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Documentary series directed by Peter Jackson

The Beatles: Get Back is a 2021 objective series directed and produced by Peter Jackson. It covers the make of the Beatles ‘ 1970 album Let It Be, which had the exploit title of Get Back, and draws from material primitively captured for Michael Lindsay-Hogg ‘s 1970 documentary of the album, besides titled Let It Be. originally conceived as a feature of speech film, The Beatles: Get Back consists of three episodes with runtimes between two and three hours each, resulting in a total runtime of closely eight hours of material. The series is presented by Walt Disney Studios in association with Apple Corps and WingNut Films. [ 2 ] Jackson characterised The Beatles: Get Back as “ a documentary about a documentary ”. [ 3 ] Commentators have described it as challenging longtime beliefs that the make of Let It Be was marked entirely by tensions between the Beatles, showing a more cheerful side of the production. [ 4 ] [ 5 ] It premiered on Disney+ consecutively on 25, 26 and 27 November 2021. [ 6 ] [ 3 ] The miniseries was widely praised by critics, who highlighted the diachronic deservingness of the footage and its show of the inner workings of the band, although some deemed its runtime to be excessive.

production [edit ]

production of The Beatles: Get Back employed film restoration techniques developed for Jackson ‘s They Shall Not Grow Old. [ 7 ] Sixty hours of movie footage and over 150 hours of sound recording stem from the original Let It Be film project were made available to Jackson ‘s team. [ 8 ] In mention to the long-reported bitterness surrounding the original Get Back project, Jackson wrote in a press statement that he was “ relieved to discover the world is very different to the myth … surely, there ‘s moments of play – but none of the disagree this project has hanker been associated with. ” [ 9 ] Jackson spent close to four years editing the series. [ 10 ] It was created with cooperation from Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and the widows of John Lennon ( Yoko Ono ) and George Harrison ( Olivia Harrison ), [ 9 ] adenine well as music supervisory program Giles Martin ( son of George Martin and a regular producer of Beatles projects since 2006 ). [ 11 ] In a news publish, McCartney said : “ I am truly happy that Peter has delved into our archives to make a movie that shows the truth about the Beatles recording together ”, while Starr echoed : “ There was hours and hours of us just laughing and playing music, not at all like the Let It Be film that came out [ in 1970 ]. There was a fortune of rejoice and I think Peter will show that. ” [ 12 ] Disney was persuaded by the filmmakers to allow for the inclusion body of profanity, [ 13 ] with viewer discretion warnings at the begin of each sequence. [ 14 ] According to Jackson : “ The Beatles are Scouse boys and they freely swear but not in an aggressive or sexual way. We got Disney to agree to have curse, which I think is the inaugural time for a Disney distribution channel. ” [ 13 ] Episodes besides contain viewer discretion warnings for tobacco use. [ 14 ]

subject [edit ]

The concluding cut covers 21 days in the studio with the Beatles as they rehearse for a approaching album, concert and film project, and climaxes with the full 42-minute rooftop concert. [ 3 ] Jackson described the series as “ a objective about a documentary ”, ampere well as a “ tougher ” one than Let It Be, since it includes controversial events such as Harrison ‘s brief resignation from the band, which the original film had not covered. [ 3 ] With the exception of specific shots where no alternative exists, most of the material that had been featured in Let It Be was not reused in Get Back, and the series chiefly used footage captured from alternate television camera angles in the subject of sequences shared between the two works. According to Jackson, this choice was made out of a desire to “ not step on Let It Be’ randomness toes indeed that it is distillery a film that has a reason to exist, and our [ series ] will be a supplement to it ”. [ 3 ] Ben Sisario of The New York Times emphasised opening scenes of the series from January 1969, with McCartney creating the song “ Get Back “ “ out of nothing ” while awaiting Lennon who was running late. According to Sisario, Lennon ‘s entirely calculate in the Get Back visualize was “ communication with an audience ”, McCartney asked the ring to “ show exuberance for the project or abandon it ”, Harrison openly contemplated “ a disassociate ” ( of the band ), while the unharmed band were uncomfortable about Ono ‘s presence at the sessions. [ 10 ] In early candid scenes, Starr offers Ono a man of gumwood, Linda McCartney and Ono whisper as the band plays “ Let It Be “, Harrison impresses the band with a Bob Dylan cover, McCartney covers “ Strawberry Fields Forever “ with Lennon ‘s blessing, and McCartney defends Ono while grieving for the isthmus ‘s end. [ 15 ]

release [edit ]

Streaming [edit ]

