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It was merely a topic of fourth dimension before we made a top 10 list for recent Billboard Artist of the Decade recipient role Drake. Drizzy has been pumping out hit after hit since he launched his music career in 2006, and with his new album Certified Lover Boy, nowadays is the perfect time to create a ranking of his best tunes .
Hailing from the Great White North, Drake found enormous success in his music career about equally soon as he got started. Maybe it was his long string of guest appearances in Lil Wayne, Rihanna, and A $ AP Rocky hits or his gold-touch access to rapping, sing, and songwriting. Whatever it was approximately Drake, it made him one of the most august artists of our generation .
This is one of the hardest crown 10 lists we ‘ve had to create at Live365, considering the grand majority of Drake ‘s discography is exceptional. Everyone has their own darling Drake song that touches them in some way. That ‘s one of the reasons why the Toronto artist is a family name .
Despite the struggles of crafting this ranking, we ‘re hoping to publish this list as more of a celebration of Drake ‘s best work rather than a definitive, black-and-white classification of his masterpieces. Hopefully you find some gladden in our choices, and agree with at least some of our takes.

Without promote bustle, here ‘s our Drizzy picks !

10. “Fair Trade (feat. Travis Scott)”

From reviews, research, and our personal listen experience, we ‘ve determined “ fair Trade ” to be the most-liked song off Certified Lover Boy. And there ‘s a good reason for that : the sample of Charlotte Day Wilson ‘s “ Mountains ” is close, Travis Scott ‘s cameo is epic, and Drake ‘s lyrics are reasonably relevant to today ‘s political, disruptive, and social media-involved era .
“ fair Trade ” is all about having to denounce juke friends in rate to find peace of mind. While Drake ‘s verses are all about letting crack of the perniciousness, Scott ‘s bars are about him embracing the women, cars, and money. This sung marked the one-fourth collaboration between Drake and Scott after “ company, ” “ Portland, ” and “ SICKO MODE. ”

9. “Hotline Bling”

Whether you love it for the cheery music production or Drizzy ‘s meme-able dancing moves in the music video, “ Hotline Bling ” remains one of Drake ‘s biggest commercial successes. It peaked at # 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2015, alone to be beaten late by the Views song “ One dance, ” which hit # 1 on the chart .
This song is likely about Drake ‘s old Toronto flame Nebby, who he ‘s had an on and off kinship with a few times. This track heavily samples the sung “ Why Can ’ t We Live together ” by Timmy Thomas and has been remixed/covered by several of Drake ’ randomness peers, including Justin Bieber, Erykah Badu, Disclosure/Sam Smith, and Sufjan Stevens .
Fun fact : did you know Drake got to perform a segment of his ill-famed “ Hotline Bling ” dance moves in a T-Mobile commercial that aired during Super Bowl 50 ? Just like those louche business people, we wish we could bust some moves in the box excessively .

8. “Passionfruit”

“ Passionfruit ” details Drake ’ s struggle to maintain trust in a long-distance relationship. While no one knows which particular sexual love interest of Drake ‘s this song relates to, it ‘s a well-liked traverse due to its smooth drum with tropical/dancehall touches and the pun in the chorus. Plus, there ‘s some guest appearances by Moodymaan and Zoe Kravitz .
evening better than the original tune ? The several covers that sprung from it. We particularly love the covers by Paramore, Dua Lipa, and Leroy Sanchez & Will Gittens .

7. “Nice For What”

One of the most popular tracks off Scorpion, “ Nice For What ” is inspired by New Orleans leap music and came after Drake ‘s Scary Hours EP .
In this very dance-able cut, Drake speaks about female authorization in the digital senesce and how it can inspire both love and hate. Drake asks why women are held to the high standard of loving men, but men are not held accountable for neglecting to do the lapp. The music video features several female icons, including Olivia Wilde, Tracy Ellis Ross, Issa Rae, Zoe Saldana, and many more .
even cool, the track ‘s refrain features a sample from Fujees legend Lauryn Hill and her iconic song, “ Ex-Factor. ” Hill ‘s son would be the beginning to tease “ Nice For What ” over social media in 2018 .

