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The Rad ScientistDr. Coyle Dr. CoyleDrCoyle.png basic information

HeightOb10110000 cm(5’9) (176 cm)Weight0o105 kg (152 lb.)(69 kg)Age0x30(48)AffiliationARMS LabsStage[NAME REDACTED]HobbiesNone, only has time for ARMSVoice ActressDonna BurkeSignatureDr. Coyle signature.png
official Stats

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Size4/5Arm Girth3/5Speed4/5Jumping5/5IQ5/5EQ1/5

Grab Damage150Walking Speed105%Dash Distance111%Charge Dash Distance133%Max Charge Time1.1 seconds

standard ARMS

  • Lokjaw
  • Parabola
  • Brrchuk


“What we’re about to witness is the biggest, baddest brain ARMS Labs has ever produced— Dr. Coyle! ARMS is more than just a pet project for her—it’s a full-on obsession, people! For years, Dr. Coyle has gone to extreme lengths to develop state-of-the-art ARMS weaponry. And, in some cases, she has even experimented on herself in the name of technological advancement… If that doesn’t win her Employee of the Month, nothing will.”


Dr. Coyle is a playable combatant and the secondary antagonist in ARMS. She was released in Version 5.0.0 on December 22nd, 2017 .
Dr. Coyle is a scientist wearing a large metallic befit, with her design being electricity-based. Her ARMS are made of copper with coils rotating around them, referencing the concept of electromagnetic evocation. She has green eyes, green hair which covers her right eye, yellow eyebrows and eyelashes, empurpled lipstick, and a purple mask. Her outfit consists of a black and k lawsuit with a green top with her logo on it, a black high apprehension, a slide fastener and a belt, and gray tights, vitamin a well as matching black and green stiletto boots with green soles, and black fingerless gloves with stud and her logo on them, adenine well as green painted nails. other outfits include a turtle neck shirt with a skeleton pin near the top along with a lab coat and glasses, and a dress-like lab coating with a black pantyhose and k eminent heels with black soles .

“She’s the director of ARMS Laboratories, and a certified genius. Fascinated with ARMS since she was a young girl, Dr. Coyle decided early on to devote her entire life to ARMS research. Her plans for this research are not necessarily nefarious… She simply wants to be the most powerful ARMS fighter of all time…even if that means subjecting herself to her own experiments. But all her pain and hard work will be worth it if she wins the ARMS Grand Prix!”
Official description

Dr. Coyle is the director of ARMS Labs and is known as a “ once-in-a-generation genius ”. She is the youngest to rise to the top of ARMS Labs. There are rumors saying that she has 52 doctorates and the inability to taste food, although the latter is unlikely given the fact that she participated in taste-testing and recipe development in a cafe run by ARMS Labs. however, given that same cafe is incredibly unsuccessful she might indeed be lacking in taste. She seems to have history with Max Brass, apparently knowing him on a personal tied, although she now holds a stew against him and seeks retaliation for “ things he said ” to her. Dr. Coyle late overpowered Max Brass in the Grand Prix so that she could take on the rival rather. Dr. Coyle is credited as being the godhead ( or at least being the question scientist a well as one of the creators ) of Helix, Springtron and Hedlok ( which she referred to as her “ masterpiece ” ), adenine well as apparently being creditworthy for Master Mummy ‘s reanimation .
uniquely, Dr. Coyle does not have a jump. alternatively, she levitates at all times and is able to increase her height with the jump push button. This permits her to dash and guard at any height. She will be registered as being on the “ background ” at any altitude ; because of this, some ARMS such as the Scorpio or Funchuk will constantly move out in the mode/form they are in when launched on the ground. In addition, she can briefly activate an extra arm by charging for a long period of time. The ARM appears on a random shoulder of Dr. Coyle and matches the ARM immediately below it. furthermore, she can temporarily disappear while moving freely, an ability activated by holding guard duty or getting up after being knocked gloomy. Dr. Coyle is however much more vulnerable to debilitating effects such as Electric and Ice as she will always react to them as if she were grounded.

Her ability to fly and shield at anytime, ampere well as having invisibility and abridge vulnerability when getting up, make Dr. Coyle difficult to pin down. Her extra arm besides gives her potent poke and rush-building capabilities. Dr. Coyle ‘s playstyle centers around using her third base branch to harass at range until she gains an advantage. She can then use her built-in altitude advantage and smooth movement to smother opponents with pressure, while avoiding being cornered herself .

