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2005 single by Gwen Stefani

2005 one by Gwen Stefani
Cool “ is a song by american singer Gwen Stefani from her introduction solo studio album Love. Angel. Music. Baby. ( 2004 ). Written by Stefani and Dallas Austin, the song was released as the fourth individual from the album on July 5, 2005. The song ‘s musical stylus and production were inspired by synth-pop and new wave arrangements from the 1980s, and its lyrics chronicle a relationship in which two lovers have separated, but remain “ cool “ with each other as adept friends.

“ cool ” received generally positive reviews from music critics, being compared to Cyndi Lauper and Madonna songs from the 1980s. The media have drawn parallels between the birdcall ‘s lyric content and the romantic relationship that Stefani had with Tony Kanal, a companion band penis of No Doubt. “ Cool ” was moderately successful on the charts around the populace, peaking within the top 10 in Australia, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and New Zealand, vitamin a well as the top 20 in Denmark, Ireland, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States. The accompanying music video for “ Cool ” was directed by Sophie Muller and filmed in Lake Como, Italy. The video features many flashbacks to when Stefani and her former boyfriend were dating. It is implied that whilst Gwen accepts the new relationship her ex-partner is in, she looks back with nostalgia and sorrow. “ Cool ” was included on the setlist for Stefani ‘s debut solo tour Harajuku Lovers Tour and its accompanying video album, american samoa well as in the 2006 comedies Last Holiday and Click and the 2010 drama Somewhere. [ 1 ]

setting [edit ]

“ Cool ” was originally written by Dallas Austin, and was first intended for TLC. however, Austin felt reluctant to give them the sung after breaking up with TLC extremity Chilli and wrote “ Damaged “ for them rather. [ 2 ] After listening to No Doubt ‘s 2002 single “ Underneath It All “, Austin commented that he was trying to write his version of No Doubt ‘s 2000 single “ simple Kind of Life “, but he was unable to finish the song. [ 3 ] He asked Stefani to help with the lyrics. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] During a studio school term together, they finished “ Cool ” in 15 minutes. Stefani commented, “ When he told me about the track and where it came from for him, it equitable triggered something in me. ” [ 4 ] The lyrics of “ Cool ” reflect Stefani ‘s previous relationship with No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal, [ 4 ] [ 5 ] and is considered reasonably of a follow up to No Doubt ‘s 1996 single “ Do n’t Speak “. The earlier song is about the grief of the couple ‘s seven-year kinship ending, [ 6 ] while “ Cool ” presents an amicable friendship between the couple, and explains that after the years that have passed and everything they have been through, they have reached a topographic point where they are comfortable with each other and that they still remain very good friends. [ 4 ] Stefani said that she had never intended to include personal material on Love. Angel. Music. Baby., and commented, “ but no matter what you do, things just come out. It barely ended this unharmed matter for me in my headway and it puts an end to a chapter in a truly decent way. ” [ 4 ]

composition [edit ]

“Cool” (




) A 19-second sample distribution from “ Cool ” which plays the bridge, where Stefani sings about how her kinship with her ex-boyfriend finished well .

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“ cool ” is a mid-tempo love birdcall featuring a synth-pop and modern wave production. [ 7 ] The song is composed in D major. [ 8 ] It is written in park time, it moves at a moderate tempo of 112 beats per minute, and it has a vocal music range from the low note of F♯3 to the senior high school note of C♯5. [ 8 ] The song is written in the common verse-chorus form, [ 8 ] featuring five instruments : freshwater bass guitar, drums, guitar, keyboards and synthesist. [ 9 ] “ Cool ” opens with all five instruments, and as Stefani begins singing, the synthesizer is lowered, and the hard-hitting drum beat steadily increases in volume. [ 8 ] She performs her highest pitch ( C♯5 ) during the chorus, after which she sings in a gentle, about sotto voce, and her lowest pitch ( E3 ) at the beginning of the verses. [ 8 ] The synthesizer emulates brass section and woodwind instruments, while the bass and guitar retain a outstanding and regular one-eighth note pulse, using a I–IV–V chord progress for the verses. In the percussion section a drum kit is used and the hook is introduced at the begin of the first chorus, which maintains its beat. During the birdcall ‘s fade-out, Stefani repeats “ I know we ‘re cool ” and “ yea ”, and she occasionally emphasizes “ cool ”. Her song range covers close to two octaves. [ 8 ] In April 2020, Austin revealed the song was in the first place written for Christina Aguilera. [ 10 ] [ 11 ]

critical reception [edit ]

