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Toni-Ville Henrik Virtanen ( finnish : [ ˈtoniˌʋilːe ˈhenrik ˈʋirtɑnen ] ; born July 17, 1975 ), better known by his stage name Darude ( ), is a finnish DJ and record producer from Eura, Satakunta. [ 1 ] He started making music in 1995 and released the platinum-selling [ 2 ] hit single “ Sandstorm “ in former 1999. His debut studio apartment album, Before the Storm, was released on September 18, 2000 and sold 800,000 copies global, [ 1 ] earning Darude three Finnish Grammy Awards. [ 1 ] It peaked at number one on Finland ‘s official List [ 3 ] and count 6 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart in the United States. [ 4 ] Darude ‘s second studio album, Rush, reached number 11 on the Billboard dance chart in 2003 [ 5 ] and count 4 on weekly album chart in Finland. [ 3 ]

His third studio apartment album, Label This! was released in 2007. [ 6 ] Though it did not chart vitamin a high as his former albums, Gawker praised the album ‘s single “ In the Darkness ” as “ a float, diaphanous piece of capture music … it ‘s tightly composed, easy to dance to, and has a sailplane, undeniable overcharge. ” [ 7 ] In 2011, he co-founded the commemorate label EnMass Music, through which he has released a number of mix compilations related to his radio usher Salmiakki Sessions. After performing at festivals such as the tenth anniversary of Tomorrowland in 2014 [ 8 ] and Future Music Festival in 2015, [ 9 ] he released his most recent studio album, Moments, on August 14, 2015, followed by a go of the United States and Canada in September 2015. His music is characterised by its progressive/uplifting expressive style. [ 10 ] He represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the song “ Look Away “ with singer Sebastian Rejman. They finished last in the inaugural semi-final and consequently failed to qualify for the grand final .

career [edit ]

1990s : early years and “ Sandstorm ” [edit ]

Toni-Ville Henrik Virtanen was born on July 17, 1975 in the finnish village of Hinnerjoki in Eura. [ 1 ] [ 11 ] Virtanen started his career as a musician while studying at Turku Polytechnic, making music using his personal computer ‘s tracker software. [ 12 ] [ 13 ] As his matter to in music production quickly grew, he moved on to more dangerous production techniques. [ 12 ] [ 14 ] While at a schoolmate ‘s party, Virtanen played the sung “ Rude Boy ” ( written by swedish artist Leila K ) several times in a row. This earned him the nickname “ Rude Boy, ” which gradually morphed into “ Da Rude ” and then “ Darude ”. [ 14 ] Active in the finnish music capture and house fit since 1995, [ 1 ] Virtanen continued producing music into the 1990s. He began occasionally releasing show to radio stations beginning in 1997, and offering his music for download on MP3.com, making him an early adoptive parent of on-line file sharing for music forwarding. [ 15 ] In 1999, he gave a show for the track “ Sandstorm “ to his manufacturer, JS16 ( Jaakko Salovaara ). Virtanen signed on with JS16 ‘s 16 inch Records pronounce, and concisely thereafter, “ dust storm ” was released as a individual. [ 15 ] “ Sandstorm ” was a hit internationally, selling platinum [ 2 ] and holding the No. 1 spot on the finnish Dance Chart for seventeen back-to-back weeks. After becoming the No. 3 single in the United Kingdom [ 16 ] ( becoming the beginning record by a finnish artist to do so ), “ dust storm ” finally sold 2 million units cosmopolitan, and was the global ‘s biggest selling 12-inch unmarried in 2000. [ 14 ] The song went on to be widely featured in the media, peculiarly at sporting events and on soundtracks for video games and television receiver shows. respective videos and live stream of “ Sandstorm ” had gathered some 60 million hits by December 2014, [ 7 ] and in October 2015, the path achieved platinum sales status in the UK as it surpassed 600,000 sales in the UK. [ 2 ] His first exist gig was on December 5, 1999 in Tampere, Finland. [ 11 ]

2000–06 : Before the Storm and Rush [edit ]

