Can Ed Sheeran Dance?

Ed Sheeran – talented singer, songwriter, knocker, and even actor. But can he add dancing to his list of talents ?
Ed Sheeran learned to dance in 2014 for the music video to his song, Thinking Out Loud. Ed trained for 5 hours a day to prepare for the shoot, which he described as “ really tough ”. Surprisingly, Ed enjoyed the experience and wouldn’t rule out participating in a reality TV show such as Dancing With The Stars in the future. 
In the past, Ed Sheeran has described himself as having “ two left feet ” so what made him decide it was time to learn to dance ? Couldn ’ t he hire a lookalike or soundbox double to star in the music video ? Keep read to find out more !

Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud is the third single from Ed Sheeran ’ s second studio album, X ( 2014 ). Unlike anterior singles ‘ Sing ’ and ‘ You Need Me, I Don ’ t Need You ’, Thinking Out Loud is a stripped, laidback romantic ballad.

With lyrics such as : “ When my hair ’ s all but gone and my memory fades, And the crowd don ’ thymine remember my list ”, Ed is talking about everlasting love. It ’ s assumed that the sung was written about Ed ’ s then-girlfriend, Athina Andrelos. So it makes common sense why Ed decided to maintain this romanticist imagination in the song ’ s music video recording. In a behind the scenes clip from the video shoot, Ed revealed :
“ My original estimate for the video was to barely have an empty ballroom and have a couple walk into the ballroom and just start huffy ballroom dance. And then as the estimate kind of formed I thought I ’ five hundred get two talented dancers to do it. And then I thought ‘ hmm possibly I should have a crack at it – if rugby players can do it on Strictly Come Dancing possibly I could do it ’ ” .

And that ’ s precisely what he did. The video recording was shot in the Crystal Ballroom at Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Designed in 1927, it is undoubtedly a stun location with features such as marble column, austrian crystal chandeliers, and hand-painted scenery .
As for the stage dancing, Ed partnered up with Nappytabs a.k.a Napoleon and Tabatha D ’ umo. In the past they ’ ve worked with the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé, so Ed actually went for the cream of the crop.

It took Sheeran several weeks of practicing for 5 hours a day to master the routine. Looking back on that period, Ed describes it as one of the hardest things he ’ randomness ever done :
“ And when it started to get truly bully, that part of me started kicking in. Like why am I doing this ? I should be focusing on the concert I ’ thousand playing tonight preferably than busting my balls to make indisputable this video recording works ”
fortunately, Ed didn ’ metric ton give up and finally shot the music video recording in one solid take. For the video, Sheeran partnered up with Brittany Cherry, who is known for starring on season 10 of So You Think You Can Dance .
“ It surprised me how much I enjoy it, yeah. When you get the hang of it dancing is like the most fun thing in the world when you know what to do. ”, Ed disclosed in the sub-rosa television .
Ed ’ s doggedness surely paid off ! The video broke records as one of the most popular music videos of all clock time and has nowadays garnered over 3 billion views. As for the song itself, Thinking Out Loud was awarded ball field status in 2017 after it surpassed sales of 10 million. It ’ sulfur one of alone 15 songs to be given the acclaim since the certificate was created 20 years ago .


Is that it for Ed Sheeran ? Will we ever see him dance again ?

In an interview with The Morning Mess on Live 101.5, Ed revealed that he would be overt to starring in a dance-related television receiver prove in the future .
“ We have it in England it ’ sulfur called strictly Come Dancing. I think I ’ vitamin d preferably do it in England conscientious objector [ … ] my Mum and Dad watch that testify ”, he told Joey Boy, Natasha, and Aneesh .

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