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  • They say you gotta stay hungry
    hey baby I’m just about starving tonight

    Ironically, the song was a hit single – the biggest of his career in terms of US chart position. (Although Manfred Mann’s cover of Springsteen’s ” Springsteen wrote this about his trouble writing a hit single and his frustration trying to write songs that will please people. His struggles pour out in the lyric, where he feels like a chartered gun dying for some military action. He even addresses an diligence trope, which he surely heard many times before : ironically, the song was a hit individual – the biggest of his career in terms of US chart position. ( Although Manfred Mann ‘s cover of Springsteen ‘s “ Blinded by the Light “ made # 1. )

  • This was the final song written for the Born In The U.S.A.. Springsteen wrote it after his director, Jon Landau, demanded a strike individual for the album. After a brief affray, he complied and wrote it that same night – a classic encase of a coach or record executive getting an artist so fired up that the energy channels into a murder, giving them precisely what they were looking for.

    Springsteen was doing just fine, with six successful albums in his discography and an alone concert repute. He had over 70 songs written for Born In The U.S.A., but Landau wanted a undertake hit to ensure ace condition for Springsteen. “ Dancing In The Dark ” provided just that spark ; released as the first single ( the only one issued ahead of the album ), it started the fire that was Born In The U.S.A. Springsteen ‘s songs were soon all over the radio receiver, and he found a solid raw audience. Unlike many rock artists who are accused of selling out when they hit it huge, Springsteen ‘s ace turn was welcomed ( for the most part ) by his close, who had spent many years spreading his gospel .

  • Directed by Brian DePalma, the video was filmed during Springsteen ‘s concert at the St. Paul Civic Center in Minnesota on June 29, 1984. Courteney Cox, who was planted in the audience, got the function of the adoring sports fan in the presence course who gets to dance on stage with Bruce. ( Despite the song style, the dancing took place in good light. )

    Springsteen did “ Dancing In The Dark ” midway through the show, so by that time he was good and sweaty and the crowd was worked into a craze. To get the shots, Springsteen did the sung doubly, with DePalma repositioning his cameras after the first take.

    The television was Springsteen ‘s first to get heavy airplay on MTV, and it introduced him to a newly, largely younger audience. As for Cox, a few years by and by she landed a role on the situation comedy Family Ties, and went on to star in the wildly popular television receiver series Friends .

  • By the last verse, there’s a touch of existentialism, as he puts things in perspective: “You can’t start a fire worrying about your little world falling apart.”

    The deep, philosophical message was lost on most listeners who were entranced by the catchy beat (the video didn’t exactly push a deeper meaning either). Springsteen got a similar reaction to his song ” The lyric is rather bare, as Springsteen sings lines like, “ man I ai n’t getting nowhere, I ‘m fair living in a dump like this. ” It does n’t have a happy ending, but by the end of the birdcall, he seems intent on taking some action, looking for fair a bantam bite of divine guidance to set him on his path – after all, you ca n’t start a displace without a spark.By the last verse, there ‘s a touch of existentialism, as he puts things in position : “ You ca n’t start a fire worrying about your little earth falling apart. “ The thick, philosophical message was lost on most listeners who were entranced by the attention-getting tick ( the television did n’t precisely push a deeper mean either ). Springsteen got a like reaction to his song “ Born In The U.S.A., ” where the message was lost in the music. That one bothered him, as the song is about the predicament of a Vietnam seasoned returning home to hostilities and dismiss.

  • This won Springsteen his first Grammy. In 1985, it got the award for Best Male Vocal .
  • The master concept for the music television was to have Springsteen literally dancing in the benighted – injection against against a black background. Jeff Stein was the director, and Daniel Pearl, celebrated for his filming on “ Every Breath You Take, ” was the director of photography. Pearl and Springsteen got in a disturbance over how he should be shot, with Springsteen wanting a percolate and Pearl insisting on hard light. Bruce walked out after a few takes, and ended up shooting the video with Brian DePalma. A few years late, despite his efforts to avoid Springsteen, Pearl found himself working on the “ Human Touch “ video. Pearl says that Springsteen apologized for the “ Dancing In The Dark ” debacle and asked to work with him again, as he realized Pearl was right about the ignite.
  • The individual was released on May 3, 1984 and reached its US chart bill of # 2 on June 30, which was before the video hit MTV. That week, “ The Reflex “ by Duran Duran held it out of the top spot ; with MTV support, “ Dancing In The Dark ” looked like a certain count for # 1, but then Prince and his cry doves showed up, ruling MTV and the airwaves, and keeping Springsteen ‘s song at # 2 for the next three weeks .
  • Private Dancer tour. Her version appears on the album Tina Turner – Live in Tokyo.
    Suggestion credit :
    Bertrand – Paris, France
    In 1985, Tina Turner performed this on hertour. Her version appears on the album

  • A rather challenging cover of this song was by the group Big Daddy, who hit # 21 UK with their version. The concept behind Big Daddy is that a ring crash landed on an island while out on enlistment in the late ’50s or early ’60s, and when they were rescued in the early ’80s, tried to revive their career. Music had changed drastically by then, so they started covering ’80s music in the only manner they knew how to play. The resultant role is a kind of modern Pat Boone sound .
  • In the 1985 Rolling Stone reader ‘s poll, this was voted Single of the year .
  • According to Rolling Stone, this is is the only Springsteen song that Bob Dylan always covered, and he merely did it once : at the baseball club Toad ‘s Place in New Haven, Connecticut, on the night of January 12th, 1990. Dylan flubbed most of the words and the operation was then pugnacious that most people in the audience did n’t seem to realize what song it was until the ring hit the refrain .
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