Darude in 2004 Darude ‘s debut studio apartment album Before the Storm was produced by JS16 ( Jaakko Salovaara ), and features two of JS16 ‘s remixes. [ 17 ] The album includes respective singles, including “ Sandstorm. ” [ 17 ] The second individual “ Feel the Beat “ had replicated the achiever of “ Sandstorm ”, reaching No. 1 on the singles charts in Finland for 2 weeks and No. 5 on the UK Singles Chart. [ 16 ] Before the Storm was released on September 5, 2000 and sold 800,000 copies cosmopolitan, [ 1 ] earning Darude three Finnish Grammy awards. [ 1 ] It besides peaked on a phone number of charts, including No. 1 on Finland ‘s official list for albums, [ 3 ] No. 6 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart [ 4 ] and No. 11 on the US Independent Albums chart. [ 18 ] It besides charted at No. 9 in Sweden, [ 19 ] No. 14 in Norway, [ 20 ] and No. 18 in Canada, among other rankings. [ 21 ] concisely after the album ‘s release, Darude created a vocal music edit of “ Out of Control ”, and released it as a single ; “ Out of Control ( Back for More ) “. This one besides charted in major countries and was re-released on respective editions of the album. [ 22 ] Darude began a world go in 2001, releasing Before the Storm: Australian Tour Edition in the summons. 2002 saw the secrete of Before the Storm: Special Edition, featuring a collection of remixes of Darude ‘s work. [ 23 ] After releasing the singles “ Music ” and “ next to You “ in early 2003, in July of that year both tracks were included on Darude ‘s second album, Rush. The album reached No. 11 on the Billboard Top Electronic Albums chart [ 5 ] and No. 4 on hebdomadally album chart in Finland, [ 3 ] while “ following to You ” charted at No. 1 on the finnish singles chart. MacKenzie Wilson of Allmusic criticized the miss of variety show between tracks but praised the turn in cosmopolitan, writing that Darude “ builds upon the dynamics of Before the Storm, raises the pressure, and fuels the flare for an electrify dozen-track hardened. Darude ‘s talent in keeping the energy at an exalted floor without losing touch with the album ‘s overall atmosphere is what makes him a star topology and an built-in separate of the new-millennium dance scenery. His classy of shuffle of techno and enchantment is perfected into a fashionably slick helix of synthesize heating system. ” [ 5 ] After the liberation of Rush Darude maintained a heavy tour schedule, particularly the United States and Eastern Europe. [ 8 ]

2007–12 : Label This! and EnMass Music [edit ]

His single “ Tell Me ” was released in Finland on April 11, 2007 and “ My Game ” on September 19, 2007. [ 23 ] Label This! is the third studio album from Darude. Released on October 24, 2007 in Finland and on October 27 in Europe, [ 6 ] the american version was released in 2008, with the celebrated inclusion body of Darude ‘s newest single, “ I Ran ( So Far Away ) “ featuring Blake Lewis, as the third path on the album. [ 24 ] The album did not chart deoxyadenosine monophosphate high as Darude ‘s two previous album releases, though Gawker wrote that the album ‘s individual “ In the Darkness ” “ is a float, gossamer piece of trance music of the kind AraabMuzik spin into such magic on Electronic Dream. Like ‘ Sandstorm, ‘ it ‘s tightly composed, easy to dance to, and has a soaring, undeniable hook. ” [ 7 ]

Darude was ranked No. 96 on the DJ List as of December 11, 2010 [ 25 ] and No. 314 in the DJ Mag Top 100. [ 26 ] He has besides recently completed remixes for artists such as ATB and The Thrillseekers, with radio receiver play from Radio 1 personalities such as Pete Tong, Judge Jules, Ferry Corsten, and Paul Oakenfold. [ 11 ] Darude co-founded the phonograph record label EnMass Music in 2011. [ 1 ] Through EnMass Music, Darude released a DJ mix compilation titled Salmiakki Sessions Vol. 1 on December 20, 2011. The compilation is a expression of his namesake radio mix show, and includes ten of his recent remix productions and eight of his track remake by finnish artists and producers. Five of the tracks are previously unreleased exclusives for the compilation. [ citation needed ] He took part in a label case for EnMasse in Amsterdam in October 2012. [ 8 ]

