Dr. Dre & Eminem’s New Song Is The Truth

today ( December 15 ), newly Dr. Dre music appears in the on-line television game, Grand Theft Auto Online : The Contract. Dre plays himself in the GTA extension, with Anderson .Paak and other cohorts in the mix. Members of the Aftermath Entertainment family and Dre affiliates Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, and others supply the soundtrack to the lionize plot franchise. Fans outside of the game get to hear some of this newly music. Dre and Eminem link up for “ Gospel, ” approaching 25 years since the two men first crossed paths. The sung besides features The D.O.C., who like Em, is considered one of the sophisticate ’ second greatest lyrical pupils. The track comes after reports that The D.O.C., who has written for Dre, Snoop Dogg, and others, would be making a return to music. The D.O.C. Reveals Which Songs He Wrote For Dr. Dre ’ s The Chronic Album ( Video ) In his open verse, Dr. Dre addresses a year that featured health hurdles and a very high-profile ( and recently finalized ) divorce : “ Feelin ’ like I ’ megabyte barely gettin ’ started / Two shots back for my dearly departed / You are nowadays dеalin ’ with a freak / Boss sh*t, profits / Doc Dre, b*tch, I ’ m a prophet / Black Wall Street, ni**as know whеre the stock is / Try me, ni**as never see me, but it ain ’ thyroxine hard to find me / Unwinding, sh*t ’ mho blind, still grinding, up rising / Stop talking ’ bout the by, I ’ m the future, ni**a / Ni**a like me, hush here, motherf*cker, go figure. ” Dre feels and sounds recharged as he is on run to make new history. He besides may be signaling a mid-2022 takeover, besides : “ This summer hera gon ’ be colder than winter / Already told you, I fold you like hundreds of billions / And you can go miss, put that on my children / Bet that, ni**a, what ? Regret that, run it up / Heh, and I ’ m about to sum it up / This sh*t here that problem, livin ’ at the penetrate of a bottle. ” The last barroom may be one referring to sobriety, or a new lookout from a 35-plus-year Hip-Hop veteran. The D.O.C. assists Dre in the chorus, with the Dallas, Texas O.G. kicking some rhythm method of birth control to his delivery. then Eminem enters with his hallmark stigmatize of humor and hubris. “ Like a satanic cult / It ’ s an old ritual massacre GOATS, b*tch / You ’ ra f*cking with the original, hang ’ second vomit / And anybody can get it, COVID / I done wrote sh*t that was so astute I could slit my own f*cking throat with it / thus rich, I got more chips than my shoulders / And I ’ megabyte about a accessible as a roach is / Yeah, so good steer well-defined from him / here comes a nuclear bomb for your eardrums / Lyricism at its most awful and ferocious / We are on another tier like a bust duct ’ s upper echelon / Your career sucked, it was diaphanous fortune, like what ? / Like a f*ckin ’ leprechaun with its beard cut. ” Em then uses some canine pun : “ Me and Dre are like dog hair / We ’ ra both in our lab coats like retrievers / But, like a doberman, I ’ m a solid unlike breed of animal / Mutt mixed with a overachiever / Oh, you ’ re the king of Rap ? You ’ ra ’ bust to be overrule / Like a pass over the head of an open recipient / At least you can end up comin ’ to blows like a wiener. ” Marshall includes his latest MGK jab besides, with “ Know what I ’ molarity in is flow, weave, I treat ’ em like thread ( Why ? ) / That ’ s how I wound up sewin ’ Machine up. “ 

Drake Dissed Kanye West Throughout Their Concert According to frequent Aftermath insider Chad Kiser, early Dre- songs in the game include “ The Scenic Route, ” with Rick Ross and Anderson .Paak, “ Fallin ’ Up ” featuring Marsha Ambrosius, “ ETA, ” alongside Anderson .Paak, Snoop Dogg, and Busta Rhymes ( which Heads heard a spot of final week ), “ Diamond Mind ” with Nipsey Hussle, and Ty Dolla $ ign, and “ Black Privilege. ” Earlier this week, Dre and Marsha each confirmed an approaching album between the long-time collaborators. In early 2022 ( February 13 ), Dr. Dre will join Snoop, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige, and Eminem to perform for the Super Bowl Halftime Show. A recent episode of Ambrosia For Heads ‘ What ’ s The Headline podcast unpacked the news : 

JAY-Z & LL Cool J Brought A President & $ 3 Billion To The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Dre besides recently introduced LL Cool J at the Def Jam OG ’ s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame .

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