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Guillaume Emmanuel “Guy-Manuel” de Homem-Christo ( french pronunciation : ​ [ ɡijom emanɥɛl ɡi manɥɛl də ɔmɛm kʁisto ] ; born 8 February 1974 ) is a french musician, record producer, singer, songwriter, DJ, and film conductor. He was one half of the french house music couple Daft Punk, along with Thomas Bangalter. He has besides produced several works from his commemorate label Crydamoure with label co-owner Éric Chedeville.

early life [edit ]

Homem-Christo was born on 8 February 1974 [ 1 ] in Neuilly-sur-Seine. [ 2 ] He is the grandson of Portuguese poet Homem Cristo Filho, and the great-great-grandson of portuguese military calculate Francisco Manuel Homem Cristo, who was forced into exile in France in 1910. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] Homem-Christo was given a play guitar and keyboard at around seven years of age. [ 5 ] He was finally given an electric guitar at senesce 14, and uses a guitar when writing music. [ 6 ]

career [edit ]

Homem-Christo met Thomas Bangalter when they were attending the Lycée Carnot school together in 1987. It was there that they discovered their common captivation for films and music of the 1960s and ’70s : “ identical basic cult adolescent things, from Easy Rider to the Velvet Underground “. [ 7 ] The two and Laurent Brancowitz finally joined to form an indie rock trio called Darlin ‘, in which Homem-Christo performed guitar. Bangalter felt that “ It was still possibly more a adolescent thing at that time. It ‘s like, you know, everybody wants to be in a ring. ” [ 7 ] A veto review referred to their music as “ a balmy punkie thrash ”, [ 8 ] which inspired Bangalter and Homem-Christo ‘s newly name. [ 9 ] The two soon became concerned in electronic dancing music after going to a club in 1992. Homem-Christo is credited for designing the Daft Punk logo in the liner notes of Homework. Regarding Daft Punk ‘s creative process and working with Bangalter, Homem-Christo commented that “ he ‘s much more of the technical school guy than I am. We did everything together. But I have more distance ”. He added, “ I ‘m more critical of everything we do. We ‘re two-halves of one solid combination. There ‘s balance there – completeness between us, yeah ”. [ 10 ] Homem-Christo is besides a co-founder of the group Le Knight Club, along with Éric Chedeville from Pumpking Records. They are the founders of the record pronounce Crydamoure, named after a variation of the french phrase “ cri d’amour ” or “ war cry of love ” in English. Crydamoure besides published works by Homem-Christo ‘s brother Paul de Homem-Christo, under the diagnose Play Paul. [ 11 ] In regards to Crydamoure, Homem-Christo stated :

Myself and Thomas have the same tastes in music. When I make records for Crydamoure it ‘s a different manner than what may end up as Daft Punk music. I know what Thomas likes, and he knows what I like. Crydamoure is not so production oriented, even if it ‘s not besides army for the liberation of rwanda from Daft Punk. The Daft Punk material is more orchestrate and slenderly unlike. I may be working on a sample for Crydamoure, and possibly no one else can hear the deviation, but we know. It ‘s very accurate. [ 12 ]

He produced Sébastien Tellier ‘s 2008 album titled Sexuality. [ 13 ] In 2010, Homem-Christo worked with SebastiAn on the Kavinsky song “ Nightcall “. [ 14 ] In 2012, he was featured on Tellier ‘s album My God Is Blue on the track “ My Poseidon. ” Following the release of Daft Punk ‘s fourthly album Random Access Memories, Homem-Christo and Bangalter collaborated on two tracks with The Weeknd, “ Starboy “ and “ I Feel It Coming, ” with the former gaining the duet their first number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and the latter, co-written by Chedeville of Le Knight Club, peaking at number four. [ 15 ] Homem-Christo and Bangalter both contributed write and output credits to the 2017 song “ Overnight ” by Parcels. [ 16 ] This would be Daft Punk ‘s final examination product exploit as a couple, as Daft Punk announced their split via YouTube in February of 2021. [ 17 ] Homem-Christo worked on the championship traverse to Charlotte Gainsbourg ‘s fifth studio apartment album Rest, released in 2017. He besides contributed to the 2018 song “ Hurt You ”, a collaboration with The Weeknd and Gesaffelstein. [ 18 ] [ 19 ] In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Homem-Christo created a curated playlist called “ Star of a hero ” for italian sword MEDEA, containing tracks from the Beach Boys, The Weeknd, George Duke, and Thundercat, among others. [ 20 ]

On 22 February 2021, Daft Punk released a television announcing their separation. [ 21 ] [ 22 ] Friend and collaborator Todd Edwards later clarified that Bangalter and Homem-Christo remain active individually. [ 23 ]

personal life [edit ]

Homem-Christo has two children : [ 24 ] a daughter and a son. He and his wife divorced in 2010. [ 25 ] Both Homem-Christo and Bangalter have no pastime in being celebrities or discussing their secret lives. [ 26 ] In the rare events of interviews, Bangalter did the majority of talking to journalists. With respect to working and collaborating with early artists, Homem-Christo sees it as a matter of timing and creativity, preferably than fame and opportunity. He once stated in an consultation :

well that depends on what we want to do at the meter. It depends. I do n’t know. Yeah, precisely. There are all these considerations you ‘re talking about. But yes, it barely depends on the moment you ‘re asked. If you feel it and if you feel something creatively interesting then it ‘s possible. For everything that we ‘re asked to do, if we have a creative answer and think we might bring something to a project then we can do it. But if we do n’t have any ideas or do n’t think we can push the envelope by creating with anybody … well, if you take Sébastien Tellier for exercise it is one of the few collaborations where I had the idea that I could do something and bring something to it. But it ‘s all about the moment and the situation. When it feels right to us, when we feel it we do it, and when we have the time. There ‘s so many factors. [ 27 ]

discography [edit ]

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Albums [edit ]

  • Waves (2000)
  • Waves II (2003)
  • Sexuality by Sébastien Tellier (2008)

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