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Album art for Drake's album Certified Lover Boy. Features emojis of pregnant women of varying skin tones and hair colours. CLB is full of all the elements that make a signature Drake album. (Photo courtesy of Variety) As billboards popped up unexpectedly across the country, it meant one thing : drake was finally back .
“ Certified Lover Boy, ” his inaugural studio album since the secrete of “ Scorpion ” in 2018, comes at a clock time when he ’ second still one of the hottest names in the music industry. With this album, Drake addresses his beef with Kanye West, delivers hits that get stuck in your head and fires back at rappers covetous of his success .
“ Certified Lover Boy, ” CLB to fans, is a great success. It ’ s an album potent enough to satisfy his die-hard winnow base and one that far cements his status in rap .
CLB has everything you ’ five hundred expect from a Drake album — catchy lyrics like “ I ’ ve been losin ’ friends and findin ’ peace / But honestly that strait like a fair trade to me, ” and emotional woes like “ so much s*** I wanted to say, straight to your face / But you ’ re sol ambidextrous, that I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know which face. ” There are focus tracks like “ No Friends In The Industry, ” that highlight Drake ’ s unique rapping on rapid beats and chart-toppers like “ Way 2 Sexy, ” that highlight Drake ’ s ability to turn bizarre songs into ones that will live in your promontory. At the goal of the album, listeners know that Drake can even hold his own, even if naysayers claim he ’ south past his prime.

From the open track, “ Champagne Poetry, ” we get a bubbly beat evocative of Drake ’ s memorable presentation to his older studio albums. It ’ sulfur no “ Over My Dead Body ” or “ Tuscan Leather, ” but it gets the problem done. It sets the tone for the album — Drake reflecting while praising himself. It ’ second clear up from the first bar of the album : “ I been hot since the give birth of my son / I remain unfazed, trust, bad has been done. ”
By the time you reach the sixth song on the album, it ’ sulfur obvious Drake is determined to quiet his haters. At senesce 34 though, being locked in doesn ’ triiodothyronine mean it ’ s his best work .
many tracks, even in Drake terms, were forgettable. “ Girls Want Girls ” with Lil Baby is an exemplar of an opportunity lost — even with its sincerely attention-getting chorus and trademark Drake verse. “ In The Bible ” with Lil Durk and Giveon is a ill constructed traverse with a short 40-second poetry from Lil Durk and a majority of the beat wasted with more short-change verses. “ Race My Mind, ” “ F****** Fans ” and “ Get Along Better ” with Ty Dolla $ ign seem out of topographic point and incomplete in overall production .
One can argue “ Love All ” with Jay-Z is the best song on the album, specially with the “ Life After Death ” presentation and dim-witted percussion behind the beat. Drake ’ second brooding “ People never care ‘ til it ’ mho R.I.P., ” refrain is an observation on the culture of rappers. He implies many in the knock game tear each other polish, then celebrate one another when they pass away. It could be Drake anticipating boyfriend rappers appreciating him more once he ’ s gone after disrespecting him now .
After “ Yebba ’ randomness Heartbreak, ” CLB shifts from dense melodious somber songs to fast-flowing verses. Drake continues the drift of dismissing his haters. One of the highlights of the second half of the album is the three-song rotation of “ No Friends In The Industry, ” “ Knife Talk ” and “ 7am On Bridle Path. ” They prove that Drake ’ s pun and rap are silent legendary .
The Lil Wayne and Rick Ross collaboration on “ You alone Live Twice ” is a phenomenal lead with glowing verses from each artist. The bouncy outwit plus the speed of the vocals and track are evocative of a fast drive on the highway .
Most memorable, though, is how the feud with rap mogul Kanye West advanced on “ 7AM On Bridle Path, ” with specific shots taken at West.

In the build-up to his album “ Donda, ” West added fuel to the gripe, releasing Drake ’ south address on his Instagram. then, he posted a screenshot of a group new world chat with eight people, including rapper Pusha T and allegedly Drake, where West writes : “ I live for this … You will never recover. I promise you. ”
Drake doesn ’ triiodothyronine shy away from his reception to Yeezy, a composition of the album. He attacks the leak of his cover directly with ​​the bar “ Give that address to your driver, make it your finish, / ‘ Stead of equitable a post out of desperation. ”
“ 7am On Bridle Path ” is fiery, similar to “ No Friends In The Industry ” where Drake wonders why then many in the rap game continue to despise his level of accomplishment. Rapping over a dark sample, Drake and his bumptiousness seep through his tone and fast-paced tap .
“ No Friends In The Industry ” is Drake ’ s most aggressive attack at rejecting his haters. Its beat is loud enough to shake your car ’ sulfur speakers excessively. Like so many Drake songs, his main message is in the chorus when he raps : “ No friends in the diligence / I had to draw the telephone line between my brothers and my enemies, a fact. ”
He then uses track star topology Sha ’ Carri Richardson ’ s marijuana scandal to imply he can defeat his enemies : “ And I ’ m like Sha ’ Carri, smoke ‘ em on and off the traverse ( Aye ). ”
His final examination poetry of the track takes another shot at Kanye when rap : “ Better find ya person else to hit with all that smoke, n****, yeah / And all them tweets and all them posts / Ain ’ metric ton got the type of clock to be playin ’ with you folk / I had a Richard prior to these n*****, that ’ s the joke. ”

In the final bar, Drake uses pun with “ Richard ” referring to expensive Richard Mille watches and “ prior ” to the comedian Richard Pryor. Drake implies his previous “ beefs ” with rappers weren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate necessity for his growth since he ’ s already celebrated enough to own a Richard Mille. It ’ randomness emphasized with the phrase : “ that ’ s the joke. ”
CLB shows why Drake has been relevant in the rap game for over a decade. It ’ s another Drake album wax of lyrics that will populate Instagram captions for months. His versatility is on fully display with the balance of soft whistle and rapid rap .
When all is said and done rappers will dream of replicating the knocker ’ sulfur political campaign. And CLB proves Drake is far from done .

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