Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Nintendo Switch

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Don’t Miss it This Time
by Kyle Hilliard


Bring the excellent, but underplay, tropical freeze to the Switch with a newly playable character that basically functions as an easily mode


tropical freeze looked bang-up in HD when it debuted in 2014, and the transition to Switch went well. The fur physics stand out in especial


Thanks to the come back of the SNES games ‘ original composer, David Wise, Tropical Freeze ‘s soundtrack hits all the right nostalgic notes. The newfangled thrust is bang-up, besides


Moving the Kong family, pounding the ground, and rolling into a startle all feel great. even swimming works well, though it ‘s not angstrom fun as run and jump


tropical Freeze stands among the best platformers of the last ten. Playing as Funky Kong is great for alleviating frustration or allowing skilled players to breeze through the plot at high speed


reasonably high

When tropical freeze released on the Wii U in 2014, it was exciting because it marked Donkey Kong Country ‘s belated entrance into the universe of high definition. It played well, included tons of nostalgic and novel platforming ideas, and offered a meaning, but clean challenge. unfortunately, simply by the nature of its underachieve platform, not many people played it. The Switch re-release offers a chance for those that skipped the Wii U to play a fantastic platformer, but even for those that played it four years ago, there is at least one bonus to make a reappearance trip to Donkey Kong Country.

The conversion from Wii U to Switch by the original developer, Retro, is seamless. The platforming is accurate and fast, the resolution improves from 720p to 1080p when docked, and the soundtrack is worth the effort of seeking out headphones. The big addition for the Switch interpretation is the inclusion of a playable Funky Kong, which changes the experience in some significant and fun ways. tropical freeze is hard, and if you want to play the difficult-but-fair original adaptation, you can. Playing as Funky Kong, however, functions as an slowly mode. He has more hearts and does not take price from spike pits. He can besides roll boundlessly, breathe subaqueous, double-jump, and perform a floating drop. He ‘s a combination of some of the distinguishing abilities of the other playable Kongs, and it makes it all much easier. If you found Tropical Freeze excessively unmanageable, Funky makes the challenge much more manageable, which is great for youthful or impatient players. See more of the review at Game Informer

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