6. “Child’s Play”

No, not the series of horror movies about the killer dame : the sung from Views .
On “ Child ’ randomness Play, ” Drake explains to a woman her childlike desire for a new equip is bare child ’ s play for his wealth. He ’ mho happy to indulge ampere long as she continues to give him what he needs. Oh yea : and the copulate is fighting in a Cheesecake factory .
separate comedic, part romantic, partially angry, and oh-so dance-worthy, the sample of Ha-Sizzle ’ s New Orleans bounce classical “ Rode That D — k Like a Soldier ” in truth ties this lead together. The hysteric music video besides features a performance from Tyra Banks. And yes : there ‘s cheesecake involved .

5. “5AM in Toronto”

This “ 9AM in Dallas ” sequel was dropped in anticipation of Drizzy ’ mho third gear album, Nothing Was the Same. This track notably sheds light on the beef between Drake and chap canadian singer The Weeknd – whose early work he helped presenter. It could besides possibly be related to Chris Brown.

Some things Drake mentions in this diss path are his OVO owl merch, a former affray he had with Chris Brown, and his career achiever. The close lyrics, rhymes and entendres show why Drake has a seat at the table in the rap game. This song is proof of his raw talent when he ‘s at his best .
On August 2, 2019, “ 5AM in Toronto ” was re-released after Drake dropped Care Package on all major pour platforms. The acquittance comes closely six months after Drake re-released his break mixtape So Far Gone .

4. “HYFR (Hell Ya F–king Right) ft. Lil Wayne”

Need an energy promote ? The chop and screwed sample of E.S.G. ’ s Swangin ‘ and Bangin ‘ ( Original Version ), Drake ‘s blazing speed in the first verse and Lil Wayne ‘s amazing bars about getting it on with marital women will be enough to wake you up .
All in all, the song shows a more introspective side from both Drizzy and Weezy. In particular, Drake talks about ex-girls and the many lessons he ‘s learned from Tupac songs, while Lil Wayne repeats the mindless questions fans frequently ask celebrated rappers. There ‘s a batch to unpack in “ HYFR, ” and it ‘s an earned run average of Drake and Lil Wayne that we painfully miss !

3. “Legend”

Catchy, focused, epic, empowering. “ Legend ” is the hard-hitting opener to Drake ’ s beloved surprise mixtape If You ’ re Reading This It ’ mho Too Late .
It ‘s another braggadocious track that sees Drake flaunting his achiever, but unlike other songs, “ legend ” has swanky product measure from artist PARTYNEXTDOOR. There ‘s besides samples of Ginuwine ’ s “ then anxious ” at certain points in the mix .
The track besides gives small autobiographical accounts of Drake ‘s life : including when he used to frequent strip clubs, how he learned spanish over time, and his shady english schemes in Canada. “ Legend ” is basically a reflection of all the things Drake has done so far … and all the great things he will do in the future .

2. “Marvins Room”

This underestimate so far fan-favorite track is another song – like “ Hotline Bling ” and “ HYFR ” – that involves cellphones. In “ Marvins Room ”, a phone call is basically the medium of the music. The whole song is a talk on the call .
A intoxicated Drake vents about his loneliness at a crazy party, then his lover replies. A cinematic track of sorts, we listen to Drake try to persuade the daughter to love him again and leave her current man without much achiever. The style is a nod to Marvin Gaye ’ sulfur studio apartment ( popularly known as “ Marvin ’ south Room ” ) where Drizzy recorded the track for his album Take Care .
due to its structure, chill Frank Ocean-esque shade, and relatability, “ Marvins Room ” has had several remixes. The most popular of the bunch together is Cash Money labelmate Weezy ’ s remix off his Sorry 4 The Wait mixtape .

1. “God’s Plan”

In all the research we did for this list, “ God ‘s plan ” kept popping up as both a critical and commercial success. While it ‘s indeed hard to pick the best song off Drizzy ‘s leading catalog, it ‘s only reasonable we label this scorpion standout as our # 1 foot. even people who are n’t mega Drake fans know and appreciate this sock .
A feel-good track, “ God ‘s plan ” discusses Drake ‘s future as an artist, those who try to infiltrate his inner r-2, and how he believes God wo n’t let him fail despite haters trying to bring him down. It ‘s dreamy, extremist positive, and one of his best songs to groove to. “ God ’ s Plan ” debuted at # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and sold a total of 127,000 downloads in the week ending January 25th, 2018 .
ultimately, the song discusses Drake ‘s willingness to give back his success to the community. If you ‘re in truth looking for a bracer that may make you cry, do yourself a favor and watch the music video. In the real-life ocular, Drake takes the sock $ 996,631.90 budget him and his team had for the video recording and gives it all away to families, schools, charities, and more. Do n’t tell the label !
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