Why Drake’s “God’s Plan” Video Is More Than Just a PR Stunt

last week, Drake made global headlines with his unexpected video for “ God ’ s Plan ”. There were no sexual love interests, no detailed storylines and no particular effects ; rather, the beautifully-lensed clip, directed by Karena Evans, followed the ace around Miami while he gave away his label ’ s $ 999,631.90 budget to those in want. Some were treated to supermarket denounce sprees, wads of cash and free luxury cars, whereas a cherry-picked choice of shelters, charities and corroborate groups were presented with those comically huge checks we only ever see on-screen. Drake beams throughout the integral video ; he swells with pride as tearful fans wrap themselves around him and blink in unbelief at the gifts they ’ ve equitable received. It ’ s a video guaranteed to make even the most cynical among us smile, laugh, possibly even shed a bust. The visuals are undeniably joyous, but it is easy to be cynical. It ’ second extremely simple to accuse Drake of being self-serving, to argue that the most genuine charitable gestures are made off-camera. Hot 97 ’ second Peter Rosenberg surely took this view, asking : “ Isn ’ t it a little piece bum to use those emotions of, ‘ Look at this person in need getting something good, ’ and transfer those emotions onto yourself ? I don ’ thyroxine know the last meter I saw a four-minute collage of ‘ Look at all the courteous things I do. ”

Rosenberg went on to clarify that he found the video recording disingenuous as opposed to the actual donations themselves, but he hush pissed Drake off so much that the musician called Rosenberg to personally vent his frustrations. “ This is the most important thing I ’ ve ever done, ” he reportedly said, obviously annoyed that his generosity had been dismissed as contrived. It is worth being critical, specially given the music diligence ’ s late drift of # woke-washing. half-baked political statements, disingenuous solidarity and the practice of minority groups as props have all been rightly criticized, as have attempts to profit from calamity. But this is unlike. This international relations and security network ’ thymine a case of an artist making a superficial argument to make themselves look dear. alternatively, this is an exercise of an artist putting his—well, his label ’ s—money where his talk is. Drake ’ s grandiose display of generosity besides makes sense in the context of “ God ’ s Plan ”. It ’ south easy to read into the lyrics and their religious overtones—The Fader recently did, publishing an excellent firearm with quotes from five religious leaders—but the birdcall is, first and foremost, about rising above pettiness. The cockamamie memes and dad-dancing may make him seem endearing and low-key bromidic, but Drake has been an easy target for rap gripe over the years. countless musicians have fired shots at him. On “ God ’ s Plan ”, he plainly says he ’ mho tired of it : “ I been movin ’ sedate, don ’ thyroxine start no trouble with me / Tryna keep it peaceful is a struggle for me. ”drake-gods-plan-video-06drake-gods-plan-video-06 OVO This is Drake at his most earnest, which is precisely why the “ God ’ s Plan ” television seems natural rather than contrived. Fans however fall at his feet, but there ’ s no security system to stop them. He ’ s truly in these schools, he ’ south actively listening to these communities—as behind-the-scenes videos have shown—and he actually is laughing and joking un-self-consciously. In that sense, “ God ’ s Plan ” is ampere far from a PR stunt as you could get. Better placid, it seems Drake ’ s team truly did their research when looking at how to spend their money. One particularly heartwarming history is that of Destiny James, a talented and ferociously intelligent young black womanhood raised by a individual mother in South Carolina. James had constantly dreamed of college but never thought it potential due to her lack of access to resources. James ‘s narrative is a familiar one in even the most privileged of western countries : the exorbitant cost of higher education had crippled her both financially and emotionally, forcing her to invest her energy into staying afloat as opposed to thriving. then, along came Drake. The knocker presented her with a $ 50,000 arrest, enabling her to pay her tutelage fees with no stress and exploit towards a Masters academic degree in public health. She plans to bring her skills back to her hometown, to educate those the system left behind.

drake-gods-plan-video-02drake-gods-plan-video-02 OVO James ’ mho story is particularly banal in Miami, a city whose class separate is disproportionately driven by raceway. According to a profile collated by CFED as separate of the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative, people of discolor in Miami earn importantly lower than in early states across the United States, whereas their rates of unemployment are higher. meanwhile, their white counterparts earn significantly more—around $ 10,000—than the home average per class, whereas recent reports have revealed the city as a resort area for the mega-rich. Basically, the city ’ randomness wealthiest residents are scantily ever in it. Of course, there is the argument to be made that Drake treated some to shopping sprees and others to actual investments. The report of Odelie Parnet, a 63-year-old maid in a five-star hotel, has been making waves online ; a recent VIBE article reveals that Parnet was whisked away, booked in for a massage, an excessive meal and a shop spree in Saks Fifth Avenue. Although wholly positive in tone, the article does highlight a few minor issues : the laughably bantam interior designer clothes on volunteer, for model, didn ’ thymine fit her, whereas she besides had no need for heels sol alternatively opted for a pair of comfortable flats. She did snap up a Valentino bag, a white gold necklace and a handful of gifts for relatives, but ultimately the article ’ south conclusion reminds us all that, after her charming day is over, she ’ ll have to be up again in three hours for work .drake-gods-plan-video-03drake-gods-plan-video-03 OVO This story of Parnet ’ mho fairytale day highlights a few key points. Can Drake close the wealth col ? No. Would it have been wiser to offer Parnet money as opposed to expensive clothes ? Yes. Does any of this matter ? No.

By actually stepping up and using his budget to bring hyper-expensive gifts—and, in many cases, genuine investments—to those ineffective to access them, Drake is doing more than most to help those who need it. He ’ s a blame game Robin Hood, taking money from his tag and throwing it gleefully into herd whose lives it could sincerely change. even the transparency, the willingness to divulge his video recording budget down to the last penny — even that feels group in the context of a music industry that keeps its secrets closely guarded. Why do they keep them guarded ? Because the truth is uncomfortable : it reveals a massive wealth divide that no shopping spree, no eruditeness and no Bentley could ever help to close. ultimately though, that ’ s not the orient. The “ God ’ s Plan ” ocular international relations and security network ’ t a humanitarian intervention, it ’ s a music video, and it does precisely what a music video should do : it creates a ocular narrative, introduces us to some seriously inspirational characters and leaves us feeling entertained, with a smile on our faces. Drake might not have changed the worldly concern, but he ’ mho at least changed the lives—if lone temporarily—of a handful of golden Miami residents. For that, he should be celebrated. future up ; here ‘s how Pornhub went from free porn paradise to respectable life style sword .

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