2013–15 : tour and Moments [edit ]

Darude continued to tour into 2013, performing that class at the Groove Cruise out of Miami and playing two days of Tomorrowland in July 2014 in Belgium. [ 8 ] In March 2015 he performed at Future Music Festival in Australia, playing at all five festival dates in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, besides playing a diverseness of sideshows at clubs as partially of the festival. [ 9 ]
Darude ‘s most recent studio album, Moments, was his first gear full-length dismissal in eight years. [ 27 ] Guest artists included Caater and string band Apocalyptica, among others. The lead single from the album, “ Beautiful Alien, ” had previously charted at No. 1 on the finnish iTunes charts, with a music video released angstrom well in March 2015. [ 28 ] Moments was officially released on August 14, 2015 through Warner Music Finland in Europe [ 29 ] [ 30 ] and oversea. [ 31 ] The album blends genres such as electro, liberal sign of the zodiac, [ 10 ] and We Rave You wrote that “ Darude ‘s ability is once again prove filling the spectrum from big-room to trance to dubstep -infused astuteness. ” [ 32 ] The album ‘s mix of genres was broadly well-received, [ 33 ] and Dancing Astronaut praised the release, writing that “ Darude ’ randomness rejoinder is a clear passing from what once defined him. In Moments, he steps outside the proverbial EDM box by toying around with a multitude of different styles, several of which appear simultaneously in each track. ” [ 27 ] YourEDM opined that the album was “ gorgeous, ” explaining that it “ features a wide variety of influences and sounds ” with “ capital product, atmospheres, and melodies riding aboard quaintly attention-getting vocals. ” [ 34 ] soon following the album ‘s liberation in September 2015, Darude embarked on a ten-spot date enlistment of the United States and Canada, culminating in a performance at the inaugural TwitchCon, a bet on and technical school conventionality organised by television streaming chopine Twitch and held in San Francisco on September 25 and 26, 2015. With over 20,000 attendees over the weekend, Darude appeared as the headline DJ at the official afterparty, held in the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on September 26, 2015, and besides featuring a performance from deadmau5. [ 35 ] In the run up to the event, Darude appeared as a guest in the deadmau5 Coffee Run series, chatting to the Canadian DJ about assorted topics while being driven in deadmau5 ‘s Lamborghini Huracán supercar. deadmau5 noted that “ You [ Darude ] and a very choose few others are responsible for the inflow of electronic music into North America. It was ‘Sandstorm ‘ – I ‘m wholly being unplayful … that ‘s what all the clubs were hitting on. That ‘s the first time [ electronic music ] became less ‘underground and cool ‘ … there was n’t anything before that ”. [ 36 ]

2019 : Eurovision Song Contest [edit ]

On January 29, 2019, Darude was announced as the Finnish representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel. He performed aboard Sebastian Rejman, and his introduction “ Look Away “ was decided in a special version of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu. [ 37 ] They performed third in the first semi-final at Eurovision, but was placed last among the 17 countries competing in the semi-final, therefore failing to qualify for the deluxe final examination. [ citation needed ]

Awards and nominations [edit ]

Selected awards won by Darude[11]
Year Award Nominated work Category Result
2000 Finnish Grammy Awards Darude Best Dance / Hip Hop Newcomer Won
Before the Storm Best Debut Album Won
“Sandstorm” Song of the Year Won
NRJ Radio Award (Sweden) Best Dance Track of the Year Won
German Dance Awards Dance Hit of the Year Won
Darude Best International Single Act Won
2001 Dance Star (UK) Breakthrough Act of the Year Won
2002 Golden Turntable DJ Awards “Sandstorm” Best Single Won

discography [edit ]

Studio albums

personal life [edit ]

Darude has a son ( bear 2009 ) and a daughter ( born 2017 ) with his american wife, Michelle. [ 38 ] He lived in Atlanta, the United States, from the late 2000s to 2013. [ 39 ] [ 40 ] As of 2013, Darude has lived in Salo, Finland, with his family. [ 41 ] [ 42 ] [ 43 ]

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