The project was announced on 30 January 2019, the fiftieth anniversary of the Beatles ‘ rooftop concert. [ 8 ] [ 16 ] On 11 March 2020, The Walt Disney Studios announced they had acquired the global distribution rights to Jackson ‘s documentary, now titled The Beatles: Get Back. It was initially set to be theatrically released as a Walt Disney Pictures film by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures on 4 September 2020 in the United States and Canada, with a ball-shaped passing to follow. [ 17 ] [ 18 ] On 12 June 2020, it was pushed back to 27 August 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. [ 19 ] On 17 June 2021, it was announced that The Beatles: Get Back would rather be released as a three-part objective series on Disney+ on the Thanksgiving weekend of 25, 26 and 27 November 2021, with each episode being over two hours in distance. [ 6 ] [ 3 ] On 16 November 2021, McCartney attended the UK premiere of The Beatles: Get Back. [ 20 ]

marketing [edit ]

On 21 December 2020, a five-minute preview collage from the reproduce film, presented by Jackson, was released on YouTube and Disney+. [ 21 ] [ 22 ] The video recording features the band members dancing, doing impersonations, laughing, Lennon reading a newspaper article about Harrison ‘s meet with a photographer, adenine well as Lennon and McCartney “ jokingly singing ‘ Two of Us ‘ through gritted dentition ”. [ 23 ] A one-minute clip of the film was released on YouTube on 12 November, containing a setting with the Beatles working on the song “ I ‘ve Got a Feeling “. [ 24 ] The let go of was preceded by the issue of a ledger of the like name – the first official book credited to the band since The Beatles Anthology ( 2000 ) – featuring an introduction by Hanif Kureishi. [ 25 ] The ledger was initially scheduled for 31 August 2021 to coincide with the initial August release of the documentary, [ 25 ] but was ultimately released on 12 October, ahead of the documentary. [ 6 ] The documentary was besides preceded by the acquittance of a remixed, deluxe edition box set of the Let It Be album on 15 October by Apple Records. [ 26 ]

reception [edit ]

Review collector Rotten Tomatoes reported an blessing fink of 94 % based on 112 reviews, with an average rate of 8.6/10. The web site ‘s critics consensus reads, “ It may be besides much of a good matter for some viewers, but The Beatles: Get Back offers a thrillingly immersive look at the band ‘s creative work. ” [ 27 ] Metacritic gave the series a leaden average score of 85 out of 100 based on 28 critic reviews, indicating “ universal applaud ”. [ 28 ] Sheri Linden of The Hollywood Reporter called the objective an “ immersive, in-the-moment history of a generation-defining ring in the act of creating, offering an up-close look at the quartet ‘s chemistry ” and concluded that it “ offers ample evidence that necessity is in the eye of the perceiver ”. [ 29 ] Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone complimented the miniseries ‘ affair, highlighting its poignant and “ placid moments ” as “ the heart of the film ”. [ 15 ] Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the miniseries a score of four out of four stars, deeming it “ one of the most entertaining, compel and significant chapters in film music history ” and praising the quality of the footage of the rooftop performance. [ 30 ] In a five-star review for The Independent, Ed Cumming wrote that the bitterness besetting the Beatles had “ taken on a mythic quality ” since Lindsay-Hogg ‘s 1970 film, but through Jackson ‘s expanded coverage, “ Any future judgment of the band and its members will have to measure up against the people we see hera. ” [ 31 ] Owen Gleiberman, writing for Variety, said that while the story “ meanders ” and gets “ bloat ” in Part Three, it is an “ addictive ” portrayal of a “ transcendent ” band that goes above “ both the ballyhoo and fan anxiety ”. [ 32 ] The Guardian ‘s Alexis Petridis called the series “ aimless ”, with repetition that was a “ threat to the viewer ‘s sanity ”, and said that while it had “ fantastic moments ”, they were besides few and far between. [ 33 ] Writing in The Times, Beatles biographer Philip Norman was highly critical of the edit of the footage and general tone of Jackson ‘s bring, commenting that several “ inconvenient facts ”, including Lennon ‘s heroin addiction and the “ bait ” of Ono, were ignored. [ 34 ]

soundtrack [edit ]

This is a list of all the songs hear in the documentary. All songs by Lennon–McCartney, except where noted ;

Opening [edit ]

Twickenham Studios sessions [edit ]

Apple Studios sessions [edit ]

Rooftop concert [edit ]

  1. “Get Back” (short take)
  2. “Get Back” (take one)
  3. “Get Back” (take two)
  4. “Don’t Let Me Down” (take one)
  5. “I’ve Got a Feeling” (take one)
  6. “One After 909”
  7. “Dig a Pony”
  8. “I’ve Got a Feeling” (take two)
  9. “Don’t Let Me Down” (take two)
  10. “Get Back” (take three)

Episodes [edit ]

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