Does Ed Sheeran Speak Italian?

As one of the greatest lyricists of our generation, it ’ mho fair to say that Ed Sheeran has a firm appreciation of the english speech. His ten album tour saw him perform 179 times across 5 continents, but can Ed Sheeran converse with his non-English public speaking fans ?
Sadly, Ed Sheeran is monolingual. In 2013, Sheeran replied to a fan asking if he speaks Spanish with “ sadly not, I failed German and French at school as well ”. Despite this, Ed has released non-English adaptations of his hit songs, most notably an Italian version of ‘ Perfect’ in collaboration with Andrea Bocelli. 
Does Ed have other non-English songs planned for the future ? How did Ed ’ s collaboration with Andrea Bocelli come about ? Keep recitation to find out .


In September 2017, Ed released the fourth single off his third base studio album, X. Titled ‘ Perfect ’, the song is a romantic ballad about Ed ’ s kinship with his then-girlfriend, now-wife, Cherry Seaborn. Speaking to Zane Lowe about the divine guidance behind the birdcall, Sheeran said :

“ I wanted to beat Thinking Out Loud, ’ lawsuit I know that song was going to define me ”. The master adaptation of the song was a huge success. It is certified Diamond in the U.S and reached number one in 17 different countries. The music television has since garnered over 2 billion views on YouTube .

But Ed was determined to make Perfect the best love song of his entire career. So he decided to pull out all the stops .
On December 1st, 2017 Sheeran released a second version of Perfect in collaboration with Beyoncé. Two weeks late, he released a third base remix with italian singer, Andrea Bocelli under the title ‘ Perfect Symphony ’ .

Beyoncé and Andrea are undoubtedly worlds apart, so what sparked Ed to involve the italian tenor ? In a behind the scenes video, Ed revealed :
“ When I wrote this song I wrote this song on an acoustic guitar and then my brother did an orchestral musical arrangement for it that we recorded at Abbey Road. american samoa soon as I heard it I thought ‘ this needs person like Andrea Bocelli to sing on it ’ ”.

sol that ’ s precisely what he did ! To record the song, Ed flew out to Andrea ’ s home in Tuscany, Italy. Andrea ’ sulfur children are huge fans of Ed, so they encouraged him to take up the offer of a collaboration. The pair enjoyed a seafood dinner on the slide before recording the birdcall in Bocelli ’ s home studio .
In club to hone in on Perfect ’ s amatory theme, parts of the sung were translated from English to Andrea ’ s native tongue of italian. talk of this decisiveness, Ed said :
“ We translated it into italian which was pretty cool. [ … ] I love singing in italian I think the italian terminology is a lot more beautiful than the english linguistic process and I fair I like the sound of it. I would love to play this live somewhere yea ” .
It ’ s a known fact that Sheeran is monolingual, but his italian is surprisingly convert. During the video recording, Ed is captured reading the translated lyrics off a written handwriting, so there ’ s no doubt that his italian took a set of practice .

Boa Me

interestingly, Perfect Symphony is not the alone time that Ed has written a sung in another linguistic process. In November 2017, Ed released ‘ Boa Me ’ in collaboration with hip hop artists Fuse ODG and Mugeez .

Parts of the song are written in Fuse ’ s native linguistic process of Twi, which is a ghanaian dialect spoken by around 9 million people. While chatting to Radio 1 about the lead, Ed said :

“ I wrote a song in Twi, which is the ghanaian dialect, and I wrote that in Ghana, at Fuse ’ randomness house with all his mates. That was credibly the most fun experience ” .

The phrase ‘ boa me ’ translates into English as ‘ help me ’. The concept of the sung is about helping your neighbors, so all of the profits went to Fuse ’ s local community to help build a secondary school .

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