial dilatory
And you turn yourself around
That ’ s what it ’ s all about

Bunny Hop – Ray Anthony
1952, Big Band

( Instrumental )

Are Group Songs Too Cheesy?

Group songs are bum. Cheesy is playfulness. Embrace the cheese ! People may smirk for a moment until they see everyone else having fun. Have you done the conga up and down a wedding boat ? It ’ second in truth fun. Songs that will entice a group conga tune or train line include “ C ’ mon N ’ Ride It ( The train ) ” by Quad City DJ ’ s, “ Conga ” by Miami Sound Machine, “ The Loco-motion ” by Grand Funk Railroad, and “ The Locomotion ” by Little Eva. Another bodily process at more free-and-easy or cheerful marry receptions is the limbo. We added the most popular oblivion sung, “ Limbo Rock ” by Chubby Checker, below. however, if the bridal pair wants a drawn-out limbo line at their marriage reception, be sure to check out our farseeing list of best oblivion songs. Similar song lists for further reading:

Should You Have Line Dancing At Your Wedding?

A better wonder possibly if you want people to dance at your marry. It ’ s up to you, as the marriage couple, to decide the mood they want at their marry reception. Some couples think group dancing songs as bum or overplayed at wedding receptions. But when the moment hits, it can be pure magic. There are many country songs to choose from that your disk jockey can play at your marriage. many guests at marry receptions would know them as cable dance songs. however, our most popular nation line dance songs are “ Achy Breaky Heart ” by Billy Ray Cyrus, “ Boot Scootin ’ Boogie ” by Brooks & Dunn, “ Chattahoochee ” by Alan Jackson, and “ Watermelon Crawl ” by Tracy Bird. Popular popular radio receiver songs have created dance madden besides. These songs include “ Macarena ” by Los Del Rio, “ Cha Cha Slide ” by Mr. C, “ Electric Slide ” by Marcia Griffiths, and “ The Twist ” by Chubby Checker .

Include a Line Dance Lesson

speak to your professional marriage planner and DJ. They credibly know person who can teach a few line dancing songs. And if they don ’ t, look to your local anesthetic bars. person is always teaching line dancing. Don ’ thymine worry if country music international relations and security network ’ t your jam. Country line dancing can be done to any genre of music that has a thoroughly beat ! A stream popular thing to do at weddings is to have a choreographed dance with a group of people. For this, you would select your own songs. We have seen routine dances to “ Forever ” by Chris Brown and, of course, “ Thriller ” by Michael Jackson on YouTube. Old-time kyd songs are besides very popular to fill the dance floor at wedding receptions. These songs include the Hokey Pokey, the Chicken Dance, and the Bunny Hop.

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