ARM Recommendations [edit |edit source ]

reliable ARMS that create solid pressure without sacrificing Dr. Coyle ‘s mobility knead well with her. They complement her two biggest strengths, which are her flight and her third base ARM. Some examples are :

In Competitive Play [edit |edit source ]

Since her passing in December 2017, Dr. Coyle has been universally considered to be the best quality in the game. This is been backed up by the results of players of AstroNinja0 and Shateau .

noteworthy players [edit |edit source ]

Related Badges [edit |edit source ]

Main article: Badge Stash

Appearances in other media [edit |edit source ]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [edit |edit source ]

Dr. Coyle cameo on an electronic billboard in the background of Spring Stadium .

Version History [edit |edit source ]

Version history


Added to the game.


Fixed an issue where, under certain conditions, extra ARMS would appear while firing ARMS.

Dr. Coyle
Dr. Coyle’s Costumes Dr. Coyle ‘s Costumes

Default / Up




Icon-Dr. Coyle.png




To select a costume, click and hold Lstickclick.svg, then hold Lstick.svg in the direction of the coveted costume while confirming with A.svg .

promotional art [edit |edit source ]

Grand Prix Ending [edit |edit source ]

  • She is the oldest known female fighter, at 48 years old. The second oldest is Twintelle at 26.
  • Her name is a play on “coil,” which her ARMS are made of.
  • She didn’t gain her ARMS naturally, but instead experimented on herself to gain the ARMS ability and succeeded. Interestingly, Dr. Coyle’s irises are spiraled like those who naturally obtained them, implying that she gained the true ARMS ability through this method.
  • She’s the only ARMS fighter to have unique dialogue when fighting other ARMS characters.
  • Her victory quote after defeating Kid Cobra implies she has a dislike or fear of snakes.
  • Dr. Coyle’s information on her official profile is encoded, likely to tie into her theme as a mysterious, suspicious scientist.
  • She is the only fighter who does not have a full body character render. Hers only goes down to her chest.
  • Unlike Max Brass who does fight himself at the end of Grand Prix, Dr. Coyle is incapable of fighting herself in Grand Prix Level 6 or 7, instead the final opponent will remain Max Brass.
  • She is likely the one holding the photo of Springtron in his Grand Prix ending photo as her nails have the same pattern as her grab attack.
  • She can, in many respects, be seen as the opposite to Mechanica.
    • Both are technically minded women who engineer themselves the ability to use ARMS.
    • Mechanica is the youngest female fighter, utilizing a fighter suit made of scrapyard technology. Dr. Coyle is the oldest female fighter, using advanced technology to grant herself the ARMS ability.
    • They are both admirers of ARMS, although Dr. Coyle’s investment borders on obsession.
    • Mechanica is a fan of Ribbon Girl. Conversely, Dr. Coyle has a low opinion of Ribbon Girl, as she believes her pop singer occupation is a waste of time that would be better spent honing her ARMS talents.
  • She is most likely the one who reportedly stole blueprints from Mechanica to create Springtron.

Names in other languages [edit |edit source ]

Dr. Coyle




Dokutā Koiru
Dr. Coyle

 Chinese (Traditional)
Dihnchìh Boksih
Doctor Electromagnet

 Chinese (Simplified)
Diàncí Bóshì
Doctor Electromagnet

Dr. Coyle
Dr. Coyle

Dr. Coyle
Dr. Coyle

닥터 코일
Dakteo Koil
Dr. Coyle

Doktorka Coylová
Doctor Coyle

The Rad Scientist




ARMSラボ エンプレス
Āmuzu Rabo Empuresu
The empress of ARMS Laboratories

 Chinese (Traditional)
ARMS Sahtyihmsāt Néuihwòhng
ARMS女王 (Grand Prix)
ARMS Néuihwòhng
The empress of ARMS Laboratories
ARMS Queen

 Chinese (Simplified)
ARMS Shíyànshì Nǚwáng
ARMS女王 (Grand Prix)
ARMS Nǚwáng
The queen of ARMS Laboratories
ARMS Queen

Genie des Wahnsinns
Genius of Madness

Úžasná vědkyně
Amazing scientist

Menő tudósként
Rad scientist

Odlotowa pani naukowiec
Psychotic scientist woman

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