Meek Mill Opens Up About Drake Beef, ‘Expensive Pain’ & How Jay-Z’s ‘The Blueprint’ Shaped His Career

Meek Mill and Drake has since bury their beef but it ’ randomness clear up that feud was taxing for both artists .
It ’ mho been three years that hip-hop fans have been waiting for Meek Mill to drop an album. Their patience was rewarded with the unblock of Expensive Pain, today, October 1. soon after its passing, the rapper took the opportunity to break down his thoughts about the album with Apple Music ’ s Zane Lowe .
Besides the album, Meek Mill besides revealed his thoughts on his now-infamous gripe with Drake spinal column in 2015. The two started feuding after the Philly knocker accused Drake of using a ghostwriter on their collaboration “ R.I.C.O. ” As it goes when rappers beef, a series of diss tracks were released from both artists. In September 2019, the pair ended their quarrel after Meek Mill joined the Toronto star onstage in Boston .
Meek recalled that 2019 was an highly challenge year for him, particularly since he and Drake were going at it.

“ I was at a disadvantage. He was winning, in the eyes of the people. I still walked my room through that, went through prison, I had to go through something. once I bounced bet on out, Championships, ” he said .
Meek Mill besides admitted that times are placid challenging since the attack of the pandemic. The “ Going Bad ” rapper said that in hurt of the circumstances, he believes that his latest album is some of his best work, and he stands by it .
“ I ’ megabyte going to stand on my endowment, and I ’ molarity going to remain confident and hope that people pay attention to what ’ south going on because they got a long manner to go. I ’ megabyte trying to keep pushing, ” he added .
The Philly rhymer continued on to say that expensive Pain is one of his darling albums right now because he took the gamble to actually express himself. Meek revealed that the title came from his in-studio experience with Lil Uzi Vert and Brent Faiyaz. Both artists have features on the album .
“ I actually said expensive pain on a song with Uzi when we was in a booth rapping. I said, ‘ You ain ’ thyroxine rich, your hoard can ’ triiodothyronine pay my drug bill. ’ Basically we smoke a lot of weed and stuff like that, and I was playing it for Brent Faiyaz one day in the studio, he heard me say that, he was like, ‘ That legal profession hot. ’ He was like, ‘ That ’ s a fire discussion, expensive pain. ’ He was like, ‘ That should be an album title. ’ And I start thinking about it and then I stuck with it, ” he added.

The rapper besides spoke about how rap baron Jay-Z influenced his think as both a businessman and an artist. Meek is presently managed by Roc Nation. He explained how much The Blueprint influenced his idea summons because of how crucial music was to him and others growing up. Something he believes was besides influenced by the fact that he had no father around to teach him .
“ We were young, we ain ’ metric ton truly know about the floor of stuff JAY-Z was talking about, but when I got older, I got The Blueprint, I was rapping, I was making music. So that was the begin of me falling in sleep together with how JAY move and how he handle business, ” he revealed .
What continues to impress the “ All Eyes on You ” rapper is the fact that Jay Z is always finding ways to give back to the black community. He besides shared that sometimes he texts Jay-Z to let him know how appreciative he is of the problem that he is doing for young blacks .
“ Sometimes I even text him and be like, ‘ Yo, you ’ re making a faster lane for all of us. I want you to know that, ’ because that ’ s a large deal when you break barriers like the ones he break, ” he said .
For Meek to be rightfully successful, he besides wants to have a full relationship with his sons and not repeat the mistakes of his father. One of them is 10-years-old, while the other is fair a year old.

The next step for the rapper is to perform the entire new album at his upcoming “ Expensive pain : Meek Mill & Friends ” playback concert on October 23 at Madison Square Garden in New York City .

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