“ cool ” received broadly positive reviews from music critics. Jennifer Nine from Yahoo ! Music referred to the song as “ a liltingly sweet encomium to post-break-up friendships ”, [ 12 ] while Stephen Thomas Erlewine from AllMusic called it a “ senior high school school anthem-in-waiting ” theme ; it besides was selected as one of the album ‘s highlights. [ 13 ] Richard Smirke from Playlouder commented that the song successfully used the lapp production formula as colleague album tracks “ serious “ and “ What You Waiting For ? “, and described it as a “ chip blend of edgy 21C production and early 80s Madonna-esque pop ”. [ 14 ] Jason Damas, in a revue for PopMatters, characterized it as “ a slippery slit of keyboard ” New Wave birdcall referring to it as a “ gear halfway between The Go-Go ‘s and Cyndi Lauper “. [ 15 ] Eric Greenwood from Drawer B called “ Cool ” “ a retrofit [ song ] with stale synths and chugging guitars ” with “ dorkier lyrics than even Cyndi Lauper would dare ”. [ 16 ] Sandy Cohen from the Toronto Star called it “ the class ‘s love hymn ”. [ 3 ] Entertainment Weekly commentator David Browne described Stefani in “ Cool ”, and in another song from the album ( “ The substantial Thing “ ), as “ a arctic ’80s synthpop zombie ”. [ 7 ] Krissi Murison from NME found Stefani ‘s performance evocative of “ Madonna ‘s breathless whizz ”. [ 17 ] John Murphy wrote for musicOMH that “ Cool ” would remind No Doubt fans of “ Do n’t Speak ”. [ 18 ] Blender editors ranked “ Cool ” at total 45 on its list of “ The 100 Greatest Songs of 2005 ”. [ 19 ]

Chart performance [edit ]

In the United States, “ Cool ” debuted at issue 86 on the Billboard Hot 100 on the exit dated July 16, 2005. [ 20 ] The future week it rose to phone number 64, [ 21 ] and it reached its point side of number 13 on September 3, 2005. [ 22 ] On other Billboard charts, the single topped the Dance Club Songs chart, reached count four on the Adult Top 40 chart and number nine on the Pop 100 chart. [ 23 ] In Australia, “ Cool ” debuted and peaked at number ten on September 11, 2005, dropping off the chart on November 13, 2005, at phone number 49. [ 24 ] In New Zealand, “ Cool ” became the second-highest debut of the week ending September 5, 2005, at phone number 11. [ 25 ] It rose to its vertex put of numeral nine the following week, becoming her fifth straight top-ten in the area. [ 26 ]

In european countries “ Cool ” performed moderately, reaching the top 40 in most of them. It reached number 26 on the European Hot 100 Singles graph on October 8, 2005. [ 27 ] In the Czech Republic, “ Cool ” entered the Rádio – Top 100 chart at number 12, achieving its vertex situation of issue ten in its tenth week. [ 28 ] In Italy, it debuted at number 16 on September 22, 2005, peaking at number 15 the workweek after. [ 29 ] In Norway, “ Cool ” debuted at act 18 on the VG-lista chart, climbing to phone number 16 the succeed week. [ 30 ] In Ireland, “ Cool ” debuted and peaked at number 12 on the irish Singles Chart during the week ending September 1, 2005. [ 31 ] In the United Kingdom, “ Cool ” debuted and peaked at number 11 on the UK Singles Chart for the week of September 4, 2005, spending 10 weeks on the chart. [ 32 ] In Austria, “ Cool ” debuted at number 31 on September 11, 2005. Four weeks late, the single reached its extremum position of number 15 and was final seen on December 16, 2005, after 15 weeks. [ 33 ]

music video [edit ]

Two young people are sitting in front of a lake. The man is wearing a beige vest, a shirt and jeans tan, and a beard. He is looking to the woman. She is a brunette that is wearing a blue sweater, a bra with blue and white squares, and a long white skirt. The music video includes match cut flashbacks to Stefani ‘s previous relationship. The accompanying music television for “ Cool ” was directed by Sophie Muller and filmed in Lake Como, Italy. [ 34 ] “ It was obvious I was gon na ask her to do it ”, Stefani stated in an interview with VH1 ‘s Box Set. [ 35 ] The video recording follows the song ‘s composition and depicts the kinship that Stefani has with a former boyfriend, who is played by spanish actor Daniel González. González and his new girlfriend–played by Tony Kanal ‘s girlfriend, Erin Lokitz–are shown walking up to a villa where Stefani answers the door. [ 35 ] The villa featured in the video is the Villa Erba in the town of Cernobbio, [ 36 ] which Stefani said was “ so beautiful ”. [ 35 ] The three of them are seen in each early ‘s caller, with intercut scenes of Stefani singing on a bed. There are flashbacks to the time when Stefani and her erstwhile boyfriend were dating, where she has brunette hair. Flashbacks and show day images are linked with match cut filming. The lyrical root of “ Cool ” is maintained in the video ; frames are incorporated to portray Stefani feeling “ cool ”. She is depicted as “ cool ” with her former boyfriend and his girlfriend throughout most of the television. The video for “ Cool ” premiered on MTV ‘s top-ten chart plan Total Request Live on June 30, 2005, where it reached number three. [ 37 ] After its July 8, 2005, debut on MuchMusic ‘s Countdown, it reached total one for the week of October 8, 2005. [ 38 ]

Track listings and formats [edit ]

Credits and personnel [edit ]

Credits are adapted from the liner notes of Love. Angel. Music. Baby. [ 9 ]

Charts [edit ]

Sales [edit ]

Sales for “Cool”
Region Certification Certified units/sales
United Kingdom 161,000[70]

Release history [edit ]

Release dates and formats for “Cool”
Region Date Format Label Ref(s).
United States July 5, 2005 Contemporary hit radio Interscope [71]
Russia August 22, 2005 Universal [43]
Australia August 29, 2005 CD single Interscope [72]
France CD maxi-single [73]
United Kingdom [74]
United States September 13, 2005 12-inch single [75]
Germany September 19, 2005
  • CD single
  • CD maxi-single

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