Daft Punk: Random Access Memories

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1. “Give Life Back To Music”
A fitting track kickoff to the album. The feel-good ’70s-inspired song, care of Nile Rodgers, makes you want to dust off your dad’s old John Travolta suit, à la Saturday Night Fever, and hit Studio 54.

2. “The Game of Love”
A automatic, emo song. Is that an oxymoron ? Nevertheless, a sad, down-tempo track that cursorily extinguishes the fun of the first song. If Sade was auto-tuned, then possibly she would sound something like this.

3. “Giorgio by Moroder”
Electro-god Giorgio Moroder gives an audio interview on this birdcall about making “ the sound of the future ” and dance music. Part court to the forefather, share music history example. Daft Punk then jumps in to finish off the lead with their whizz synths.

4. “Within” 
Like “ The Game of Love, ” another down-tempo number. “ There are sol many things that I do n’t understand, ” a melancholy automatic voice bemoans on a song about hanker and finding oneself. “ I ‘ve been, for sometime/Looking for someone/I need to know now/Please tell me who I am, ” he cries. tied robots need love.

5. “Instant Crush” feat. Julian Casablancas
A Daft Punk rock candy song. Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas joins the robots for “ Instant Crush. ” Vocoder effects apart, it ’ s actually a dulcet fiddling love song.

6. “Lose Yourself To Dance” feat. Pharrell Williams

If you can ’ metric ton get adequate of “ Get Lucky, ” Pharrell graces the album again with “ Lose Yourself To Dance. ” The bright issue swims in a similar ’70s soundscape with claps and fun guitar riffs to boot.

7. “Touch” feat. Paul Williams
Legendary singer-songwriter Paul Williams ( Peep his Wikipedia. He ’ randomness kind of a big softwood ) joins the robots for what starts as a spaced-out song and then cursorily plummets to Earth with Williams ’ unaltered human voice.

8. “Get Lucky” feat. Pharrell Williams

Do we actually need to mention this song ? “ Get Lucky ” is the warm-weather-ready smash featuring Pharrell and Chic ’ mho Nile Rodgers. recently, we saw Pharrell perform this about four times in a quarrel in Brooklyn ; evening he couldn ’ thyroxine beget enough of it. Get fix to get your two-step on to this one all summer long.

9. “Beyond”
A gorgeous implemental, fitting for the begin of a George Lucas movie, sets off “ Beyond. ” Unfortunately, Daft Punk jumps in with their trademark vocals and synths, which corrupt the elegance of the opening. The song then sweeps into an instrumental breakdown.

10. “Motherboard”
A full-on instrumental track that scampers through different ambient-inspired soundscapes, including flutes and percussion section. About center in, the birdcall distorts into a thunderstorm, finally trickling into obliviousness.

11. “Fragments of Time” feat. Todd Edwards
Todd Edwards returns after his “ Face To Face ” contribution on Discovery. “ And it ‘s crystal clear that I do n’t ever want it to end/If I had my means, I would never leave/Keep building these random memories, ” Edwards sings, a nod to the album ’ s deed.

12. “Doin’ It Right” feat. Panda Bear
Animal Collective ’ s Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear, lends his sweet vocals to “ Doin ’ It Right. ” It ’ s a simple song, and Lennox ’ south vocals provide a nice contrast to DP ’ s automaton sounds. One of the pretty tracks on the entire album.

13. “Contact”
The album ’ s stopping point features an astronaut saying, “ There ’ s something out there. ” An inflow of organs give the song a cinematic feel until the crazy synths take defy. Like a skyrocket on a collision course, the birdcall screams out of control, and with that, it ’ randomness all over.

Daft Punk returns with their fourth studio album today, the highly anticipated Random Access Memories, and we delved into the 13-track offering from the mysterious French duo. In an age when EDM has been played to death, Daft Punk offers an interesting, nostalgia-driven album.A fitting track kickoff to the album. The feel-good ’70s-inspired song, care of Nile Rodgers, makes you want to dust off your dad’s old John Travolta suit, à la Saturday Night Fever, and hit Studio 54.

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